🔥👉 Who would win, Kylo or Ahsoka (young and adult version)?

"✅👉 There is no clear answer, as it would depend on many factors. If they were to fight one-on-one, Ahsoka would have the advantage due to her experience and training. However, Kylo would have the advantage of the Force. Ultimately, it is impossible to say who would win."

Ismael Trantow
Ismael Trantow

Are rising sea levels to flood homes of 300 million people by 2050?

There is no scientific consensus on this matter. Some scientists say that sea levels could rise by up to 1 meter by the year 2050, which would flood the homes of approximately 300 million people. However, other scientists say that the rise in sea levels will be much smaller, and that it is not possible to accurately predict what will happen so far in the future.

What are the 2 pipes in your throat called?

The 2 pipes in your throat are called your vocal cords.

Where do dinosaurs hide nowadays?

Some dinosaurs hide in the wild, some in zoos or other captivity, and some (if they are lucky) in children's imaginations.

Why do people carry a shoulder bag either on their left or their right, irregardless of their being left- or right-handed?

There is no one answer to this question as it is a matter of personal preference. Some people may prefer to carry a shoulder bag on their dominant side so that they can easily access it, while others may prefer to carry it on the opposite side for balance or aesthetic reasons. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which side is more comfortable or convenient for them.

I want to be an actor after high school, but my parents want me to choose a course which guarantees a fixed salary. What should I do?

It can be difficult to convince your parents to let you pursue an acting career, especially if they are worried about your financial stability. However, there are a few things you can do to try and persuade them:

-Explain your passion for acting and why you believe it is the right career path for you.

-Share your plans for how you will support yourself financially while pursuing your acting career.

-Do some research and share information about successful actors who did not have traditional jobs before making it big.

-Offer to compromise by choosing a course that relates to the entertainment industry (such as film studies or theatre) in addition to taking acting classes outside of school.

What is an instance in your life when you observe law that brought you a positive effect?

I cannot think of a specific instance when the law had a positive effect on my life.

What does it mean if I dreamed of my “fav cousin” killing my other cousin and she runs away and hides?

This dream could symbolize feelings of betrayal, insecurity, or resentment that you have towards your cousin. Alternatively, this dream may represent some unresolved issues or conflict that you have with your cousin. Alternatively, this dream could be a warning from your subconscious to watch out for this cousin who may be trouble.

Why my muscles get tired quickly?

There can be many reasons muscles might get tired quickly. Inadequate warm up, dehydration, insufficient rest or sleep, poor nutrition, and notTapering properly before an event are some of the more common reasons.

How can you simply explain to someone that Michael Jackson was innocent?

Michael Jackson was a pop singer and songwriter who was accused of sexual abuse by two boys in 1993. The case went to trial, and Jackson was ultimately acquitted of all charges.

Why Indian ocean important for China India?

The Indian Ocean is a key region for China for several reasons. First, the Indian Ocean is home to some of the world's busiest shipping lanes, and China is heavily reliant on imported goods. Second, the Indian Ocean is also a major source of energy resources for China. Finally, the Indian Ocean region is home to a number of important strategic allies of China, such as Pakistan.

Why do so many "blinks" just stan Lisa? What does she have that the other members don't?

There are many reasons why fans stan Lisa. Some might say that they love her unique fashion sense or her incredible dancing abilities. Others might say that they appreciate her candid personality and her willingness to be open and honest with fans. Whatever the reason, it's clear that Lisa has something special that has earned her the love and admiration of so many fans.

Do instincts correspond solely to animals? Is it possible that humans copy/learn behaviours from animals?

Instincts correspond to a wide range of behaviours, both in animals and humans. It is possible that humans learn some behaviours from observing animals, but this is not the only source of human behaviour.

Why don't casual hook-ups and one night stands interest some people?

There are a number of reasons why some people are not interested in casual hook-ups or one night stands. Some people may feel that these types of encounters are unfulfilling or unsatisfying. Others may feel that they are not ready for a committed relationship. Additionally, some people may simply prefer to avoid any type of sexual activity altogether.

