🔥👉 Why does STEM seem to be valued more than the humanities in schools?

"✅👉 There is no good answer to this question. It is possible that STEM seems to be valued more than the humanities in schools because of the changing landscape of the workforce. With the rise of technology, many jobs that used to require human interaction are now able to be done by machines. This means that there is a greater demand for workers who are skilled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The humanities, on the other hand, deal with subjects like history, English, and philosophy, which are not in as high demand in the workforce."

Miss Cydney Beahan
Miss Cydney Beahan

How unusual is it for Minnesota to have five NCAA Division I hockey programs and only one Division I basketball program?

It is not unusual for Minnesota to have five NCAA Division I hockey programs and only one Division I basketball program.

Do intelligent children show signs of intelligence based on biology/genes? As opposed to effort? Is an early switch to atheism one of the tell tail signs that a child is gifted rather than hard working?

It is difficult to say definitively whether intelligent children show signs of intelligence based on biology or genes. However, some research has suggested that there may be a correlation between early switch to atheism and higher intelligence.

If President Trump can ignore congressional oversight, does that mean every president in the future can too?

Was it OK for Michelle Obama to make travel plans that cost tax dollars knowing she would leave office?

— Jerome in Michigan


The executive branch already had great power before Trump took office. It’s true that Trump has taken some unprecedented steps to ignore Congress and consolidate power, but it was possible before. Michelle Obama did not violate any laws by making travel plans. In fact, all cabinet secretaries, their families and their staff members are allowed to make plans well in advance of the end of their terms for a couple reasons. The first reason is the need to plan for decisions that may be made by the next administration (e.g. if your spouse needs to keep a job at home because you are moving) and to ensure a smooth transition after the election. All actions taken by White House staff members including travel have been given appropriate exemptions so they can be planned far out in advance rather than relying on short term checks on airfare prices. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to book travel around presidential flights since they obviously have a priority and do not have normal schedules like regular travelers. US embassies also follow these guidelines so that visitors and residents can predict changes based on the president’s schedule. West-wing staff members even have plans laid out in advance for vacations and working remotely so that everyone always knows what is happening. I believe this is a good thing because I think social norms are important for determining acceptable behaviour. Social norms are created as shared understandings between people or groups of people about what behaviour is or is not acceptable or appropriate in different situations. Faced with sanctions from our allies and neighbours for breaking legal norms makes it much easier for the majority of Americans to reject illegal behaviour but when we fail to enforce further understandings about conflict resolution, civil discourse and civil rights online, it increases the towards a violent reaction in real life. When social media bans help people connect with like-minded individuals and spread important news faster than traditional media companies can report them, we have got to stop talking about whether they are enforceable personally and start talking about whether they are harmful socially desensitizing users by exposing them to too much too quickly especially if someone feels offended and needs time to recover before learning more about an issue! personal relationships where both parties feel respected but also understands there are likely many ways to resolve differences without resorting to violence, friendship derailment or unfollowing each other altogether let alone calling each other names over differences in opinion

How can you know if you like computer science and should pursue software development?

There is no sure way to know if you will like computer science or not, but there are a few things you can do to help you make a decision. Talk to people who are already in the field and ask them about their experiences. See if you can find any resources online or in books that give you an overview of what computer science is all about. Finally, try taking some college-level computer science courses to get a feel for the subject matter.

As a Star Wars fan, what do you think of the sequel trilogy?

The sequel trilogy is a mixed bag for me. I absolutely loved The Force Awakens and thought it was a great start to the new trilogy. However, I was not a fan of The Last Jedi. I thought it was a massive disappointment and a huge let down.

How can I see the “hide friend” lists on Facebook?

Unfortunately, there is no way to view someone's "hidden" friends list on Facebook. The only way to see that information would be if the person whose list you are trying to view made the list public.

Which motorcycle was the most common, cheap, accessible, best selling, well like the T-model, on the roads of the years 1910-20?

The T-model was the most common, cheap, accessible, best selling motorcycle on the roads of the years 1910-20.

How can India qualify for semi-final after comprehensive win over Scotland and Afghanistan after losing from New Zealand and Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup 2021?

There is no definite answer as to how India can qualify for the semi-finals after comprehensive wins over Scotland and Afghanistan. However, it is likely that India will need to win at least one of their remaining two matches and hope that other results go in their favour.

Do companies have to pay taxes on money from the sale of used equipment?

