🔥👉 Is it possible to overload functions with same signature but different return type in Java?

"✅👉 No, it is not possible to overload functions with same signature but different return type in Java."

Prof. Kenyon Rogahn III
Prof. Kenyon Rogahn III

How does Google Books rank the matched books for a search?

The books are ranked according to how well they match the search terms.

How much weight could I lose if I water fast for 5 days? I’m 5’2 and my BMI is 27.1.

It is possible to lose 5-10% of your body weight through water fasting, so for a person who weighs 150 pounds, that would be 7.5-15 pounds. However, most of this weight will be water weight and will be quickly gained back once you start eating again.

Why is it a man getting married considered a “mistake” by other men?

There are a few reasons why a man getting married is considered a mistake by other men. One reason is that marriage is seen as a way to trap a man and make him give up his freedom. Another reason is that marriage is seen as a way to tie a man down and make him responsible for another person. And finally, marriage is often seen as a way to make a man feel trapped and unhappy.

What do Israelis have to say about the recent clashes in Gaza?

There is a range of opinion among Israelis on the recent clashes in Gaza. Some people believe that Israel is justified in using force to protect its citizens from Hamas, while others believe that Israel's actions are disproportionate and that civilian casualties could have been avoided.

What is gender spectrum?

A gender spectrum is a range of gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine.

How would you value an investment directly in a hedge fund, such as a cryptocurrency one?

The value of an investment directly in a hedge fund, such as a cryptocurrency one, can be difficult to determine. One way to look at it is to consider the value of the assets under management by the fund, as well as the fee structure. For example, if a fund has $1 million in assets and charges a 2% management fee, the value of the fund would be $1 million / (1-0.02) = $1.02 million.

What do you think could be a reason that someone unintentionally absorbs traits very strongly from people around them or people they admire?

There could be a number of reasons why someone might unintentionally absorb traits from others. Maybe they're trying to fit in and feel like they belong, or maybe they feel like they need to be someone else in order to be accepted. It could also be that they simply admire the person and want to be like them.

What is the effect of heating rate, cooling rate and soaking time on grain size?

Heating rate has little effect on grain size. Cooling rate and soaking time have a significant effect on grain size.

How do you interpret "leave father and mother" from Genesis 2:24? Is it literal or symbolic? What about other verses that talk about leaving family behind (e.g., Matthew 19:29)?

The phrase "leave father and mother" in Genesis 2:24 is symbolic. It represents the idea of leaving one's family behind in order to start a new family. This is seen in other verses that talk about leaving family behind, such as Matthew 19:29.

How do you get over a cheating boyfriend?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some people are able to forgive and forget, while others find it impossible to move on. If you're struggling to get over a cheating boyfriend, it may be helpful to talk to a counselor or therapist who can help you work through your feelings.

Where are convex mirrors used in daily life?

There are convex mirrors used in many places including:

-At the side of some elevators so that people can see if anyone is coming
-At the corners of some buildings to help people see around corners
-In some security cameras

Is there any preparation needed before applying for an internship programme?

The application process for an internship programme may vary depending on the organisation. However, in most cases, you will be required to submit your CV and a cover letter.

Do you agree with me that Putin has become a rabid dog and no one should be soft against him?

There is no simple answer to this question. While it is true that Russian president Vladimir Putin has become increasingly aggressive and repressive in recent years, some would argue that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Others would point out that Putin is only acting in response to perceived threats from the West, and that a more aggressive stance is necessary in order to protect Russian interests. Ultimately, there is no definitive answer to whether or not Putin has become a "rabid dog" that no one should be soft against.

What is the formula between the temperature and mass/size of a main sequence star?

The formula between the temperature and mass/size of a main sequence star is T = (M/L)^0.5, where T is the temperature, M is the mass, and L is the size.

How did ancient Koreans use their asymmetrical bows in battle? Did they switch hands or just shoot from the other side of their horse/war chariot?

Ancient Koreans used asymmetrical bows in battle by switching hands.

Is babymetal well seen in the heavy metal community, in a general way? I don't mean what do you think, in your opinion, but how you see the community act when it comes to it.

