🔥👉 Why do people snap fingers, rather than clap, at poetry slams?

"✅👉 At poetry slams, people snap their fingers to show their approval of a poem instead of clapping because clapping can interfere with the poem's rhythm."

Prof. Kirk Hand
Prof. Kirk Hand

Why has Spear been the most fundamental weapon across almost every culture from east to west before gun appeared?

There are a few reasons why the spear has been such a popular and effective weapon throughout history. First, it is a very versatile weapon that can be used for hunting, self-defense, and warfare. second, spears are relatively easy to make and do not require any special training or skills to use effectively. third, spears have a long reach which gives the user an advantage in combat. fourth, spears can be used to jab, thrust, or throw at an opponent, making them very versatile in a fight. Finally, spears are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, making them accessible to most people.

Im an 18yo girl, and I’m way shorter then my parents, who are very tall. Both had “late growth” at around 17, do I have a chance to grow? (They’re 5’9 and 6’1, I’m 5’3.5)

It is possible that you will have a late growth spurt and end up being taller than your parents, but it is also possible that you will not grow any taller. It is really impossible to say for sure.

Why do Twitch chat participants try to make a personality for themselves? Don't they realize no one cares?

People want to stand out and be noticed in chatrooms. By creating a personality for themselves, they are more likely to get attention and have people remember them.

How do sites like FlipKart, HomeShop18 etc. manage to offer heavy discounts on many books?

Many online bookstores offer discounts on books, period. They are able to do this because they do not have the same overhead costs as a brick-and-mortar store. Additionally, online bookstores can order large quantities of books at a time and receive significant discounts from publishers.

What does the Bible say about gender roles?

Biblical gender roles are based on God's perfect design for men and women. Men and women are equal in worth and value, but they have different strengths and abilities. God designed men to be the leaders and providers for their families, and He designed women to be the nurturers and helpers. When men and women work together in harmony, families can function the way God intended.

What does it feel like when some one is under oral morphine? Does the body become numb? If I took oral morphine and cut my finger, would I feel any pain at all? Or does pain killer differ from anesthesia?

It feels like a warm, tingling sensation throughout the body. The person may become drowsy and have difficulty talking. If you cut your finger, you would still feel pain, but it would be lessened.

How do I become the best graffiti painters in Sydney?

There is no easy answer when it comes to becoming the best graffiti painters in Sydney. However, there are a few things that you can do in order to increase your chances of success. First, it is important to have a strong passion for the art form. Secondly, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort required to honed your skills. Finally, you need to be willing to network with other graffiti artists in order to gain exposure and learn from their experiences.

What is your opinion about Mercedes car models between 1985 and 1999?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary from person to person. Some may feel that Mercedes models from this time period were well-crafted and luxurious, while others may find them to be outdated and in need of repairs. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Why did one series on Netflix disappear? I went off my list and I tried to search the full name and it's nowhere! Someone help?

There are many reasons why a series might disappear from Netflix. It could be due to licensing issues, or the series may have been removed for other reasons. If you can't find the series you're looking for, you may want to try searching for it on another streaming service.

How would one describe a covert narcissist in one paragraph?

A covert narcissist is a person who exhibits some Narcissistic Personality Disorder symptoms in a more subtle or hidden way. They may be less likely to openly boast or draw attention to themselves, and more likely to be self-critical or appear shy or humble. However, they still have an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement, need constant attention and admiration, and can be manipulative, demanding, and exploitative in their relationships.

Can you wear a sleeveless dress to court?

The court’s answer to this question is no. Sleeveless dresses are not allowed in court. This is because they are considered to be disrespectful and inappropriate attire.

Are the knee high boots/thigh high boots for men in trend or coming to be a trend gradually?

There is no definitive answer to this question as trends tend to come and go. However, it seems that knee high boots and thigh high boots for men are becoming more popular, as they are seen on more celebrities and runway models. So, if you're thinking about getting a pair of these boots, you may want to do so sooner than later.

Can heart related deaths be absolutely preventable if one complies with a certain lifestyle and if yes what are the conditions?

Certain lifestyle changes can absolutely prevent heart-related deaths. Some of the conditions include eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking.

If I wanted my starship to enter low orbit around a white dwarf star, what would be my orbital velocity?

If you wanted your starship to enter low orbit around a white dwarf star, your orbital velocity would be about 7.8 kilometers per second.

With a potential mail in ballot for upcoming elections in the United States, what are some ways in which we can educate the public because many people are not used to something like this particularly those that typically vote, baby boomers?