Companies that sell used equipment are generally required to pay taxes on the proceeds from the sale. The specific tax implications will vary depending on the type of equipment sold and the jurisdiction in which the sale takes place.

How was fighting in the jungles of the Philippines different than fighting in the jungles of Vietnam for US troops?

There are a few key ways in which fighting in the jungles of the Philippines was different than fighting in the jungles of Vietnam for US troops. One difference is that the terrain in the Philippines is much more mountainous, which made it difficult for US troops to maneuver. Additionally, the Philippine jungle is much more dense, making it easy for enemy soldiers to hide and ambush US troops. Finally, the climate in the Philippines is much hotter and more humid than in Vietnam, which made conditions difficult for US troops to endure.

What is a pickup duel in Yu-Gi-Oh?

A pickup duel is a duel between two players in which each player draws cards from their deck until they find a monster card, at which point the duel begins.

In which corner do our minds stand?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone's mind is different. Some people might say that our minds stand in the corner of logic and reasoning, while others might say that our emotions and feelings control our minds. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which corner their mind stands in.

What was more important during the Middle Ages, land or water? Why?

During the Middle Ages, land was more important than water because people were mostly farming and living in small villages. Water was not as easily accessible as it is today, so people didn't rely on it as much.

How is friction useful in helping us walk?

Friction is useful for helping us walk because it helps us to grip the ground and to create traction so that we can move forwards.

What should be the 5 main points that a compliance officer looks at the company's (asset management company) report before presenting it to the client?

1. The asset management company's investment strategy and objectives.

2. The asset management company's performance.

3. The asset management company's investment portfolio.

4. The asset management company's fees.

5. The asset management company's compliance with regulations.

What is a tiny decision people make which ruins their life in the long run?

One tiny decision people make which ruins their life in the long run is not taking care of their teeth. This can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss.

Is psychology becoming a biological field?

There is a growing trend of psychologists working alongside biologists, and many psychological studies now use biological methods. So it is fair to say that psychology is becoming more of a biological field.

If you stop giving a narcissist attention and they shortly get a new “supply”, would they try to find a way to rub it in your face when they get the chance for a reaction? Would they care that you have someone new as well?

A narcissist might try to rub it in your face if they get a new supply, but they would also likely be happy if you got a new supply as well.

How can I explain that dogs do not feel guilt, but rather are showing submissive posture in response to reading their owners' emotions? Especially when it leads to punishing for something that happened hours ago. So sad.

Dogs do not feel guilt, but rather are showing submissive posture in response to reading their owners' emotions.

How do you think policing developed based on different government set-ups?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the development of policing has been shaped by a variety of factors, including the type of government in place. In general, though, policing in authoritarian regimes is generally more repressive and focused on maintaining social control, while in democratic societies, policing is typically more responsive to the needs of the community and focused on protecting public safety.

If Bush won in 2000, why did the Republican Supreme Court have to give it to the Republican, ignoring the Florida vote court because "it was taking too much time" after Republican delays?

If Bush won in 2000, why did the Republican Secretary of State in Florida purge the rolls of Democratic voters? Is it because they were criminals who would vote and they had to ensure that those ballots didn't count? Or maybe they were removing legitimate voters and therefore knew they had better voter turnout?

If Bush won in 2000, why would the Republican Supreme Court appointed Chief Justice give conflicting rulings concerning hanging chads and counting votes in a Democracy?

If Dubya won in 2000 even if it was because his brother wrapped it up for him with some stolen votes, why did he have to create an environment where a smog-shrouded, fireproof and heavily insurgent occupied city could be taken but never controlled?

If Dubya won all of this, why would he spend the whole fucking last four years running from everything he's ever done or said?

I think these are legitimate questions!

Is every sentence of the Bible equally true?

No, not every sentence of the Bible is equally true. The Bible contains different types of literature, including historical narratives, poetry, and letters. In addition, the Bible was written over a span of thousands of years by many different authors. As a result, there is a range of truthfulness in the Bible.

Is prescription medication positive or negative for the US?

Prescription medication is generally positive for the US. It can improve the quality of life for many people and make it easier for them to manage their health conditions. However, there are also some negative aspects to prescription medication. For example, it can be expensive and there is always the risk of addiction and abuse.

How long am I supposed to keep my learners permit until I can take my driving test?

You need to keep your learners permit until you turn 18.

How dangerous is it to fly a helicopter during a thunderstorm?