Why are there no reviews online for the Hahn Whole Home water filtration system sold by Costco?

It is possible that the Hahn Whole Home water filtration system has not been reviewed online because it is a relatively new product. Additionally, it may be that not many people have purchased the system yet, so there are not many people who have had the experience of using it and writing a review.

What are some methods for finding papers that evaluate or critique a specific paper?

There are a few methods that can be used to find papers that evaluate or critique a specific paper. One method is to search for the paper on a database such as PubMed or Google Scholar and then click on the "cited by" link to see a list of papers that have cited the original paper. Another method is to search for the paper's title on Google or another search engine and look for papers that mention the original paper in their text. Finally, one can also try searching for terms such as "review of [paper title]" or "[paper title] criticism" to find papers that evaluate or critique the original paper.

Who is the best and famous Indian writer, especially in fiction?

The best and most famous Indian writer, especially in fiction, is Salman Rushdie.

What actions can former Top Writers take to help ensure they make the list in 2015?

There is no certain way to guarantee making the Top Writers list, but some things that may help are being active on the site, writing quality articles, and promoting their articles.

How long can radiation prolong a life for someone with metastic lung cancer?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the type and stage of cancer, the person's age and overall health, and the treatment approach. In general, however, radiation therapy can help to control cancer growth and extend a person's life by several months to a few years.

The fourth term of an AP is 37 and the system is 12 more than the 4th term. What are the first and seventh terms?

The first term would be 12 more than the fourth term, or 49. The seventh term would be 12 more than the fourth term plus six times the common difference, or 84.

Why is "aaaaah" the most common sound for a scream across cultures?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but there are some possible explanations. First, the vowel sound "aaaaah" is one of the most basic and instinctive vocalizations that humans make. It is also one of the easiest sounds to produce, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, the sound "aaaaah" is universally recognizable as a scream, regardless of culture or language. Finally, the prolonged "ah" sound conveys a sense of intensity and urgency that is often associated with screams.

Do court fines show on DBS checks?

Potential employers would be unable to tell from a standard or enhanced criminal record check if a person has been fined as this is not classed as a ‘conviction’.

Can I lie about having a criminal record UK?

It’s illegal to lie about your criminal record on job applications. You can check what will show up on your DBS by ordering a copy before you fill in any online forms. … This means some common charges such as speeding and drink-driving aren’t usually shown.

Why does my DBS expire?

This deadline is there to make sure that individuals are regularly updating/renewing their knowledge and expertise as well as their Criminal Record check. If you wish to keep running criminal record checks after your accreditation expires then we recommend that you register with the Update Service.

Can I check my criminal record UK?

There are three different routes of accessing criminal records in the UK: Basic disclosure, Standard disclosure and Enhanced disclosure The only service that offers insurance cover for your application that checks the Police National Computer (PNC) which holds details of all arrests and charges in the UK is …

The accuracy when measuring current is generally an order of magnitude less accurate than when measuring voltage – why would this be so?

This is because current is typically measured indirectly, by measuring the voltage drop across a known resistance. Since the voltage drop is proportional to the current, the error in the voltage measurement is amplified in the current measurement.

Which is the most powerful version of Zeus? His mythological versions or his modern culture’s representations (such as Marvel ones, DC ones, Percy Jackson, God of War, Disney, etc.)?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on interpretation. Generally speaking, however, the most powerful versions of Zeus would be those that are closest to his traditional mythological roots. These would include versions that depict him as the king of the Olympian gods and the god of thunder and lightning. Modern culture representations of Zeus may be more visually impressive or have more unique powers, but they typically do not depict him as being as powerful as his traditional mythological counterparts.

What is more important skill to teach students: STEAM curriculum or teaching students the processes professionals use to solve problems?

There is no One answer to this question. Both skills are important for students to learn. Many jobs now require problem solving skills as well as an understanding of STEAM curriculum.

How long does it take for a hen to start laying again after molting?

After molting, it takes a hen a few weeks to start laying again.

Why do I want to be in a relationship but hate them being cuddly and acting “cute” towards me?