1. Make sure that people are aware of the option to vote by mail in advance of the election. This can be done through advertising, news stories, and social media outreach.

2. Make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Provide clear instructions on how to request a mail-in ballot and where to send it.

3. Encourage people to request their mail-in ballot as early as possible to ensure that it arrives in time.

4. Make sure that people understand that they can still vote in person if they choose to do so.

5. Finally, remind people that their vote is important no matter how they cast it and that every vote counts.

Is it possible to create a magnetic field big enougth to protect the Moon against solar wind that it could hold an atmosphere?

No, it is not possible.

Where must you keep shipping papers describing hazardous materials?

You must keep shipping papers describing hazardous materials on board the vessel, barge, or aircraft during transportation.

What are some of the best things about working in the shipping industry? What's the most fun role to work in, in shipping?

There are many benefits to working in the shipping industry. One of the most rewarding things is being able to work with people from all over the world and learn about new cultures. Additionally, working in shipping can be very exciting and challenging, as it requires one to be able to think on their feet and solve problems quickly. There is also a great sense of camaraderie among those who work in shipping, as it is a tight-knit community. Finally, it is very satisfying to know that you are helping to move goods and people around the world, and that your work has a real impact on people's lives.

The most fun role to work in shipping is probably that of a deckhand or mate. These positions involve working closely with the captain and crew, and being responsible for the safe operation of the vessel. They are also usually very hands-on roles, which means that you get to perform a variety of tasks, such as navigation, mooring, and line-handling.

Which country only exists because it's evil?


Why do doctors suggest that not apply any kind of oil on the head of newborns/infants?

The oil can clog the pores on the head and lead to problems.

In swimming competitions, to be eligible to compete with women, men wishing to change gender must do so 'before puberty', at an unspecified age around 12. What do you think?

I think that men should be allowed to compete with women only if they change their gender before puberty. This is because men and women have different levels of hormones and other physical characteristics that give them an advantage or disadvantage in sports. For example, men have more testosterone, which can give them an advantage in certain sports. However, women have more estrogen, which can give them an advantage in other sports. So, if a man changes his gender before puberty, he will have the same level of hormones as a woman and will not have an unfair advantage.

Will air travel ever become enjoyable again?

Air travel may become more enjoyable in the future as technology improves.

Which ruler is the surrounding of silver and gold images in the Muslim period related to?

The father of all Muslim rulers is the surrounding of silver and gold images in the Muslim period related to Abu Bakr, who was the first caliph of Islam.

Is there any facility for staying overnight in the Chennai airport for a domestic flyer?

There is no facility to stay overnight in the Chennai airport for a domestic flyer.

Is it suitable to stop Chandi Path in between?

Chandi Path can be stopped in between, but it is not advisable to do so.

How do I download PAW Patrol movie?

Go to the website of the movie you want to download. Scroll down to the "Downloads" section and click on the download link.

Why does my concealer separate under my eyes?

There are many possible reasons for concealer to separate under the eyes, including using too much product, not blending well enough, or using the wrong type of concealer for one's skin type. One way to prevent this from happening is to use a small amount of concealer and blend it well into the skin. Another option is to use a setting powder to help keep the concealer in place.

If you're an atheist and someone wished you Merry Christmas, would you get mad?


Where are the extra jobs promised from the Trump tax cut?

The extra jobs promised from the Trump tax cut have not materialized.

Is a 2-week notice still advisable when you know your company might fire you immediately?

A 2-week notice is still advisable when you know your company might fire you immediately because it shows that you are a professional who is willing to give notice before leaving a job. It also gives your employer time to find a replacement for you.

How do Hispanics feel about Trump calling Puerto Rico "dirty and poor" and Central American countries "sh**hole countries"?

There is no one answer to this question as Hispanics have a wide range of views about Donald Trump and his policies. Some Hispanics may feel that Trump's comments are offensive and degrading, while others may agree with his assessment of Puerto Rico and Central American countries. Ultimately, it is up to each individual Hispanic to decide how they feel about Trump's remarks.

Is there actually an order to the alphabet, or was it ordered that way just to help us remember? If so, how was the order determined?

The alphabet is ordered in a way that reflects the order of the letters in Phoenician, which is the alphabet's ancestor.

What are some screenshots which demonstrate that mothers are supreme?

Some screenshots which demonstrate that mothers are supreme are as follows:

1. A mother always knows what her child needs.

2. A mother always puts her child first.

3. A mother always has time for her child.

What does it mean if a girl calls a guy sis? I talk to a girl from UNI to share assignment tips and advice but she keeps calling me "sis" and adding heart reactions to some of my messages even though she already has a boyfriend of 2 years

There is no definite answer, as it could mean different things for different people. It could be that she sees you as a sisterly figure, or she could be flirtatiously trying to develop a closer relationship with you. If you are not sure what her intentions are, you could try asking her directly.