Flying a helicopter during a thunderstorm is dangerous because you are at risk of being struck by lightning.

Labor (employment): What is it like to work in a factory?

Working in a factory can be repetitive and boring. There may be loud noises and dangerous machinery. The hours can be long and the pay is often low.

The western US and Canada are experiencing extream heat and drought conditions. Rivers, lakes and reservoirs are showing signs of dropping levels. Snow packs are disappearing. Aquifers are not getting replenished. The question, How do YOU FIX IT?

is the question at hand! The Rocky Mountains hold the key to replenishing our water supplies in this end of the country. But, it has been said that over years of invasive marketing, no one realizes what needs to be done to repair this complaint. This is an area that Americans need to voices their concerns too. Congress and people responsible for operating these areas must get together and do what they know is right to begin fixing this big water problem.

What property explains the event that most metals when dipped in water sink but sodium floats?

The property that explains the event is density. Most metals are more dense than water, so they sink when put in it. But sodium is not as dense as water and therefore it floats.

Can a telephone line be used for the Internet?

Most telephone lines can be used for the Internet, but some older ones cannot.

How well do Russia and Ukraine understand their own casualties? Would their internal estimate be within say, 5%?

The short answer to your question is that we do not really know, and it is hard to imagine how anyone could know.

We do know that the Soviet government was notoriously bad at transparently and accurately reporting its military casualties. During World War II, for example, the Soviet Union is estimated to have lost over 20 million people, but the official number reported by the government was less than 10 million.

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, both Russia and Ukraine have had difficulty accurately counting their military casualties. In 2008, for example, Russia announced that it had lost 8 soldiers in fighting in Georgia. However, an independent Russian journalist investigated the matter and found that the actual number of killed Russian soldiers was closer to 60.

Similarly, in 2014 Ukraine's government reported that only about 100 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in fighting in eastern Ukraine. However, a leaked audio recording from May of that year revealed that Ukrainian officials actually believed that the death toll was closer to 500 at that point.

So it seems likely that both Russia and Ukraine are significantly under-reporting their military casualties. It is hard to say by how much, but it is probably safe to say that their internal estimates are not within 5% of the true number.

Does the British postal service have a type of priority mail like the US has, which is delivered in three days?

No, the postal service in the United Kingdom does not have a type of priority mail that is delivered in three days.

How are the police coping with all that's happening?

The police are struggling to keep up with the crime wave. They are overwhelmed and understaffed.

How does the Zadar Sea organ work?

The Zadar Sea Organ is a musical instrument that is played by the waves. The waves create a sound by vibrating the air in the pipes. The pipes are connected to a bellows that blows air into them.

What are the disadvantages of curiosity?

The disadvantages of curiosity are that it can lead to problems if it is not controlled, and that it can make people nosy.

Is it possible to hack cell phone pictures?

Yes, it is possible to hack cell phone pictures.

How do I watch Coppa Italia live in India?

Coppa Italia games are broadcast in India on the Sony Sports Network.

International Diplomacy Humor: If Iraq attacks Turkey from the rear, will Greece help?

No, but if Turkey attacks Iraq from the rear, Greece will probably help.

Do you hear military planes and drones daily near your home?

Yes, I hear them every day.

Which Marvel comic characters have successfully used Bucky's activation words?

The only Marvel comic character who has successfully used Bucky's activation words is Captain America.

Do rattlesnakes really bite themselves when cornered?

There are many reports of snakes biting themselves when cornered, but it is difficult to verify if this is truly the case. It is possible that the snake is trying to reach something else in the area and mistakenly bites itself.

Can an honorably discharged service member reenlist into the army after 8 years since separation? Would it be the same process as before (Reception, BCT, AIT)?

Yes, an honorably discharged service member can reenlist in the Army. The process will be similar to before, but may be abbreviated.

If Taiwan changes their rhetoric from independence to claiming to be the only legitimate government of China and vows to retake mainland China? This new rhetoric would indicate whole hearted support of one China policy.

The response from China would likely be negative, as they would see this as a challenge to their sovereignty. They might respond by increasing economic pressure on Taiwan, or by taking military action.

If I win $200 million in the Powerball lottery, should I buy US Savings Bonds to avoid taxes?

unless you are comfortable paying taxes on the entire amount, it might be a good idea to invest in US Savings Bonds. This way, you would only be taxed on the interest that the bonds earn.

What happens to an HDD when it falls to the floor while copying data?

