🔥👉 In football and futsal-mad countries, such as Brazil and Spain, how do players choose between the two? Income potential?

"✅👉 Players in countries where football (or soccer, as it is known in the United States) and futsal are both popular usually choose to play football because it offers more opportunities to make a good income. Football is a much more popular sport than futsal, and therefore there are more professional teams and competitions. In addition, football has a global following, which means that players who are good enough can make a lot of money by playing in foreign leagues."

Chelsea Langworth
Chelsea Langworth

How much does freshman parking cost at Skidmore College?

The cost of freshman parking at Skidmore College is $200 per semester.

Can we do climbing after meal?

It is best not to climb after a meal. It can lead to indigestion and might also cause you to feel faint or dizzy.

What percentage of digital advertising publishers already adopted header bidding?

There is no clear answer to this question as it likely varies depending on the source. However, a study from Ad Ops Insider found that header bidding adoption among publishers grew from 20% in 2016 to 70% in 2017.

Are there any rules or federal laws prohibiting passengers on a plane from videoing (especially the flight crew)?

There are no federal rules or laws prohibiting passengers on a plane from videoing.

Will adding more CO2 to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels increase agricultural productivity?

Increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can possibly increase agricultural productivity because plants use CO2 as a resource.

My OnePlus neck band light is not blinking. What should I do?

If your OnePlus neck band light is not blinking, there are a few things you can try:

1. Make sure the neck band is firmly attached to the controller.

2. Try restarting the controller.

3. If the neck band still does not light up, try replacing the batteries.

What are your future predictions for Egypt and Mr Mursi?

I predict that Egypt will continue to experience political turmoil and that Mr Mursi will be ousted from power.

What was the city of Baltimore's reaction to the Wire?

The city of Baltimore's reaction to the Wire was positive.

Why am I satisfied with only small successes?

There could be a few reasons why you might be satisfied with only small successes. Maybe you have low self-esteem and don't expect much from yourself. Alternatively, you may be content with a slower pace of progress and appreciate even the small wins. Finally, it's also possible that you simply haven't achieved much yet and so any success, no matter how small, feels significant. If you're not happy with being satisfied with small successes, try setting higher goals for yourself and pushing yourself to achieve more.

Are cruise lines running at full capacity yet?

Most cruise lines are running at a reduced capacity due to the ongoing pandemic.

Does it make sense to read an exhibition catalog even if you haven't seen the exhibition yourself?

No. An exhibition catalog is a record of the exhibition, so it would not make sense to read it without having seen the exhibition.

Everyone writes crazy points here and I have just started with Quora. How can I be good at Quora? Also, a lot of people just copy text, is it allowed?

You can be good at Quora by asking interesting questions, providing helpful answers, and engaging with the community. You can also try to be funny, thought-provoking, or insightful. As far as copying text goes, it is generally not allowed. If you want to quote someone, you should cite them appropriately.

Can you get into trouble for giving a police officer a middle finger?

You could be charged with disorderly conduct, but you would have to have caused a disturbance or annoyance.

My friend is a former alcoholic, after being aaa member for 2 years she started to drink light beer once a month. Is it ok or should I start worryingw?

If your friend is a former alcoholic, you may want to start worrying. If your friend is drinking light beer once a month, it is probably okay.

What are the effects of the improper moulding of bread dough?

There are many potential effects of the improper molding of bread dough, including a loaf that is too small or too large, a loaf with an irregular shape, a loaf with a poor rise, or a loaf with an uneven crust.

How common are blue banded bees in India?

I'm not sure about the prevalence of blue banded bees in India, but they are found in many parts of the world.

How big would the shaggoths be from Warhammer Fantasy in real-life? Given they're absolutely stomping massive in the Total War video game, how could they even live/thrive (xenobiology, biology, anatomy, survival, society, mechanics)?

In real life, the shaggoths would be as big as an elephant. They would have to be very strong and agile to be able to move around, and their skin would be very tough to protect them from injury. They would live in small groups, and their society would be based on hierarchy, with the strongest and largest shaggoth being the leader. They would hunt and scavenge for food, and their main predators would be other large creatures such as trolls or dragons.

Will OCR for Credit Card scanning ever be considered sufficient for 'card present' rates by the Credit Card Networks?

There is no clear answer, as the credit card networks have not issued any formal statement on the matter. It is possible that they may eventually consider OCR technology to be sufficient for 'card present' rates, but this is not guaranteed.

What would you do if strike three was called?

If I was a batter and strike three was called, I would walk back to the dugout.

Are PSUs getting shutdown. Why is Modi privatizing all PSUs?