There is no one answer to this question since the heavy metal community is so vast and diverse. However, from what I have seen, babymetal is generally well-received by metal fans. There are those who love them and those who think they're just a gimmick, but overall I think they are respected by most metalheads.

If a murderer dies at the scene of a crime, say through suicide for example, does a court trial still take place?

Yes, a court trial would still take place.

How did the Cardassians never discover the wormhole during their 50-year occupation of Bajor?

The short answer is that the Cardassians never looked for the wormhole. The Cardassians were not a space-faring race and had no interest in exploring the galaxy. They were content to stay within their own star system and did not explore beyond their home planet.

Have you ever been to a concert when the opening band stole the show from the headliner? What bands were they?

No, but I've been to a few shows where I wished the opening band was the headliner.

Is a 28-year-old guy still capable of academic learning?

Yes, a 28-year-old guy can still be capable of academic learning.

What communities would you guys recommend for those in the SAAS space looking for some solid value? (Feel free to share links)?

The following communities may be of interest to those in the SAAS space:





Can't Democrats agree to cut social welfare if Republicans agree to cut military 'welfare'? Are we not simply mortgaging our children's future by continually spending beyond our means? Isn't charity today robbing from the future?

No, Democrats and Republicans cannot agree to cut social welfare if Republicans agree to cut military spending. Democrats believe that social welfare programs are essential to the well-being of society, while Republicans believe that military spending is essential to the defense of the country.

How do you deal with multiple narcissists from a toxic former employer trying to get you blacklisted?

It can be difficult to deal with multiple narcissists from a toxic former employer, but it is important to stay calm and focused. narcissists are often master manipulators, and they may try to use your own emotions against you. try to keep a clear head, and don't let them control the situation. if possible, document everything that happens and take screenshots or recordings of any interactions you have with them. this will provide evidence if they do try to black list you or damage your reputation. Finally, always remember that you are not alone in this situation, and there are other people who have been through similar experiences. Seek out support from family and friends, or join a support group for people who have been victimized by Narcissists.

Is the Sunnah basically an Arab culture, since it is based on the life of an Arab person (Muhammad) living on predominantly Arab area of the world?

The Sunnah is the body of teachings and examples set by the Prophet Muhammad. While he was an Arab living in Arab culture, the Sunnah is not limited to Arab culture but is instead a guide for Muslim life in general.

Now that Roma knocked out Barcelona in the UCL, can Real Madrid lift the trophy for the third time?

Real Madrid could lift the trophy for the third time, but it is not guaranteed.

What would be the worst new habit humans could pick up from animals?

The worst new habit humans could pick up from animals is becoming more aggressive.

I am very depressed (self-diagnosed) and I can't find help. How can I cope/find a reason to live?

There is no easy answer when it comes to coping with depression or finding a reason to live. However, there are many resources available that can provide support and assistance. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Talk to a trusted friend or family member about how you're feeling. This can help you to communicate your feelings and start to develop a support system.

2. Seek professional help. A therapist can provide guidance and support as you work through your depression.

3. Get involved in activities that make you feel good. This could include things like exercise, creativity, nature, or socializing with friends. Doing things that make you happy can help you to start living for yourself again.

4. Find a hobby or passion that brings you joy. When you have something to look forward to outside of your day-to-day life, it can help give you a reason to keep going.

5. Seek out support groups or online communities. Talking to others who understand what you're going through can be incredibly helpful.

6. Remember that depression is not your fault. It is a real medical condition that requires treatment. Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

How many years from now will Covid-19 and its variants no longer be a regular, major part of the national news stream?

This is difficult to predict. However, it is reasonable to expect that Covid-19 and its variants will no longer be a regular, major part of the national news stream within the next few years.

What's it like for long-term expats to leave China and move back to their home country? What prompted the decision? What was surprising/unexpected about adjusting back to life in your home country?

I have found that long-term expats who move back to their home country generally have a difficult time adjusting. This is because they have become used to the way of life in China and may find it difficult to readjust to their home country's customs. Additionally, they may find it difficult to find a job in their home country that is comparable to the one they had in China.

Does the coronavirus claim lives of "perfectly healthy" young and fit individuals, or have its victims always had some sort of seemingly minor health issue or flaw that enabled the virus to become lethal?