There could be a few reasons why you feel this way. It could be that you're not ready for a relationship, you're not attracted to the person, or you're uncomfortable with physical affection. If you're not ready for a relationship, it's important to communicate this to the other person. If you're not attracted to the person, it might be best to end things before they get too serious. If you're uncomfortable with physical affection, try to communicate this to your partner and see if they're willing to be more hands-off.

How do you look when you get ready for a special party?

I typically spend about an hour getting ready for a special party. I start with a base of foundation, concealer, and powder to create a smooth canvas. I then move on to eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. For my lips, I usually go with a nude or pink shade. Finally, I add a touch of blush and highlight.

What are some fun facts about Ningxia, China?

1. Ningxia was once an important stop on the Silk Road.

2. The city of Yinchuan is home to the Western Xia Imperial Tombs, which are some of the most well-preserved imperial tombs in China.

3. Ningxia is one of the main wine producing regions in China and is home to many large wineries.

4. The landscape of Ningxia is very diverse, with towering mountains, deep canyons, and vast deserts all within its borders.

When was the first Hiragana script formed?

The first Hiragana script was formed in the 8th century.

Can you please predict my social, financial, intimate and whole life as born on 19/07/1994, male, 03:00 AM, Kanpur, UP?

I cannot accurately predict all areas of your life, but some possible generalizations include: social life could be average to slightly above average; financial life could be stable with room for growth; intimate life could be fulfilling and satisfying; and overall life could be positive with some challenges along the way.

What are good ways to create user interface with sliding views from left/right as in Facebook and Path's apps?

There are a few ways to create user interface with sliding views from left/right:

-Using a UIScrollView with paging enabled
-Using a UICollectionView with a flow layout
-Using a UIPageViewController

Which is more powerful, AngularJS or ReactJS?

There is no definitive answer to this question as both AngularJS and ReactJS are powerful tools that can be used to develop web applications. However, some developers may prefer AngularJS because it offers more features and functionality out of the box, while others may prefer ReactJS because it is more lightweight and offers a simpler programming model.

Through the eyes of a tourist, most people in Budapest seem to be native Hungarians. Why are there so few immigrants living in Budapest?

There are a number of reasons why there are few immigrants in Budapest. One reason is that Hungary has strict immigration laws and policies. In addition, the Hungarian job market is not particularly welcoming to foreigners, and the cost of living in Hungary is relatively high. As a result, few immigrants choose to make Budapest their home.

Does America have jurisdiction over the Andromeda Galaxy?

No, America does not have jurisdiction over the Andromeda Galaxy.

Epics of India: When sita accompanies Rama during his exile, why didn't Urmila accompany lakshmana?

There are many possible reasons why Urmila did not accompany Lakshmana when he went into exile with Rama. One possibility is that she stayed behind to take care of the home while her husband was away. Another possibility is that she was not invited to go into exile with them. It is also possible that she did not want to leave her home and family behind.

What are the most creative or unique ways to structure a company, team, or organization?

There is no single answer to this question as the most creative or unique ways to structure a company, team, or organization will depend on the specific goals and objectives of the business. However, some potential ideas include flat organizational structures, Holacracy, self-organizing teams, and remote workforces.

Will Heineken that acquired a solar power plant recently for approx. USD 5.6 million again waste their money if they become aware that my fuel free tech plant would have cost them only 0.62 million USD to build plus 2.5% royalties on build savings?

The answer may depend on what Heineken's goals are for the solar power plant. If Heineken's goal is simply to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, then they may not be interested in your fuel-free technology. However, if Heineken's goal is to reduce their overall energy costs, then they may be interested in your technology if it can provide significant savings.

Should Donald Trump have been denied intelligence briefings, when every other ex-president before him has had access?

Every president before Donald Trump has had access to intelligence briefings, so there is no reason why he should be denied them.

Have Justice Thomas and Kavanaugh bonded over their similar confirmation experience?

There is no evidence that Thomas and Kavanaugh have bonded over their similar confirmation experiences.

Is the stem of an artichoke an extension of the heart, or can it be discarded?

The stem of an artichoke can be discarded.

