🔥👉 Why are so many people and companies severing ties with the NRA?

"✅👉 The widespread decision by people and companies to sever ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida high school is likely a result of intense public pressure and shifting social norms.

As the nation grapples with yet another mass shooting, this time at a high school in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead, there has been a growing movement of consumers using their spending power to support or punish companies based on their political beliefs.

This is particularly true when it comes to the issue of gun control, which is one of the most polarizing topics in America. In the wake of previous mass shootings, there have been widespread calls for stricter gun control measures, but little action has been taken by lawmakers.

In this case, activists and others are putting pressure on companies that have business dealings with the NRA, urging them to sever those ties. The NRA is a powerful lobbying force in Washington and has opposed many gun control measures.

So far, a number of companies have responded to the pressure and cut ties with the NRA. These companies include car rental firms Hertz and Avis, as well as airlines Delta and United. Other companies, such as MetLife and Symantec, have also ended discount programs for NRA members."

Dr. Lionel Bernhard
Dr. Lionel Bernhard

House of Cards season 2: Why does President Walker reject to pardon Raymond Tusk at ep. 13?

I'm not sure why President Walker rejected to pardon Raymond Tusk at ep. 13, but it could be because Tusk refused to admit any guilt for his crimes.

Is there a chance that an enemy could remotely detonate C4 carried by a friendly unit?

It is possible for an enemy to remotely detonate C4 carried by a friendly unit, but it is not very likely.

Why aren't we doing more to curb climate change?

Some people believe that climate change is not happening, or that it is not caused by human activity. Others believe that it is happening but that it is not possible or desirable to take action to curb it.

Do you agree that, "Nothing puts a more solid foundation of well-being under a child's feet than knowing his/her parents are in a committed relationship"?

Yes, I agree that nothing puts a more solid foundation of well-being under a child's feet than knowing his/her parents are in a committed relationship.

What is it like for a non ADD person to hear about what someone with ADD does and goes though?

It is difficult for a non ADD person to understand what someone with ADD goes through because they do not experience the same symptoms. The best way to understand is to educate yourself on the condition and talk to someone who has ADD.

Most medicines, almost all all allopathic medicines have bad effects, but still this is respectfully called side effects. Why don't they (doctors) call these bad effects?

When that is what they were? No, let them the side effects.

By them the religion is rejected

What has religion got to do with it, who said that guru nanak is mahavir? Your question is meaningless. Or you are confused and/or getting threatening messages from "these people" (which also you may have no information about) you mentioned too many times. But there is nothing in the original post which could be interpreted as aggression against a certain group or for that matter any group actually against any opinion, person or any of that. It does not play into politics either which you have generously added to the subject for reasons beyond my understanding.

The ability to see the nature of your words and their clear lack of truth / connection etc is based on pure common sense which plain & simple you do not seem to possess from the various comments I see here on Quora

How can I reduce my belly and bum area quickly?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to reduce belly and bum area quickly will vary depending on your individual body type and weight loss goals. However, some effective methods for reducing belly and bum area quickly include implementing a healthy diet and exercise routine, as well as wearing compression garments or using topical treatments specifically designed to target these areas.

Why is rape considered unethical and immoral?

Rape is considered unethical and immoral because it violates the victim's right to control their own body. Rape also often causes physical and emotional harm to the victim.

Are the CBSE board exams 2018 going to be easy Considering that 2018 class 12 English board exam was easier than previous years?

It is difficult to say if the CBSE board exams 2018 will be easy. However, considering that the 2018 class 12 English board exam was easier than previous years, it is possible that the overall difficulty of the CBSE board exams may be lower in 2018.

How many MBTI variations can a person have?

There are up to sixteen different MBTI variations that a person can have.

Do atheists depend on a definition of 'God' to define themselves?

No, atheists can define themselves without reference to a god.

Why must photovoltaic power plants use special photovoltaic cables? Which is a good quality solar cable manufacturer?

Photovoltaic power plants use special photovoltaic cables because the cables are specifically designed for use in solar power systems. The photovoltaic cables are made from materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of the solar environment, and they are also specially insulated to prevent electrical shock.

If I only perform love spells on myself for true love and self love (not on a person) is that selfish and narcissistic giving that I haven’t given back to my community?