There is no evidence that PSUs are getting shutdown under the Modi government. In fact, the government has been taking steps to revive sick and loss-making PSUs. The government has also been looking to divest its stake in some PSUs to raise funds for development projects. However, the government has been privatizing some PSUs in order to make them more efficient and reduce the fiscal burden on the government.

Did Biden successfully show Putin that he was “all that” at their first meeting last week?

I don't think so.

Is it true that there are no street names in Japan?

No, this is not true. While some areas of Japan may have very few street names, this is not true for the country as a whole.

How good is Stanford's Public Policy undergraduate program?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on individual preferences and opinions. Some students may find Stanford's Public Policy undergraduate program to be excellent, while others may not be as impressed. It is important to do your own research and ask around to get a better sense of what other students think about the program before making a decision.

How do I compute a distance between a node in an un-regular tree?

There is no definitive answer to this question since there is no precise definition of what an un-regular tree is. However, one possible approach would be to use a shortest path algorithm, such as Dijkstra's algorithm, to find the shortest path between the two nodes in question.

Could Booster Gold appear in CW's The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow?

Yes. Booster Gold could appear in either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow on The CW.

Why in Tamil movies have bald people become a concept of jokes, while movies support thick people and dark skinned people?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible explanations include:
- bald people are often associated with older age, and thus may be viewed as less desirable or attractive than other groups
- baldness may be seen as a sign of ill health, which could make bald people the target of jokes
- Tamil movies may simply be following trends in other forms of popular culture (e.g., stand-up comedy, sitcoms, etc.) where bald people are often used as comedic relief

How many sets of legs does a shrimp have?

A shrimp has 10 sets of legs.

Are light and dark two different things, or is dark simply the absence of light?

Light and dark are two different things.

Recently, I added a question on Quora anonymously but somehow one of those who answered that question found out my name and even mentioned me. How is this possible?

There are a few ways this could happen:

Someone who knows you stumbled across your question and answered it.
The person who answered your question looked at your profile to see if you had asked anything else, and saw your real name there.
The person who answered your question did a reverse image search on the profile picture you used, and your name came up in the results.

In deriving the formula for collision frequency, where does the constant "2^(1/2)" come from?

Does this come from the formula for collision frequency between two particles?
From what I can tell, the collide function in the 2D particle simulator takes care of the 2^(1/2) for you.

Would a narcissist become vengeful towards you if you dump them first and go no contact, even if they have another high quality main supply?

A narcissist may become vengeful towards you if you dump them and go no contact, even if they have another high quality main supply.

What was a moment in your life when you thought "Oh its about to go down!"?

One time I was walking home from the store and I saw a group of guys hanging out on the corner. As I got closer, I realized that one of them had a gun. I started to cross the street, but then I saw one of them coming towards me, so I turned and ran the other way as fast as I could.

Does diesel not light when you put a lighted match stick in it? I just saw this show on Netflix where this lady failed to burn two guys because the diesel would not light after soaking them in diesel instead of gasoline.

I'm not sure what you are asking.

How could I use the sensors and capabilities of an Android phone to detect a proximal GPS tracker? And fleet vahicals GPS? Also nearby RF. Transmitions?

There is no general answer to this question, as it depends on the specific sensors and capabilities of the phone, as well as the specific GPS tracker and fleet vehicles. However, some possible methods of detection include using the phone's GPS sensor to track the location of the tracker, using the phone's camera to look for visual clues (e.g., a tracking device attached to the underside of a vehicle), or using the phone's RF sensor to detect transmissions from the tracker.

How much can computers teach us about human psychology?

This is a difficult question to answer. Computers are often used to collect data about human behavior, but psychologists typically use this data to develop theories about how the human mind works. It is possible that computers may someday be able to help psychologists test their theories, but it is not clear how much computers can teach us about human psychology at this time.

What do machine learning practitioners and data scientists in the industry know about analysis, measure-theory-based probability, and numeric linear algebra?

They should know the basics of analysis, measure-theory-based probability, and numeric linear algebra.

Why do most horror movies center around racism?

One possible reason why horror movies often center around racism is because it is a good way to create suspense and fear. Racism is often seen as a taboo or controversial topic, which can make people feel uneasy or scared. Additionally, racist stereotypes and images can be used to create frightening or disturbing scenes.

Is it ever appropriate for a professional taking reasonable measures to safeguard a minor in distress to be blamed for them self harming? Specifically standing in front of a doorway to prevent them endangering themself and others?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it can depend on the specific circumstances of each case. Generally speaking, however, it would not be appropriate to blame a professional for taking reasonable measures to safeguard a minor in distress if the minor subsequently self-harmed.

What JavaScript UI framework is used for making web apps that refresh data every second (like Yahoo Finance)?