Some young and otherwise healthy individuals have died from coronavirus, but it is not clear if they had any pre-existing health conditions that may have made them more susceptible to the virus.

At what age is a curfew no longer necessary, assuming the child/young adult has been acting responsibly?

There is no age at which a curfew is no longer necessary. It depends on the child/young adult's responsibility.

Which university degrees should you never choose?

There are no degrees that you should never choose. The choice of degree depends on your interests, abilities, and career goals.

What are the best places to hike in Mongolia? What makes them special?

There are many special places to hike in Mongolia, but some of the best include the Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert, and the Khangai Mountains. These areas offer stunning scenery, unique wildlife, and a chance to really get away from it all.

Having autism, have you been unaware that you sometimes withdraw yourself from social interaction and use inappropriate communication?

Yes, I have been unaware that I sometimes withdraw myself from social interaction and use inappropriate communication.

How do I order the poor man's Big Mac?

The poor man's Big Mac is a burger made with two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.

Is it true that in China the number of organ transplants doesn't match the number of registered organ donors?

There is a significant disparity between the number of organ transplants and the number of registered organ donors in China. According to data from the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation, as of June 2016, there were only around 10,000 registered organ donors in the country. However, China's official transplantation figures show that between 2010 and 2015, over 60,000 organ transplants were carried out each year. The discrepancy between the two sets of figures suggests that a large number of organs for transplant are being sourced from non-registered donors, which raises serious ethical concerns.

Is a senior citizen always right?

A senior citizen is not always right.

How can I connect with principal/titleholder sellers of seasoned medium term notes? I'm direct to an institutional buyer.

Unfortunately, the answer is that you likely can't. These types of transactions are typically brokered through large banks or other financial institutions that have pre-existing relationships with the note holders. The buyers and sellers usually don't interact directly with each other.

Is a global living wage the best route to ending worldwide poverty?

There is no one answer to the question of whether or not a global living wage is the best route to ending worldwide poverty. Some people may argue that it is, as it would provide individuals with the funds necessary to meet their basic needs and allow them to break out of the cycle of poverty. Others may argue that it is not, as it would likely lead to inflation and would not address the root causes of poverty. Ultimately, this is a complex issue with many different factors to consider, and there is no easy answer.

Why is ADHD (Attention Deficit disorder) often taken non-seriously in third world countries?

There are many possible explanations for why ADHD is often taken non-seriously in third world countries. Some possible reasons include lack of awareness about the condition, limited resources for diagnosis and treatment, and societal attitudes that view ADHD as a sign of weakness or laziness. Additionally, ADHD may be seen as a Western construct that is not relevant to or applicable to third world countries.

What are your views on modified news feed of Quora?

I think it's a great way to ensure that users are seeing the most relevant and interesting content.

What are Merkle trees, and what are their uses in blockchain transaction validation?

Merkle trees are a data structure used to efficiently summarize and verify the integrity of large data sets. In the context of blockchain transaction validation, a Merkle tree is used to allow each participant in the network to confirm that a transaction has been included in a block without having to download the entire block. This is done by creating a special type of tree data structure, wherein each leaf node corresponds to a transaction in the block and each non-leaf node is the hash of its child nodes. By hashing the data in this way, it is possible to compress the amount of data that needs to be sent in order for each participant to confirm the validity of the entire block.

What's the oldest iPad to buy, late 2015?

The oldest iPad to buy in 2015 is the iPad mini 4.

Is there a graphic that depicts the ideologies of the democratic and republican parties as they change in time? I could use one for a debate but can't find one anywhere on Google.

There are not many graphics that depict the ideologies of the democratic and republican parties as they change in time. However, this infographic from the Pew Research Center's 2014 Political Typology report may be of use to you: http://www.people-press.org/2014/06/26/the-political-typology/

Did a space alien ever abduct you and stick anything up your rear end?

No, a space alien has never abducted me and stuck anything up my rear end.

A train running at a uniform speed crosses a 110 m long platform in 10 seconds and a telephone pole in 5 seconds. What is the length and speed of the train?

The length of the train is 75 m, and the speed is 22.5 m/s.

Why does a MapReduce job continue to run after reducers complete?