If an HDD falls to the floor while copying data, the data may become corrupted.

Is it possible to represent any curve in a plane as a function of x?

No. A curve cannot be represented as a function of x if it is not a line.

What are some of your favorite guitar cab impulse responses (free) for modern high gain?

Some of my favorite guitar cab impulse responses for modern high gain are:

-Celestion Impulse Responses

-Engl E906

-EVH 5150 III

-Marshall 1960A

-Mesa Boogie Rectifier

-Orange Rockerverb

-Soldano SLO100

Which is better for UGC NET Political science Gradeup or Unacademy?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on each individual's learning style and preferences. Some students may prefer using Gradeup, while others may find Unacademy to be a better fit for their needs. Ultimately, it is up to the student to decide which platform works best for them.

Which Industrial Design schools offer distant learning for their Master's degree?

There are a number of industrial design schools that offer distance learning for their Master's degree. Many of these schools are located in the United States, but there are also a few in other countries. Some of the more popular schools include the Art Institute Online, the University of Phoenix, and the Academy of Art University.

How many employer's verify job history in their background check? And are different industries less likely to check?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the employer in question and their HR policies. However, it is generally assumed that most employers will verify job history during a background check. Some industries may be less likely to do this, such as creative fields where past experience may be less important than portfolio samples.

What's the best way to get Freeview TV (both French and English) in Brittany?

There are a few different ways to get Freeview TV in Brittany. One way is to connect an aerial to your TV. Another way is to use a set-top box or DVB-T2 receiver.

How can I start a Swiggy franchise in my city?

To start a Swiggy franchise in your city, you will need to contact Swiggy's corporate office and inquire about their franchising opportunities.

Why doesn't the Indian government promote National Institutes of Technology (NITs)?

There are many reasons why the Indian government may not be promoting National Institutes of Technology (NITs). Some possible reasons include that the government may feel that NITs are not providing quality education, or that NITs are not meeting the needs of the Indian population. Additionally, the government may feel that there are other institutes that are more deserving of promotion.

What was the most incredible landing that a pilot has made?

There are many incredible landings that pilots have made, but one that stands out is Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger's landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. On January 15, 2009, the Airbus A320-214 aircraft struck a flock of Canadian geese shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. Sullenberger successfully landed the plane in the river, and all 155 people on board survived.

Do girls tend to seek attention in a stupid way around guys they find attractive, and then realize afterwards they made a fool of themselves? How do I fix this for the future? I do it every single time.

There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on the individual girl and the situation. However, if you find yourself in this situation often, it may be helpful to try to be more aware of your actions and motives when you are around guys you find attractive. Additionally, you can try to build up your self-confidence so that you feel better about yourself in these situations.

Has social media (like Facebook) killed online forums?

It's difficult to say. Social media and online forums serve different purposes. Social media is typically used to share information and connect with friends, while online forums are used to discuss topics and exchange information. It's possible that social media has diminished the need for online forums, but it's hard to say for sure.

What qualifications did the midget a k antony have to become the defence minister of India, other than being a roman catholic like sonia maino? And with what expertise he has started criticizing the present defence situation?

There is no definite answer to this question since there is no publicly available information on the qualifications of A.K. Antony. However, it is generally assumed that he has a significant amount of experience in the field of defence, given his previous role as the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army. Additionally, he has also served as a Minister in the Union Cabinet before, which likely gives him some additional insight into the political workings of the government. As for why he has started criticizing the present defence situation, it is possible that he feels that the current state of affairs is not adequate in terms of protecting India's interests.

When all of this coronavirus crisis is over, what is one thing that you will never take for granted again?

One thing I will never take for granted again is being able to go out in public without a mask.

Are CDC guidelines practically reliable while diagnosing the HIV and viral hepatitis B and C and the window period?

The CDC guidelines for diagnosing HIV and viral hepatitis B and C are reliable when used correctly. However, there is a small window period after infection during which these diseases may not be detectable.

What is something simple on the surface, but is quite profound and powerful?

One simple, yet profound and powerful thing is the act of smiling. Smiling is a positive emotion that has been shown to have numerous benefits, both physically and psychologically. For example, smiling can boost your immune system, lower stress levels, improve your mood, and increase your overall happiness. Additionally, smiling is contagious – when you see someone else smiling, it’s difficult not to smile yourself. Therefore, by smiling more often, you can not only improve your own wellbeing, but also spread positivity to those around you.