A JavaScript UI framework that could be used for making web apps that refresh data every second is React.

How do different baton sizes affect a conductor's ability to communicate musical ideas?

The size of the baton affects the speed and control with which the conductor can move their hands. A smaller baton is easier to control, but a larger baton gives the conductor more power.

What is the best response when your boss or manager tries to assign you work that is not in your job description?

The best response is to ask your boss or manager what their expectations are for the work that is not in your job description. Once you know their expectations, you can work with them to determine how best to complete the work. If you are unable to complete the work to their expectations, you may need to discuss alternative methods of completing the work or find someone who can complete the work to their satisfaction.

Is the "Prodigal Son, Season 1" web or TV series worth a watch?

Yes, the "Prodigal Son, Season 1" web or TV series is definitely worth a watch! The story is intriguing, the acting is top-notch, and the overall production values are very high. If you're a fan of crime dramas, then you will definitely enjoy this series.

What items would a historic vampire hunter carry? How did they actually earn money?

The items a historic vampire hunter would carry are likely to be a cross, garlic, and a wooden stake. Although popular culture suggests that vampire hunters were paid for their services, there is no evidence that this was actually the case.

What was child birth like in the twentieth century before the establishment of the NHS?

In the early twentieth century, most women in the UK gave birth at home with the help of a midwife. However, some women chose to give birth in a hospital. This was more expensive and typically only done by wealthier women.

How long can I stay outside Canada if I'm a Permanent Resident holder?

There is no time limit on how long a permanent resident can stay outside of Canada. However, permanent residents must maintain their status as permanent residents in order to keep their permanent resident card and continue to live in Canada.

Is it worth getting into Forex trading with $1,000,000 and trying to get a 2% profit per month?

It is possible to earn a 2% profit per month with a $1,000,000 forex account, but it is not guaranteed.

How many immigrant students are in the US?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the number of immigrant students in the United States fluctuates over time. However, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center in 2016, an estimated 4.5 million students in the United States were immigrants.

What will happen if the cotton inside my tooth hole stayed for 6 months? Is it dangerous?

If the cotton stays in your tooth hole for 6 months, it is not likely to cause any harm. However, if you are concerned, you can always consult with your dentist to have it removed.

What is the divorce rate for couples with matching educations?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the divorce rate for couples with matching educations can vary depending on a number of factors, including the couple's age, occupation, and economic status. However, studies have shown that couples with similar levels of education are more likely to divorce than those with dissimilar levels of education.

Is there any benefit in linking to an element within a code repository like Github over directly within the current directory?

There is no benefit to linking to an element within a code repository like Github over directly within the current directory.

Why is project planning and estimating so difficult?

Project planning and estimating is difficult because it is hard to predict the future. There are many variables that can affect a project, and it is often difficult to know which ones will have the biggest impact. Additionally, projects often have to be adapted as they progress, which can make it difficult to estimate how long they will take or how much they will cost.

Why do we need a scratch off map? How can we use a scratchable map of the world?

A scratch off map is a good way to track your travels and see where you've been. You can use it to plan future trips and see what places you still want to visit.

What is the history and nowadays life of American Russians whose ancestor moved to the USSR during the Great Depression in the US?

According to the 2010 census, there areAn estimated 3 million people of Russian descent living in the United States. These Russian Americans largely originate from the former Soviet Union, and most of them (approximately 2 million) came to the United States after 1991, when the Soviet Union broke up. Many Russian Americans live in major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle.

Have you been caught in a storm while hiking?

No, I have not been caught in a storm while hiking.

What sensor can be use to detect sand level in water?

An ultrasonic sensor can be used to detect sand level in water.

I have a sharp deep ache when hot and cold drink hits exposed dentin where I have a bit of gum recession. What can I do to help the pain?

This type of pain is called dentin hypersensitivity, and it can be caused by a number of things including tooth decay, gum disease, or toothbrush abrasion. If you suspect that you have dentin hypersensitivity, you should see your dentist for an examination. They will be able to determine the cause of your pain and recommend the best course of treatment. Treatment options for dentin hypersensitivity include desensitizing toothpaste, fluoride treatments, and bonding.

Do adult baby schools exist in Japan?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no authoritative source on the matter. It is possible that adult baby schools exist in Japan, but it is also possible that they do not.

What will happen when a waste water with dissolve oxygen value of 39.72 is discharged into water bodies?

If a waste water with dissolve oxygen value of 39.72 is discharged into water bodies, it is likely that the water bodies will experience eutrophication.

What is the difference between ‘solution’ and ‘suspension’ in medicines (eye drops)?