No, it is not selfish or narcissistic. It is actually quite generous!

Why does CJI Rajan Gogoi look politically motivated?

CJI Rajan Gogoi appears to be politically motivated because he has been openly critical of the government, particularly on the issue of the appointment of judges. He has also been critical of the way the government has handled the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

What are mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a type of fungi. They typically have a stalk and cap, and can grow in soil, on trees, or on other organic matter.

Can we hear the sound of the rotation of the earth from outer space?

There is no sound in outer space, so you would not be able to hear the rotation of the Earth.

What have been the most exotic and unusual methods of assassination or murder used in real-life?

There are a number of unusual methods of assassination or murder that have been used in real-life. These include:

1) Poisoning: This is perhaps the most common method of assassination, and has been used throughout history to kill prominent figures.

2) Strangulation: This was a popular method of assassination in ancient Rome, and was used to kill Julius Caesar.

3) Stabbing: This has been a popular method of assassination throughout history, and was used to kill Abraham Lincoln.

4) Shooting: This is the most common method of assassination in the modern era, and was used to kill John F. Kennedy.

5) Bombing: This is a relatively recent method of assassination, and was used to kill Osama bin Laden.

Is it possible there's an evolutionary advantage to everything? Is there an evolutionary advantage to being short, and one for being tall? In that case, does the term "evolutionary advantage" have any value?

There could be advantages and disadvantages to both being tall and being short. For example, short people might have an advantage in certain sports or activities that require low body mass or a high center of gravity, while tall people might have an advantage in activities that require a long reach. So the term "evolutionary advantage" could still be used to describe the benefits that each variant confers in different contexts.

Between a 10 IS-2 tank and two Leopard 2 tanks, which team wins?

Assuming that the teams are evenly matched in terms of skill and experience, the Leopard 2 tanks would probably win. The IS-2 tank is outclassed by the Leopard 2 in terms of armor, firepower, and mobility.

What can an international student do to be outstanding among all other Ivy League applicants?

There is no one answer to this question as each students' individual circumstances will be different. However, some things that an international student could do to improve their chances of being accepted into an Ivy League school include:

- Getting excellent grades in their high school classes, especially in challenging courses

- Scoring high on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT

- Participating in extracurricular activities and/or community service projects, especially ones that relate to their interests and passions

- Submitting a well-written and thoughtful college application essay

- Showing evidence of strong leadership skills and a commitment to making positive change in the world

Has any “Twin Flames” experienced effects like heightened sensory, smell, touch, and taste?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone experiences things differently. Some people may notice heightened senses while others may not. It is best to ask your twin flame directly if they have experienced any changes in their senses.

How can Congress' rule be called dynastic as every leader was elected and they kept on winning elections democratically?

The term dynastic can refer to a situation where a leader or group is able to maintain power for multiple generations. In the case of Congress, this would mean that the same family or group of people are able to win elections and maintain control over the party for an extended period of time. This could be seen as a negative thing by some, as it could lead to nepotism and favoritism within the party.

Does Andhra have sites like Pattadakallu?

There is no one specific site like Pattadakallu in Andhra Pradesh, but there are a number of archaeological sites throughout the state that show evidence of ancient civilizations. Some of the most notable sites include the ruins of Hampi, the caves of warangal and the temple complex of Tirupati.

Is there anyone else that gets upset when your partner doesn't tell important things or small things that caught their attention? For example, he didn't tell me he got bitten by some bug and went to see a doctor.

It is normal to feel upset when your partner does not share important or small things that have caught their attention. If you feel like your partner is withholding information from you, it is important to communicate with them directly to express your concerns. If your partner is not willing to share information with you, it may be indicative of a larger problem in the relationship.

Do obtained achievements lose their value, with time passing in the academic world?

No, they do not lose their value.

I'm 13 and my mother refuses to get me a smart phone. I have had a flip phone for 3 years, and keep begging her for a smartphone. What should I do?

There is not much you can do if your mother refuses to get you a smartphone. You could try asking her again, or making a case for why you need one, but ultimately it is up to her. You could also try saving up your own money to buy a smartphone, or seeing if there are any other family members or friends who would be willing to get you one.

I know a guy who was rejected by his crush 3 times but 2 years later, she started like him but his childhood female friend and his neighbours girl also like and they are fighting over him. Situation got worse. What should he do?