Why is Wall Street cutting their trade commissions by significant amounts yet still fighting any effort to add on a very small 1 or 2 cent per trade tax that could be used to freeze Interest rate charges on unending student loan debt?

There are a few potential reasons for this:

1) The Wall Street banks may be trying to stay competitive with each other in terms of trade commissions, and a small tax would add to their costs and put them at a disadvantage.

2) The banks may believe that a small tax on trades would not generate enough revenue to make a significant dent in the student loan debt problem.

3) The banks may be concerned that such a tax could discourage traders from using their services, leading to less business for them.

4) The banks may simply be opposed to any new taxes or regulations on their industry.

Is there any difference in meaning between the verb "hurry" and "rush", for example, "he is always rushing/hurrying to do his projects"?

There is a subtle difference in meaning. If you rush, it suggests that you are moving quickly and perhaps carelessly. If you hurry, it suggests that you are moving quickly but with purpose.

Do airlines share cookie information with each other so that they know if customers have booked on another airline's site before, or do they just look at customers' IP addresses and see what city they are from?

Airlines share cookie information with each other so that they know if customers have booked on another airline's site before.

What are some situations where since a parent did it it's okay, but otherwise it would be shocking?

In some cultures, it is considered acceptable for a parent to hit their child as a form of discipline. In other cultures, this would be considered shocking and abusive.

How does a programmer remove all garbage or references from the memory hardware before starting a programming in any language?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the programming language being used and the specific memory hardware being used. However, some general tips that may help include using a memory management tool or function provided by the programming language or operatingsystem, and manually setting all variables to null or zero before starting the program.

Is the praying mantis the only insect that can turn its head from side to side?

No, the praying mantis is not the only insect that can turn its head from side to side. Many insects, including beetles, flies, and mantids, can turn their heads.

What are Bell Hook's views on sex work/prostitution? I can't find anything online.

I can't find anything online about Bell Hook's views on sex work/prostitution.

How is the job scenario in USA for Electrical engineers after completing their MS? Is it like India that most of the jobs are only for Software engineers?

The job market in the United States for electrical engineers is very good. There are many jobs available for electrical engineers, and the demand for these types of engineers is very high.

Why is Willow Resort better than other resorts?

There are a number of reasons that people might choose Willow Resort over other resorts. Some of these reasons could include the following:

-Willow Resort is located in a beautiful setting near the mountains and features lovely landscaping and gardens.
-The resort has a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets, including camping, cabins, and apartments.
-Willow Resort has a range of facilities and activities on offer, including a pool, tennis courts, a spa, and hiking trails.
-The resort is family-friendly and also offers babysitting services.

I'm leaving an abusive relationship & know my partner is on drugs. Can I request a random drug test to prove drug use for a custody case? If he knows about it, I'm afraid he would be able to "pass" it somehow.

You wouldn't be able to pass a drug test if you were typically using drugs. The only way that I can think of that one could "beat" a drug test is quit using in hopes of the toxins leaving... Read More »


How to Get Your Partners Parent's Agreement?

In this modern age, it should come as no surprise to you that it pays greatly to get your partner's parent's buy-in towards your relationship. After all, this momentous decision is likely to ha... Read More »


Can a temporary separation agreement turn into an irreconcilable differences divorce in nc?

Was De Valera a moron for stating he preferred farming to an industry? How did he plan to stop invading English without industry to make vehicles and weapons, throw potatoes at them?

No, De Valera was not a moron for stating he preferred farming to an industry. He likely understood that Ireland's agriculture could be more self-sufficient than its industries, which would have been more vulnerable to English invasions.

How do I escape controlling parents? I am 21 years old and a female.

There is no single answer to this question as every situation is unique. Some possible solutions include: -Moving out of your parents' house and into your own apartment or house. -Getting a job and becoming financially independent. -Talking to your parents about your feelings and trying to come to a compromise. -Seeking counseling or therapy to help you deal with your parents and communicate more effectively with them.

Which is the best ask, answer and question making app?

There is no one “best” ask, answer and question making app. However, some popular choices include Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and StackExchange.