A solution is a mixture of two or more substances in which the particles are evenly distributed throughout the mixture. A suspension is a mixture of two or more substances in which the particles are not evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

Who can honestly say that most people aren't completely clueless on Twitter when Count Dankula got so many to think he's Justice Dankula and was on the US Supreme Court? Maybe people need to actually learn what's actually going on before they tweet.

Probably a lot of people, considering how many people actually don't pay attention to what's going on in the world.

Why do private schools have strict dress codes?

There are a few reasons why private schools have strict dress codes. First, it creates a sense of unity and cohesion among the student body. When everyone is dressing the same, it helps to create a sense of community. Secondly, it helps to instill discipline in students. When they know they have to follow certain rules and regulations, it can help them to be more well-behaved in other areas of their lives. Lastly, it can help to prepare students for the real world, where they will likely have to dress professionally on a regular basis.

When were the Lions last in the playoffs?

The Detroit Lions were in the playoffs in 2016.

What percentage of NFL penalties are holding calls?

Approximately 15% of NFL penalties are holding calls.

Why does society allow gender neutrality, especially in children?

Gender neutrality is a term used to describe public policies, situations, and environments that don’t give any preferential treatment to people based on their gender. The goal is to create a more level playing field for everyone, regardless of whether they identify as male, female, or something else entirely.

There are a number of reasons why society might allow gender neutrality, especially when it comes to children. For one, it can be seen as a way to promote equality and fairness. It can also be seen as a way to reduce discrimination and harassment, since people would no longer be able to use someone’s gender against them. Additionally, it may be seen as a way to allow people to express their true identities without fear of judgement or mistreatment.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to allow gender neutrality is a complex one that depends on the values and beliefs of the society in question.

Why, if I enjoy Quora, must I be subjected to other users’ editing when posing questions about Christianity?

There is no one answer to this question. Each user has their own reasons for enjoying Quora and for wanting to edit questions about Christianity. Some users may find that editing questions about Christianity helps them to better understand the religion, while others may simply enjoy interacting with other users on the site.

At which depth did people trapped in air pockets within the Titanic die when she sank?

The official depth of the Titanic when she sank was 2.29 miles, or 3746 meters. There were no survivors found at this depth.

Are Samurai swords the best swords in the world?

There is no one "best sword" in the world. Each type of sword has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it really depends on what you are looking for in a sword as to what would be the best choice for you.

What hardware do I need to build a media server for 200 devices and share locally OC & no transcoding?

If you want to build a media server for 200 devices and share locally OC & no transcoding, you will need a computer with a lot of storage space and a fast processor.

Will .0227 grams of bromethalin (Tomcat block) kill a dog? How about 8 times this (an entire bag)?

Yes, 8 times the amount would kill a dog.

Is there any chance for Lakshmi vilas bank shareholders to hear any good news?

There is always a chance for shareholders to hear good news, but it is not guaranteed.

Why does heat flow from warmer to cooler objects?

The entropy of the universe always increases.

How does CH Robinson recruit college students?

CH Robinson recruits college students through career fairs, on-campus interviews, and online job postings. The company also offers internships and co-op programs for students interested in pursuing a career in logistics and supply chain management.

What is the technical outlook of gold today?

The technical outlook of gold today is bullish.

What makes someone who can found, build, and lead their own startup all at once different from other entrepreneurs who need help leading their companies?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question, as the ability to found, build, and lead a startup all at once requires a unique mix of skills, knowledge, and experience. However, some of the key qualities that are necessary for success in this area include:

- The ability to identify opportunities: In order to be successful in this area, it is important to be able to identify opportunities for new businesses and products. This includes being able to see potential in new markets and industries, as well as being able to identify unmet needs that can be addressed by a new product or service.

- The ability to assess risks: When starting a new business, it is important to be able to assess the risks involved in order to determine if the potential rewards are worth the investment. This includes being able to accurately assess the potential for success, as well as the potential downside of failure.

- The ability to execute: Once an opportunity has been identified and the risks have been assessed, it is important to be able to execute on the plan in order to bring the business to fruition. This includes having the ability to put together a team of skilled professionals, raising capital, and launching the business.

Did Ironclads change the outcome (or casualty rate) of the American Civil War?

The American Civil War was fought primarily with small arms and artillery. The Confederacy had a slight advantage in ironclads, but the Union had a large advantage in steam-powered warships. The Union also blockaded Southern ports, which severely hampered the Confederacy's ability to import supplies.

Is it true many psychologists start studying psychology to understand their disfunctional family?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some psychologists may start studying psychology to better understand their dysfunctional families, while others may not have any personal connection to dysfunctional families.

What are some poems that can be enacted in 3 minutes on any one of the following themes: Nature, dreams or light?

-"Nature" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
-"Dreams" by Langston Hughes
-"Light" by Derek Walcott

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