The best thing for him to do is stay out of the situation and let the girls figure it out themselves.

How can we be better people in this crazy world?

This is a question with many answers, as there are many ways to be a better person. However, some ways to be a better person include being more compassionate, honest, and loving. Additionally, try to be more accepting of others and yourself, and be mindful of your words and actions.

Why are telephone calls the only way to contact the police?

There are many reasons why telephone calls are the only way to contact the police. One reason is that it allows the police to dispatch the nearest available unit to the caller's location. Another reason is that it allows the caller to remain anonymous, which is important if they are reporting a crime. Additionally, telephone calls allow the police to gather important information from the caller, such as a description of the suspect or the address of the incident.

Who had a bigger vocabulary, Trump or Lincoln?

Lincoln had a much bigger vocabulary than Trump.

I asked him if he can see us still together after one year and he answered "maybe". Is that alright? He is an INTJ.

It's hard to say what that answer means since everyone experiences relationships differently. It could mean that he doesn't think you'll last together because of incompatible personality types, or it could simply mean that he's not sure if you'll still be together in a year because anything can happen. If you're happy with the relationship right now, then there's no need to worry about what might happen in the future. Just enjoy each other's company and see where things go.

Do all crypto exchanges require SSN?

No, not all crypto exchanges require SSN. However, many do require some form of identification in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

Is the most recent mail in voter fraud incident discovered in New Jersey with 19% of ballots rejected as invalid sufficient evidence that mail in voting is highly susceptible to ballot rigging?

There is no definitive answer, as the investigation is ongoing. However, the high number of ballots rejected as invalid in this one instance is certainly cause for concern.

How do you write a 4-stanza poem with a little description of the major artworks in your municipality or barangay?

Our municipality has several artworks
And all of them are very dear to us
We have a painting of the founding fathers
And a statue of the Virgin Mary
There's also a sculpture of a Tagalog warrior
And a huge painting of the town's history
We love all these artworks
And they all hold a special place in our hearts

What are some phrases only a North American would understand and why?

1. "We're going out for drinks"

2. "I'm sorry, I don't have change"

3. "The game is on!"

4. "Do you want to come over for a drink?"

5. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

These phrases are only understood in North America because they are common expressions used in daily conversation. Other cultures may use different phrases to mean the same thing, or they may not use these expressions at all.

Is it good to do an MBA in finance for a BSc BZC student?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in finance is a good choice for someone with a background in business and finance. The MBA in finance provides advanced training in financial analysis and decision-making, and can lead to careers in corporate finance, investment banking, or other financial services.

Have you ever experienced bullying by superiors in your workplace?

Yes, I was bullied by my superior when I worked in an office.

What should I do with my son's US visa under family immigration F4 has been expired due to Administrative processing?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each situation is unique. However, generally speaking, if your son's US visa has expired due to Administrative processing, you should contact an experienced immigration attorney to discuss your options and determine the best course of action for your particular case.

How does ODEM use blockchain to benefit educators?

ODEM Advantage Program

ODEM is a smart contract platform that makes it easy to create, manage, and exchange educational programs and credentials. Educators can use ODEM to design and offer custom-tailored educational experiences. Students can use ODEM to find and enroll in programs that meet their needs. And employers can use ODEM to verify the skills and experience of job candidates.

ODEM uses blockchain technology to give educators a new way to monetize their expertise. With ODEM, educators can create tokens that represent the value of their courses and programs. These tokens can be used to access courses, pay for tuition, and exchange for other services on the ODEM platform.

Blockchain also enables educators to offer their courses and programs to a global market. Because blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, courses and programs can be made available to anyone with an Internet connection. This opens up new opportunities for educators to reach students from all over the world.

Entangled particles "communicate" faster than light when the spin of one particle is measured. What are the leading predictions on how this communication may be happening?

One of the leading predictions for how entangled particles may communicate faster than light is that they are somehow able to share information instantaneously. This would mean that when one particle is measured, the other particle would "know" about it instantly, regardless of how far apart they are. This is still a very controversial idea, and scientists are still working to figure out how exactly it could work.

How is the Pride Purple Connect Project to invest in Hinjewadi?