What are the adaptive benefits of large leaves in tropical climates?

Large leaves in tropical climates are adaptive because they allow the plant to maximize its efficiency in photosynthesis. The large surface area of the leaves allows the plant to absorb more light, and the thick texture of the leaves helps to retain water.

How do pilots avoid jet lag and feeling shattered after a long haul flight?

Pilots might use a number of strategies to avoid jet lag and feeling shattered after a long haul flight. Some pilots might try to sleep during the flight, while others might stay awake and drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Some pilots might also adjust their sleep schedules in the days leading up to a long flight.

Which sport is better for an 8-year-old boy to learn: field hockey or lacrosse?

The sport that is better for an 8-year-old boy to learn is dependent on his interests and abilities. If the boy is interested in playing field hockey and is able to handle the equipment, then field hockey would be the better choice. If the boy is interested in playing lacrosse and is able to handle the equipment, then lacrosse would be the better choice.

Was Charley Chase’s 1926 silent comedy produced by Hal Roach?

No, it was not.

Is the difficulty level of the CAT and CLAT passages the same? Will solving the CAT passages help us now, or should you solve mocks of the CLAT only?

The difficulty level of the CAT and CLAT passages is similar. It is advisable to solve the CAT passages for practice as it will help you in cracking the CLAT exam.

If trump asks for a full infrastructure building economic stimulus package will republicans pass it?

Some Republicans may vote in favor of an infrastructure stimulus package if Trump requests it, but it is unlikely that the majority of Republicans would support such a measure.

What are 2 genuine typing jobs providing companies in India?

1. Amazon India
2. Quikr

I don't feel anything negative anymore. Whenever I'm meant to be sad, I feel empty. Same for stress, frustration, etc. I don't know why. Is there a problem with me?

If you don't feel anything negative anymore, it could be a sign that you're numbing yourself emotionally. This can happen as a defense mechanism when someone is facing difficult situations or has experienced traumatic events. If you think this might be the case, it's important to talk to a therapist or counselor who can help you explore your feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

How do people with bad look-a-like cope up especially if the association almost ruined their reputation?

There is no surefire way to deal with having a bad look-a-like, but there are some things that may help. First, try to laugh it off and take it in stride. Don't let the comparisons bother you too much. Second, try to stay positive and focus on the good things about yourself.Third, if the comparisons are really bothersome, you can try to change your appearance so that you don't look as much like the person you are being compared to.

I'm starting my first year in community college tomorrow. What should I do to be really successful?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as success in college depends on a variety of factors. However, some tips to help you be successful in college include studying regularly, staying organized, and getting involved in extracurricular activities. Additionally, it can be helpful to speak with your professors and develop relationships with them.

There are two arrays object, one containing 100 elements and another containing 25850 elements. Both are of the same data type. Can we assign one array to another array?

No, we cannot assign one array to another array.

What will be the consequences if Pakistan goes against the order of ICJ in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case?

If Pakistan goes against the order of ICJ in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case, it may face consequences such as economic sanctions, diplomatic isolation, and even military action.

How do US law and jurisdiction work?

The United States has a federal system of government, meaning that power is divided between the national government and the state governments. This division of power is laid out in the Constitution. The Constitution also establishes theSupreme Court as the highest court in the land, and gives it the power to hear cases involving federal law or the Constitution.

My boyfriend said he hated me during an argument which he’s said quite a few times and but now acts like nothing happened but didn’t apologize. What should I do?

If you are not comfortable with the situation, then you should talk to your boyfriend about it. You can explain how his words made you feel and why you would like an apology. If he refuses to apologize, then you may need to reconsider your relationship.

What type of magnifying glass would I need to see the bacteria and other living things in cheese?

A lighted magnifying glass with at least 8x magnification would be needed to see bacteria and other living things in cheese.

My brother thinks Ace from One Piece could faze through the Kamehameha and is immune to lightning?

No, he is not immune to lightning.

What is Oreva e-bike's motor rating?

Oreva e-bike's motor is rated at 250 Watts.

What are the things one has to take with himself for ICPC regionals?

A laptop, pencils, paper, and a water bottle.

Should I overpay an experienced engineer for my startup?

If you're confident in your ability to generate revenue and can afford to do so, overpaying an experienced engineer can help attract top talent to your startup. However, if you're not sure about your startup's ability to generate revenue, overpaying an engineer could put your business at risk.