If someone admits a crime they committed to a consultant or psychiatrist in privacy, and this conversation was recorded, can this be used as evidence against them?

If this conversation is used as evidence against them, it would be considered hearsay and would not be admissible in court.

Music Chillstep Examples of some artists/tracks/sets of dark chill step music / trillwave preferably with some vocals?

Some dark chillstep / trillwave tracks with vocals include:

1. "Alone" by Mini Destroyers
2. "Obsidian" by Purity Ring
3. "Lilith" by Holy Other
4. "Tower" by The Weeknd
5. "Empire" by Burial

What is your favorite automotive blog? Why?

I'm a fan of Larry Bedell's The Car Guy Chronicles blog. I like his conversational style and the way he covers a wide range of topics related to the automotive world.

Is it possible to compress 10lbs-20lbs of hay into a Kevlar vest to the point of it being bullet resistant?

Most likely not. Kevlar is a very strong and durable material, but it is also very light. Hay is much heavier than Kevlar, so it would be difficult to compress the hay enough to make it bulletproof.

Hey, I’m 16 and I’ve really never had an older “father” or mentor figure to talk to and I feel like I fill that void in my chest. I hope something like this will help me heal and grow.

You might want to try therapy, or join a support group. These can both provide an opportunity to talk about your feelings and get support from others.

Will pike pushups help me get better at pull-ups since generic pushups seem to have no effect?

It's possible that pike pushups could help you improve your pull-up performance, but it's also possible that other exercises would be more effective. It really depends on your current level of fitness and skill and what specific weaknesses you need to work on.

How do I convince someone that the Middle East doesn't hate the United States for its freedoms?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many different factors that contribute to how people in the Middle East feel about the United States. However, some ways to convince someone that the Middle East doesn't hate the United States for its freedoms could include pointing out that there are many countries in the Middle East that have good relations with the United States, and that people in the Middle East value many of the same things that Americans do, such as freedom and democracy.

What breed of duck, other the Muscovy, is good at going broody?

The Pekin duck is the most common breed of duck used for egg and meat production. They are also good at going broody.

Do you think we should classify large powerful drug cartels as terrorist groups? Should we use military action against them?

Yes, large powerful drug cartels should be classified as terrorist groups and we should use military action against them.

What is most important to promote a website?

There is no single answer to this question as promotion strategies vary greatly depending on the website and the products or services it offers. However, some of the most effective promotion techniques include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

People are always questioning their purpose or reason for being. What exactly do people think that they can contribute to the Universe to make it better?

I think that people can contribute to the universe by sharing their talents and abilities with others. By doing this, we can help each other to become better people and make the world a better place.

Can pencil shavings catch fire on a heater?

Pencil shavings will catch fire on a heater if they are close enough to the heat source.

How and When will India get free from Dirty Politics?

There is no easy answer to this question. India has a long history of corrupt politicians and it seems that every new generation of politicians brings new levels of corruption. In order to root out dirty politics, India would need to see a complete change in the way that its political system operates. This is unlikely to happen any time soon.

How do hosted phone systems differ from PBX and Centrex?

Hosted phone systems are based in the cloud, while PBX and Centrex are based on on-premises hardware. Hosted systems are typically more expensive, but offer more features and flexibility.

When and why did the whisky distillers in Scotland stop using wood barrels made in Scotland in preference to reusing barrels from other countries?

The whisky distillers in Scotland stopped using wood barrels made in Scotland in preference to reusing barrels from other countries in the late 1800s. The main reason for this change was the phylloxera epidemic, which devastated the European vineyards and led to a scarcity of high-quality oak barrels.

What should the Philippines do in order to produce well disciplined, capable and honest population and politicians?

There is no easy answer when it comes to how to produce a well disciplined, capable, and honest population and politicians. However, some things that the Philippines could do in order to help achieve this goal include investing in education, encouraging transparency and accountability, and promoting good values and moral character.

Why do I hate positivity and positive people?

It is difficult to say why someone might hate positivity and positive people, but there are a few possible explanations. One reason might be that the person perceives positivity as fake or insincere. Another possibility is that the person is unhappy with their own life and view positivity as a reminder of what they are lacking. It is also possible that the person simply does not like feeling good emotion and finds happiness threatening.

Which Chinese drama is better among "Put Your Head On My Shoulder", "You Are My Glory", or "Meteor Garden"?

"Put Your Head On My Shoulder" is the better Chinese drama.

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