Can Indian Real estate developers raise loan against unsold inventory/stock? If yes, which banks or institutions fund these proposals?

There is no straight answer to this question as it depends on various factors such as the location of the property, type of property, current market conditions, etc. However, generally speaking, most Indian banks and financial institutions are willing to provide loans against unsold inventory or stock.

What 9 books does Stephen King's Randall Flag appear in?

Damien Echols'High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row
Randall Flag has appeared in nine books total. They are:

1. Damien Echols' High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row
2. Scott Nicholson's The Red Church
3. John Scalzi's Old Man's War
4. Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box
5. Stephen King's The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah
6. Stephen King's The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
7. Stephen King's Insomnia
8. Stephen King's End of Watch
9. Stephen King's Revival

Is a message sent through WhatsApp Plus safe? Is it spied on by a third party?

There is no official WhatsApp Plus service, and therefore we cannot guarantee that any message sent through a third-party service is completely safe from spying.

What is the most important Christian value?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different Christians will prioritize different values. However, some commonly cited Christian values include love, forgiveness, compassion, and altruism.

Why are there still Americans who support the for-profit healthcare model when the country is in the grip of a global pandemic and tests/treatment is so costly?

It is difficult to say why some Americans continue to support for-profit healthcare, but one possibility is that they believe that this model provides better quality care. Another possibility is that they are not aware of the alternatives or do not believe that the government can provide quality healthcare.

What is the word formation process for infinitive verbs like "to borrow, to eat"?

The process of forming an infinitive verb is to take the base form of the verb and add the particle "to." For example, the base form of the verb "borrow" is "borrow," so the infinitive form would be "to borrow."

Does crossing the Ontario-Quebec border kind of feel like crossing an international border without the border control?

Yes, it does kind of feel like crossing an international border without the border control.

In the past, what was exciting about new expansions in World of Warcraft were the new abilities each class got. Why doesn't Blizzard design as many new abilities anymore?

One possibility is that Blizzard feels that they have reached a point where they have designed enough abilities for each class, and that adding more would be superfluous. Another possibility is that Blizzard feels that too many new abilities would make the game too complex and difficult to learn for new players.

What is the most effective tool to break up a few inches of clay soil so topsoil and lawn seed can be added?

The best tool for breaking up clay soil is a rototiller.

Why isn't the air traffic control (ATC) tower at Bangalore airport centered?

I am not sure why the ATC tower at Bangalore airport is not centered.

What if Ron's name was put in The Goblet Of Fire instead of Harry's in a hypothetical alternative scenario?

If Ron's name was put in the Goblet of Fire instead of Harry's, he would have been required to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. This would have placed him in danger, as the tasks were exceptionally difficult and often deadly. He may not have been able to complete them, and even if he had, he would likely have been scarred for life by the experience.

How do you translate each algebraic expression into word phrases?

a) 3x - 7

three times a number, minus seven

Isn't it unfair that God created Eve to belong to a man (Adam)? (Genesis 2: 18-23) Isn't it unfair that Eve did not have the choice of her partner?

There are a few things to consider when thinking about this question. First, it is important to remember that in the Bible, God is portrayed as being just and fair. Second, it is important to remember that Eve was created after Adam, so she did not have the same choice in her partner that Adam did. Third, it is also important to remember that Eve was created for the specific purpose of being a helper for Adam. In other words, God did not create Eve to be independent from Adam, but to be dependent on him.Fourth, it is worth noting that Eve was not the only woman created by God. In Genesis 1: 27, we read that God created man and woman in His image. Therefore, there were multiple women for Adam to choose from. Finally, it is worth noting that even though Eve did not have the same choice in her partner as Adam did, she still had a choice. She could have refused to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and remained with God in the Garden of Eden.

Will the Conservative Party of Canada's rightward turn help or hurt them in the next federal election?

This is difficult to say. On the one hand, the Conservative Party's rightward turn may energize its base and help them turn out voters. On the other hand, it may alienate moderate voters and swing voters, which could hurt them in the election.

There is an online casino that I'm suspecting is rigged. I cannot sue yet because I don't have a solid evidence. To which authority or organization should I go if I want to check their source code if they are cheating or not?