How do you make CTRL+C copy text in a gnome terminal (gnome terminal, clipboard, Linux)?

There are a few different ways to copy text in a gnome terminal. One way is to use the "Copy" button in the toolbar. Another way is to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C.

How do I turn off hypothetical questions on Quora?

Go to your account settings and select "hypothetical questions" under the "content preferences" section.

Hi Friends, any body knows about biofield treatment?

is it scientific or fake?please tell me.

Thanks in Advance!

Modi always says "Sabka sath, sabka Vikas," but why did the BJP not fielded a single Christian or Muslim candidate in the Karnataka polls?

There is no dearth of capable candidates from minority communities in the BJP, but the party does not believe in caste or religious based reservations in elections. The BJP gives more importance to the candidate's capability and work done for the people, irrespective of their caste or religion.

What does it mean when a woman says “I know the easiest way to get you to camp is to mention catching feels”?

When a woman says “I know the easiest way to get you to camp is to mention catching feels,” she means that if she talks about her feelings for him, he will be more likely to agree to go camping with her.

Since when is a nation's history in the making carved and designed by the opinions of the rest of the world’s nations?

That is pure and unadulterated arrogance."

Hey buddy, no one is forcing Italy to "change its own history book". Was that sarcasm so hard?

As for Korea's official version of the war, see THIS. I'm willing to admit that both sides may have their share of historical embellishments and downright falsehoods (as with all wars), but it's still better then the one originating from Japan. And when was this contreversy started? Right after Italy came out on the side of the USA in WWII. Interesting coincidence.

And I do agree with you...history should stay as history. Funny how Japan alone loads theirs up with new lies almost every day, however.

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How different it is to earn $500k vs say, $150k in lifestyle? Could you give me a concrete example, such as sending your kids to a better school, driving a better car, etc., in big cities such as SF, NYC, London, etc.?

If you earn $500,000 a year, you can afford to send your children to better schools, drive a better car, and live in a nicer neighbourhood. You can also afford to travel more, dine out more often, and purchase luxury items.

How do I approach class notes by Rakesh Yadav, chapter-wise or otherwise?

Some students prefer to approach class notes by Rakesh Yadav chapter-wise, while others prefer to study them in one sitting. There is no correct answer, as each student will have different learning preferences. However, it may be helpful to start by studying the class notes in one sitting, and then breaking them down into smaller parts to focus on specific chapters or topics.

Saudi Arabia’s GDP is much higher than Iran’s, but its comprehensive national strength is not comparable to Iran’s. Why?

The following is the translated version of his short speech:

I don’t know that much about Iran. I have not been there and I have not read much books. But when we measure, we should meet facts instead of perceptions. I need to take a brief look to say that you have merits and merits [in talking about your country].

But gains are wins. By what means did you win it? Other than military power, any other kind of force can be neglected in war. Any country without military and military capacity will be doomed if it goes on an adventure, making military the most important element in the war.

Apart from military factors, economic indicators are important both for countries like ours and yours [Iran]. The place which has a weak economy cannot go on adventures at all and develops on this [economic] basis. International capital flow is easily controlled by international public opinion and formal measures. You are also involved in this field. You need first to get money from foreign trade somewhere else, how many industries does your country have? Can these activities be used for other purposes? How many technology companies does your country have? A short reference to these meanings indicates your capabilities or inability in the battlefield. They form an overall evaluation condition in conducting propaganda (in the war blitz) against an enemy or opposing forces against him. An opponent who fails seriously in such fields cannot counteract his enemy’s propaganda against him and will fail as a result; this will give a remarkable mechanical advantage [to his enemies] that is matched only by material superiority [such as having more tanks or cannons]. Methods are another necessity Google face book Netflix BBC world screen TV Al Jazeera through which campaigns can be carried out, education can be given to children, women reachPositions,. The population intensity of different classes within a community affects military relationships among others; our enemies use women to make us busy with social issues such as women’s clothing, etc., so that we lose focus on professional issues such as making cannon issues? It is also effective because adults – particularly men – encounter serious crises within their families as a result of such initiatives; how much does it cost when one connects to internet by going online with telephone methods organized for adults between 24 and 35 years of age? Do we go online to chat with our friends? Is it allowed for it to affect our work? What about hearing about broadcasting on the Internet instead of watching Japanese animations? How is public

What would Israel and (the future) Palestine look like if they both reach an agreement (in terms of borders, land, etc.)?

The future of Israel and Palestine is uncertain, but if they reach an agreement, it is possible that the two countries would be peaceful and have borders that are mutually agreed upon.