If a MapReduce job has completed its reducers but is still running, it is likely that the job is waiting for the output of the reducers to be committed to HDFS.

How many troops did Russia send during the Crimean War?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Russia's troop levels fluctuated throughout the Crimean War. However, it is estimated that Russia had around 600,000 troops deployed at the conflict's peak.

I love the idea of torrenting as a peer-to-peer file sharing system-its whole idea of sharing. Is there any company that I can pay to host a seeding network with some huge upload speeds?

There is no company that I am aware of that you can pay to specifically host a seeding network, but many ISPs offer seedboxes which are high speed servers specifically intended for torrenting.

I got an email from Dr. Robert Young saying he wanted to speak with me about my Gang Stalking. This was after I commented on the article. I swear I think everything is suspect. Image is in the comments. Do you think it's real?

https://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/05/13/ties-between-the-web-and-the-secret-police/ If you go to the comment area on the CIA webpage, I think a Dr. Robert Young comments there too

I found this one and he's all over it. Look up Dr. The only thing is that they say he was supposedly in Belgium which is where I'm moving, so maybe that's why he left the comment. https://pendingreviews.wordpress.com/2017/06/12/conspiracytheoriesandassholery/#comments

How decide lever is fetty?

A lever is considered fetty if its handle is thicker than its base. This makes it difficult to grip and can cause the lever to break easily.

Does UPS Mark delivered before delivery?

UPS does not register as “delivered” before it has been delivered. … With tracking you should know exactly when your package was”delivered.”

What is the cut off time for UPS next day delivery?

What time will my shipment arrive?ServiceAvailable Delivery TimeFrequencyNext Day Air EarlyA.M. Guaranteed Nationwide by 10:30 a.m. On days UPS observes holidays, Next Day Air Early A.M. delivery is outstanding service and is committed by noon local applicable time.1dailyGuaranteed Nationwide Delivery Services …3 дня назад

Can I schedule UPS to deliver on a Saturday?

UPS delivers on Saturdays to residential addresses that opt in to Saturday residential delivery services. Note that this service may be an additional fee as compared to regular ground services and may not be available in all locations.

Does UPS deliver on Saturday regular?

The glorious day snuck up yesterday for UPS in the US, where Saturday became the company’s first ever standard delivery day across the United States. Until this announcement, USPS was the only major mail carrier that allowed US customers to count on Saturday deliveries as part of their moving needs.

Can you track a UPS truck with GPS?

UPS drivers work their butts off every day. … Without real-time tracking, you don’t know where your package is until it gets to you. That said, it is possible to track your package on a UPS truck in real-time thanks to the free InTrack app from UPS. The app also notifies you of arrival times and expected delays.

Why is it that people that have food delivered feel it is not necessary to tip the delivery driver?

There is no one answer to this question. Some people may feel that the delivery fee they pay covers the driver's earnings, while others may simply forget to leave a tip.

Of the 530,581 children who were arrested in the U.S. in 2019, approximately what percentage went to trial, what percentage were tried as juveniles, what percentage tried as adults, what percentage went to juvenile facilities and adult prisons?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies from state to state. However, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, approximately 50% of juvenile offenders are tried as adults, 40% are tried as juveniles, and 10% go to trial. Additionally, of the children who are arrested, approximately 60% go to juvenile facilities and 40% go to adult prisons.

Where is the Puspak bus point at Ameerpet?

The Puspak bus point at Ameerpet is located on the corner of Ameerpet main road and Prakashnagar main road.

Are IQ scores a relevant/accurate measurement? Are there "smart" or successful people with normal IQs?

Some people believe that IQ scores are a relevant and accurate measurement, while others believe that there are "smart" or successful people with normal IQs. It is difficult to say definitively which side is correct, as there is no clear consensus on the definition of "intelligence" or "success." However, it is worth noting that many famed individuals, such as Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Winston Churchill, all had high IQ scores.

Why are most people pretending to be happy today?

Most people are pretending to be happy because they don't want to deal with their problems.

Why has Etihad rejected my application for cabin crew even though I have 3 years experience as a crew with Qatar Airways? What are the issues that I need to consider while reapplying?