The Pride Purple Connect Project is to invest in Hinjewadi by providing infrastructure and amenities that will make it a more livable and sustainable community. The project will also create jobs and provide training and support for small businesses in the area.

How many people were injured in the shooting incident near Zurich Islamic Center?

There is no information about the number of people injured in the shooting incident near Zurich Islamic Center.

How do you tell a fool?

A fool can be told by their actions. If someone is constantly making poor decisions or acting in a foolish manner, they are likely a fool.

How quickly do funerals happen in Ireland?

Typically, funerals in Ireland occur within five to seven days of a person's death.

Is it a faux pas to talk about Facebook discussions while not on Facebook?

There is no clear answer, and it largely depends on the context in which the discussion is taking place. In general, however, it is generally considered more polite to avoid talking about Facebook discussions while not on Facebook.

What do you think will come of the trial in a coordinated string of bombings and mass shootings that rocked France six years ago that got underway in a Paris courtroom yesterday?

There is no clear answer, as the trial is ongoing. However, it is possible that the defendants could be convicted and sentenced to prison time.

Between Russia and the PRC, who is managing their demographics better?

The PRC is managing its demographics better than Russia.

Did Japan want resources during World War II?

Japan did want resources during World War II, as it was fighting a war on multiple fronts and needed all the resources it could get. The Japanese government therefore encouraged its citizens to recycle and reuse materials, and to conserves resources whenever possible.

Why doesn't the vertical stabilizer turn back into its original heading when the rudder turns and makes a turning force?

The vertical stabilizer does not turn back into its original heading when the rudder turns and makes a turning force because it is mounted on the aircraft's fuselage. The fuselage provides a fixed reference point for the vertical stabilizer, so it remains stationary even when the rudder is turned.

I got into Pomona College, UCLA (in-state tuition and regents) and USC (half-ride merit scholarship). I do not qualify for any need-based financial aid. Which should I choose?

What would be the overall financial burden for each dollar value of the tuition?

The Apprenti "non-profit organization" is expanding it's program to include 13 states. What types of charges can I expect working with them?

If you are receiving unemployment benefits, can you sail around the Caribbeans?

How long do you have to be on ssdi in Kansas before getting a permanent disability card?

I'd love to get Opinion Outpost but they've turned me down. Do you know if any other sites work in th US?

How do I make money with the best affiliate funnel for beginners?

There are a number of ways to make money with an affiliate funnel. One way is to drive traffic to your affiliate link and earn commissions on sales. Another way is to build an email list and promote affiliate products to your subscribers.

In what cases can a judge order the defendant to be physically gagged with tape, or with anything else? Does that happen often?

A judge could order the defendant to be physically gagged if they were disrupting the trial or if they were making threats. This would not happen often, but it is possible.

Why are so many Supreme court justices retiring lately?

There is no one answer to this question as each justice has their own personal reasons for retiring. However, some possible explanations include the current political climate and the fact that justices are living longer and working later into their lives.

What is the synonym for combat?

Contest, strife, warfare.

What are the dangers of the website Professor Watch?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the dangers of the website Professor Watch may vary depending on individual circumstances. However, some potential dangers associated with the website include that it may be used to stalk or harass professors, that it may contain false or misleading information about professors, and that it may be used to spread hateful or abusive messages about professors.

Why isn't there a software for versioning and editing source code just like Google docs (with simultaneous editing)?

There are a few reasons.

First, unlike with documents, there are often many ways to solve a problem when coding. This can make it difficult to reach consensus on a single solution.

Second, unlike with documents, there are often many ways to format code. This can make it difficult for people to agree on a single style.

Third, code is often executed on different platforms with different configurations. This can make it difficult to guarantee that everyone has the same environment necessary to run the code.

How strict are your parents?

My parents are not too strict, but they do have expectations for how I should behave. For example, they expect me to do well in school and to be respectful to them and others.

How much energy charge will cost me if I cook using a domestic line?

The energy charge for using a domestic line to cook is the same as the standard per unit charge for electricity.

In 10 years, will Earth remain the same, become better or go worse?

In 10 years, it is difficult to say how Earth will be. It could remain the same, become better or go worse.

What is the next step after two back surgeries but patient is still in pain?

The next step after two back surgeries but patient is still in pain would be to consult with a pain specialist to discuss other options for managing the pain.