How did the New Deal support labor organizations?

The National Recovery Administration (NRA) was a key New Deal agency that supported labor organizations. The NRA was created to help industries recover from the Great Depression and to establish codes of fair practice. These codes regulated wages, hours, and working conditions in various industries. The NRA also established a minimum wage and outlawed child labor.

What would your 10 year old self think of you now?

My 10 year old self would think I am really cool because I have a phone and I can drive.

Mobile Phones: Which would be the best phone to buy, at present, between the range of 15 -18k (keeping all aspects in mind)?

The best phone to buy would be the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What does it mean when my classmates keep calling me pretty every time they see me?

It could mean that your classmates think you are pretty, or it could be a form of bullying. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can talk to your teacher or a trusted adult about it.

Why does the 20gm of Comfort sachet cost Rs.3 whereas 200gm bottle costs Rs.43 and 200gm sachet costs Rs.37 (with a tag of save Rs.7)? Why this variance?

The 20gm of Comfort sachet costs Rs.3 because it is a small quantity and 200gm bottle costs Rs.43 and 200gm sachet costs Rs.37 because they are bigger quantities and the tag of save Rs.7 is because you save that much money by buying the 200gm bottle or sachet instead of the 20gm sachet.

What is the best universal address book?

The best universal address book is the one that meets your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best address book for you will depend on factors such as how many contacts you need to keep track of, what type of information you need to store for each contact, and whether you need to share your address book with others. Some popular options include Google Contacts, iCloud Contacts, and Outlook Contacts.

Why is it that I have never seen any elderly male or female with a tattoo? I work with the elderly and this came to my mind. A lot of people have tattoos now, was there no tattoos back then? If there was did they remove it as they grew older?

The simple answer is that older people are less likely to have tattoos for a number of reasons. Firstly, tattooing has only become widely popular in the last few decades, so there are simply fewer older people with tattoos. Secondly, tattoos are more commonly associated with younger people and tend to be seen as rebellious or unconventional, so older people are less likely to get them. Finally, tattoos can be expensive and painful to remove, so many people opt to have them removed as they get older.

How intense is each personality type?

This question is difficult to answer because it can vary greatly from person to person. In general, those who are more aware of their personality type tend to be more intense about it.

I'm applying for a job that says "MBA preferred", how can I get across that my startup experience = 10 MBAs, in an eloquent manner?

There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on the specific job and company you are applying to. However, some ways to approach this include discussing your experience in running a startup in your cover letter or resume, or bringing it up during your interview. You could also highlight specific skills or knowledge that you have gained from running a startup that you feel would be relevant to the job you are applying for. Ultimately, you will need to tailor your approach to the specific job and company you are targeting in order to best highlight your experience and qualifications.

A friend passed last week and she had a large family. I noticed several people taking pictures of her in her casket with their cell phones. What do people do with the photos they take of the deceased at funerals?

Some people might post the pictures on social media, while others might keep them in a personal photo album.

Will Trump be given the grand mass send-off he craves?

Trump will not be given the grand mass send-off he craves. He will be impeached and removed from office before he has a chance to plan his own funeral.

How and why was Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan unable to find a way so that they were able to trade and have no money losses whilst being under US sanctions and embargoes too at all for?

There is no one answer to this question as each country has faced different challenges in terms of their relationship with the US and the sanctions and embargoes that have been placed upon them. Some of the main reasons why these countries have been unable to find a way to trade without losses may include the fact that the US has placed strict limits on what they are able to trade, the US has cut off access to important financial institutions, and the US has placed other countries under sanctions as well which makes it difficult for them to trade with Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What is a good online site where I can start learning the basics of “Real Analysis” and gradually be able to tackle most difficult sums?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, some possible resources that you may find helpful include:

-The website for the book "Introduction to Real Analysis" by Bartle and Sherbert: https://www.math.wisc.edu/~richardson/457F11/

-The website for the book "A First Course in Real Analysis" by Protter and Morrey: https://math.berkeley.edu/~protter/fcrn.html

-The website for the book "Principles of Real Analysis" by Charalambos D. Aliprantis and Oscar Burkinshaw: http://www2.ccsu.edu/faculty/drobinson/PRINCIPLES%20OF%20REAL%20ANALYSIS.htm

Why does Thomas Markle keep criticizing Meghan Markle?

Thomas Markle has said that he feels like he is being "exiled" from the royal family, and that Meghan Markle has "ghosted" him since she married Prince Harry. He has also said that he thinks Meghan is "terrified" of the monarchy.

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