Etihad Airways has not provided a specific reason as to why your application for cabin crew was rejected. However, there are a few issues that you may want to consider while reapplying:

-Your experience with Qatar Airways may not be relevant to the requirements of Etihad Airways. Make sure to review the job description and requirements carefully to see if your experience is a match.

-Your job performance at Qatar Airways may have been unsatisfactory. Make sure to address any areas of improvement in your cover letter or during the interview process.

-Etihad Airways may have received negative feedback from your references. Make sure to provide references that will speak highly of your work ethic and performance.

What are the aerodynamic significances of the Mi-24's wings? Do they provide considerable lift, range, and fuel economy improvements?

The Mi-24's wings are highly swept and tapered, with a leading edge sweep of 60 degrees. They are also positioned well forward on the fuselage, which improves the helicopter's aerodynamic efficiency. The wings provide significant lift and range improvements, as well as enhanced fuel economy.

Does UBI work?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the specific design of the UBI program and the economic and social conditions of the country or region where it is implemented. In general, however, economists tend to believe that UBI can be an effective way to reduce poverty and inequality, as well as stimulate economic growth.

Should you refrigerate honey before drinking it?

You do not need to refrigerate honey before drinking it.

How long does a pile last in men if you are not treating it?

There is no cure for piles so it is important to seek treatment. Treatment can vary depending on the severity of the piles.

What should I do if my mom cut my hair very short against my will?

If you are not happy with the way your hair looks, you can always grow it out or style it in a way that you prefer.

What are the things in which Paris excels over London?


Who is the best comedian in the South film industry?

The best comedian in the South film industry is Sathyaraj.

Can you film a documentary with an actual school in the title while talking about its students?

Yes, you can film a documentary with an actual school in the title while talking about its students.

How much should I pay for bookkeeping?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the complexity of your business and the amount of bookkeeping required. Generally, you can expect to pay around $100 per month for simple bookkeeping services.

How do you receive the Covid19 vaccination dialogue?

The Covid19 vaccination dialogue is available through theCDC website.

How can my son (in 7th grade) develop a website?

There are a few ways your son could develop a website. One way would be to use a web development platform like WordPress or Wix. These platforms allow users to create and design a website without having to code everything from scratch. Another way would be to hire a web developer to create a custom website for your son.

Why is the clutch disc on my '96 Honda Civic EX not engaging if it's a new kit, bled system, axles in place, and everything was done according to the guide?

If the clutch discs are not engaging, you may have a problem with your release bearing or other parts of your clutch system. You should take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic or technician to have it checked out.

Are safety issues really the bigger obstacle in the way of a successful implementation of compressed air powered cars?

There are a variety of safety issues that need to be considered when implementing compressed air powered cars. One safety issue is the potential for the cars to explode if they are not properly maintained. Another safety issue is the potential for the cars to overheat and catch fire if they are not properly ventilated.

What is a knee wall?

A knee wall is a knee-high wall that is often used to divide a room or create storage space.

Do you think China will send troops into Hong Kong to quell the protests? What would the outcome of that action be?

If China sends troops into Hong Kong to quell the protests, it is likely that there will be a violent uprising. The people of Hong Kong are extremely unhappy with the way that the Chinese government is handling the situation, and they are likely to resort to violence if the situation is not resolved soon. However, it is also possible that the Chinese government will be able to calm the situation down without resorting to violence.

Why does a cats hair on their ridge stand up when they are threatened and not their whole body hair?

Standing up the hair on the ridge makes the cat look bigger, and therefore more threatening.

Mrs. Ladera clearly loves the fresh flower her daughter brought her and she wants to keep them on her bedside table, but her roommate is allergic to flowers. What should you do?

You should put the flowers in a vase with water and put them in the room with the least amount of contact with Mrs. Ladera's roommate.

If people who eat nuts live longer than people who do not, does it matter if the nuts are roasted or raw?

There is some evidence that suggests that raw nuts may be more beneficial than roasted nuts, but more research is needed to confirm this.

How can heat from a wood burning fireplace be transferred into another room in the house?

One way to transfer heat from a wood burning fireplace into another room in the house is to open the door to the room and place a fan in front of the fireplace. The fan will help to circulate the heat throughout the house.

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