A freshly opened can of Coke, is an example of an element, a compound, a homogeneous mixture, or a heterogeneous mixture?

a compound

Do all narcissists discard you without actually breaking up with you so that they can have a doorway back in to your life?

There is no universal answer to this question, as every narcissist is unique in how they handle relationships. Some may indeed "discard" their partners without actually breaking up with them, while others may use more overt and manipulative tactics to maintain control over their relationships. Ultimately, it is up to the individual narcissist to decide how they will treat their partners.

Do you think Daniel Logan would fit in for the role of Boba Fett between ROTS and Obi-Wan/Solo era or do you think Boba Fett would have been grown into much older (Temura Morrison pre-Mandalorian era) appearance due to his genetics as a clone?

I think Daniel Logan would make a great Boba Fett. He has the right look and he was great in Attack of the Clones.

How long is too long to learn how to drive a car?

Some people may never learn how to drive a car.

How big would dinosaurs be today?

Dinosaurs would be the same size today as they were when they lived millions of years ago.

What are progressive values?

Progressive values are those which emphasize the need for social and economic justice, civil liberties, and environmental protection.

What happens if a wife does not respond to the divorce petition in India?

If the wife does not respond to the divorce petition, the court may dismiss the case or may continue the proceedings.

What can happen for family court if the father that's been granted visitation by a judge seek to get full custody from the mother who has been granted full custody whether or not he makes up a reason?

The father that has been granted visitation by a judge can seek to get full custody from the mother who has been granted full custody.

What is Sheryl Sandberg's reputation within Facebook?

Sheryl Sandberg is the current chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and a billionaire. She is known for her work in various areas of Facebook, including online advertising, business development, human resources, and public relations. She has also been involved in many philanthropic causes, including her work with the Lean In Foundation.

I have offers from Accenture and Wipro (Gurgaon) as an Oracle Core DBA. Which one would be a better option? What are growth opportunities/site opportunities?

The following are three main differences between Accenture and Wipro:

1. Company size: Accenture is a much larger company than Wipro. As of 2019, Accenture has a revenue of $43.2 billion, while Wipro’s revenue is $8.6 billion.

2. Services offered: Accenture offers a wider range of services than Wipro. Accenture’s services include strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations, while Wipro’s services are focused on information technology, business process outsourcing, and consulting.

3. Geographical presence: Accenture has a global presence, with operations in more than 200 cities in 56 countries. Wipro has a strong presence in India and the United States, but its operations are not as widespread as Accenture’s.

Will a foreign internship in engineering add any significant value to my profile?

If you complete an engineering internship in a foreign country, it will likely add significant value to your profile. Many employers are looking for candidates with international experience, and an internship is a great way to gain this type of experience. In addition, engineering internships typically involve working on projects that are beneficial to the community, which can also be attractive to potential employers.

Can a media college in India impose service tax on the college fee?

There is no clear answer, as service tax is imposed by the government and not by colleges or universities. In India, service tax is imposed on a variety of services, including educational services. It is possible that a media college in India could charge service tax on college fees, but this would ultimately be up to the individual college or university.

Why do dementia patients like teddy bears?

The teddy bear provides a sense of comfort and familiarity for the dementia patient. The bear can also serve as a physical and emotional anchor for the individual, helping to ease anxiety and provide a sense of security.

What country has the most random law?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different countries have different laws, and what one person may consider to be a "random" law may not seem so random to someone else. However, some examples of seemingly random laws that are still in place in various countries around the world include:

- It is illegal to own only one guinea pig in Switzerland.
- In France, it is illegal for a person to name their child Nutella.
- In Japan, it is against the law to leave your house without wearing a mask if you have a cold.

What is abusability testing, and why is it necessary?

Abusability testing is a type of software testing that is performed in order to assess the likelihood that a system or application will be subject to abuse. This testing is typically performed by security researchers and is designed to identify potential security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker.

How will a teacher write a formal letter for bus fare?

A teacher may write a formal letter to request bus fare in the following way:

Dear Administrator,

I am writing to request bus fare for my students. We are taking a field trip and need to use the bus to get there. I would appreciate if you could provide us with the necessary funds to cover the cost of the bus. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your name]

How do people recovering from memory loss remember their accent?

Recovering from memory loss can be a difficult process. People often lose their accent when they lose their memory.

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