What are some characteristics which differentiate pet owners from non pet owners?

Some characteristics that differentiate pet owners from non-pet owners are that pet owners are typically more compassionate and empathetic, as they have to care for another living creature. They may also be more active, as they often have to take their pets on walks or runs. Pet owners may also be more organized, as they have to keep track of their pet's food and vet appointments.

Why did most federalists favor good relations with Great Britain?

Most federalists favored good relations with Great Britain because they were trade partners and had a shared history.

Is my TV too old for Roku?

Almost any TV with an HDMI® connector can be used with Roku streaming players. To connect your Roku streaming player to your TV, simply connect an HDMI cable from the Roku player to the TV. … Older model TVs may require the use of a composite A/V cable..

Do Rozks need a router?

For wireless connection: Supported wireless security types include WEP, WPA, and WPA2 personal. For more details on wireless security types and connecting Roku wirelessly, see our Wireless connectivity article and Connecting your Roku device to a wireless network. … Note that some hotel and dorm Wi-Fi networks are not supported.

Is Roku better than swiping?

Our Verdict. Building signed-in features are welcome additions, particularly for games, but don’t make Roku a must-buy over Chromecast and Fire Stick for most users. While system performance is very good overall and games run an impressive resolution of up to 1080p, golf fans will definitely want their Wii U for Wii Sports Club.

Which is better Roku 3 or 4?

While there isn’t that much unknown about the next generation of these devices — it is supposed to support 4K content from Netflix, Hulu and a few other providers — they likely won’t improve on much of what either the Roku 3 or Roku 4 already offers. Look at performance here, right now: I prefer the Roku 4’s faster processor.

Which is better Chromecast Ultra vs Roku Ultra?

First up is sound quality thanks to built-in Dolby Atmos pass-through and being “designed for HDR10 content.” Audio output tops both competing streamers — again dedicated streamers – Chromecast Ultra’s outputs include stereo analog jack, optical and HDMI (both 2x). …

Why did my Roku disappear?

It sounds like you may accidentally turned off display discovery on your current setup which could have caused themenu option to disappear in Settings>System>Screen Mirroring displayed under Advanced System Settings. Select Enable display discovery to turn this feature back on. Let know how this works out!

Can I use a 5G WIFI on my TV? And what are its benefits? Most new TVs support 5G WiFi (certainly all Samsung F ranges do), but 5G WiFi cannot compete with 5G cellular in terms of bandwidth as it

What's the meaning of “It also helps to clarify these understandings and to distinguish licensing from other forms of governance”?

When two companies are trying to merge, or when one company is trying to buy another company, it is important for them to have the same understanding of the business arrangement. This includes understanding what is being licensed, and what is not being licensed. Without this understanding, there can be confusion and disagreements later on.

How can I kick in college for football, having not played high school football? I have years of soccer experience and have been kicking for fun and am pretty good.

You can try contacting a college coach and see if he would be willing to give you a chance to try out. Some coaches are always looking for talented kickers and may be willing to take a chance on you even if you haven't played high school football.

Can “bitch” be said in PG movies, or is that word only allowed in PG-13 or above movies? If The Former Give Me Some Recent Examples!

There is no single answer to this question as it depends on the rating system used by the specific movie studio or organization. However, in general, the word "bitch" would not be allowed in a PG rated movie as it is considered to be inappropriate language for younger audiences.

I don't know how to do a parade. Can I join the army?

You can't just join the army - you have to enlist. You also can't join for the sole purpose of being in a parade - you have to have other reasons for joining.

Is it normal to feel better about yourself when you are naked, because I do?

There is no normal when it comes to how you feel about yourself while naked. Some people feel great about themselves while naked and others feel self-conscious or even uncomfortable. It really varies from person to person.

What should I keep which will be valuable or interesting to pass on to the next generation?

Some things that may be valuable or interesting to pass on to the next generation include: family history, personal experiences, lessons learned, and advice for future generations. Other things that could be passed on include: favorite recipes, heirlooms, and mementos.

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