🔥👉 How much an average bengali wedding will cost now a days?

"✅👉 There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of a Bengali wedding can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the location, size and scale of the event. However, as a general guide, you can expect to pay anything from $20,000 to $100,000 for a Bengali wedding."

Raquel Thiel
Raquel Thiel

Is there any thing like fixed matches in betting world?

There is no such thing as a fixed match in the betting world. All bets are placed based on probability and chance, and no amount of manipulation can change the outcome of a bet.

Is there any God service in science class?

No, there is no god service in science class.

Is it possible for a foreign citizen to join CIA or FBI?

There are no bars to foreign citizens joining the CIA or FBI, provided they meet the necessary criteria.

How is the Reliance Jio life phone?

The Reliance Jio life phone is a very good phone. It has a lot of features and is very user friendly.

What drug device looks like a spring?

The spring-loaded injector is a drug device that looks like a spring. It is used to deliver medications into the body through the skin.

Did the giants used to roam all of Westeros and not just the far North?

The giants were always said to live in the far North, beyond the Wall. They were never said to have roamed all of Westeros.

What are some terrible yet somehow good movies from the 90s?

The Room, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Plan 9 from Outer Space

Isn’t it kind of odd/sad that some of the most dangerous and cruel people in the world (narcs) are just hurt children desperate for attention and praise?

It certainly explains what motivate some of the most dangerous people in society.

Children who grow up not receiving the love, attention, and respect that they need are more likely to become narcissists. This is because they develop a false self in order to compensate for their low self-esteem. Narcissists are often extremely jealous and envious people because they feel that they are not getting the attention they deserve. They may also be very manipulative and controlling in order to get what they want.

How common is it for people to be reluctant to contact old friends due to being ashamed with their situation?

The percentage of people who are reluctant to contact old friends due to their current situation is unknown.

What time does a big mall in New York City close? Does it start to get empty early on weekdays, and if so, how early does that happen?

Different malls in New York City have different closing times, but most close around 9 or 10 PM. They tend to get empty earlier on weekdays, typically around 7 or 8 PM.

Is the cloud free?

The cloud is not free.

How do trees grow?

A tree grows from a little seed into a big tree by absorbing water and minerals from the ground with its roots, getting energy from the sun with its leaves, and making its own food through photosynthesis.

Can you still buy Yikes pencils today?

It is unclear if Yikes pencils are still being manufactured.

Does driving 10 miles for a minimum wage job make financial sense?

It doesn't make financial sense, but people do it every day.

Which WordPress hosting provider would you use for a WordPress e-commerce/woo commerce site that can handle half a million visitors a month?

A WordPress e-commerce/woo commerce site that can handle half a million visitors a month would require a WordPress hosting provider that can provide a high level of performance, scalability, and security. Some recommended WordPress hosting providers for high traffic sites include WP Engine, Kinsta, and Flywheel.

Is perspective something you always have or something that is grown over time?

Perspective is something that is grown over time.

Which system for appointments of higher judiciary was prevalent in India before the introduction of the 'collegium system' in 1993?

The system of appointment of higher judiciary in India before the introduction of the 'collegium system' in 1993 was known as the 'appointment by the executive method'.

When will rate hikes really start punishing you?


The first rate hike will generally have the most impact on your finances, but subsequent rate hikes may have an even bigger impact if they cause your monthly payment to increase significantly.

How do you fix a chipped white quartz countertop?

If the quartz countertop is chipped, you will need to contact a professional to fix it.

Is a 401k actually worth it? I have heard that it doesn't actually supply someone with sufficient funds for living after retirement.

There is no definite answer as to whether or not a 401k is worth it. It ultimately depends on a variety of factors, including how much money is contributed, the investment choices made, and when withdrawals are taken. Generally speaking, however, a 401k can be a helpful tool in saving for retirement.

Why did the Southern colonies use enslaved people?

One reason the Southern colonies used enslaved people was to grow cash crops, such as tobacco and rice. Enslaved people were also used for other labor tasks, such as building roads and clearing land.

How fine is the line between a pilot's judgement and an ATC's instructions?

There is no line. A pilot's judgement supersedes any ATC instructions.

Can the owner of a horse act as the jockey for that horse and compete in events?

Yes, the owner of a horse can act as the jockey for that horse and compete in events.

Why is the payments space so complex?

The payments space is complex due to the many different types of payments, the many different types of payment systems, and the many different parties involved in the payments process.

Which country will you move to if you have the resources right now?

There is no definite answer as to which country I would move to if I had the resources right now. It would likely depend on many factors, such as my current circumstances, my desired lifestyle, and the political and economic climate of different countries.

What's the best book you read this past year?

The best book I read this past year was "The Girl Who Smiled Beads: A Story of War and What Comes After" by Clemantine Wamariya and Elizabeth Weil.

What is the LED UV curing system market size and share?

The LED UV curing system market size is expected to reach USD 2.31 billion by 2025 from USD 1.12 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 15.2% during the forecast period. The rise in demand for UV curing systems from end-use industries such as printing inks, 3D printing, and adhesives & sealants is the major driver of the market growth. Also, the ever-increasing application of UV technology in various fields such as wood finishing and automotive has been a significant contributing factor for the expansion of this market globally.

Which are the top companies in this market?

Some substantial players in this market are Phoseon Technology (US), Ernst & Young (Germany), Heliospectra (Sweden), Fusion UV Systems (US), Durr Systems GmbH (Germany), IST Metz GmbH (Germany), and Hanovia Ltd. (UK).

What is the future scope of this market?

Companies are launches and invested more money to expand their competing business titles along with further product development to achieve high growth and gain Industry share throughout forecast years additionally increasing organizations are now approaching our company directly concerning industry expert interview across globe which statistically increase research scope considerably.

What is driver of this market?

The Rise in Adoption of Digital Printing Technologies and Inkjet Printers is Driving Market Allenges for UV Curing System Market include High Investment Costs and Stringent Safety Regulations. competitiveness landscape, such as new products, M&As expansions, investments and technology advances by novel Company who deals with UV Curing Custom Machines. In May 2016, Heraeus introduced its new generation of large volume spiral lamps; the SPHEREA SL1 lamps will enable even more consumers to benefit from efficient solid-state light sources. With a diameter of up to 750mm, SPHEREA SL1 lamps have been particularly optimized for large volume curing processes with throughputs of up to 1 million m/hr and can generate dwell times of up to 16 s/m. The advantage: Increased automation potential with higher profits A new era in UV curing has begun: non-stop production for solid-state light sources has reached commercial maturity – making possible significantly increased production rates compared to mercury vapor lamps. These la s provide energy savings of over 50% compared to incumbent mercury vapor lamps with concomitantly reduced investment costs as well as total operating expenses By Type other than Led

Why did "The Last Jedi" cost between $220 - $350 million to make not counting marketing costs when this film has very few action sequences and the storyline was on a whole paper thin? Where did all the money go into?

The production budget for "The Last Jedi" was $200 million, with an additional $150 million spent on marketing and distribution.

Some of the money likely went into developing the movie's visual effects. The Last Jedi has some pretty elaborate sequences, including a battle scene set on the planet Crait that features a massive AT-M6 walker, and another space battle where Resistance fighters take on dozens of First Order TIE fighters.

Another large chunk of the budget probably went to paying the cast and crew. "The Last Jedi" features a star-studded cast, including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver. The movie also has a lot of high-profile behind-the-scenes talent, including writer/director Rian Johnson and producer Ram Bergman.

How long can live baker's yeast (from raw bread dough) survive in the gut?

Baker's yeast (from raw bread dough) can survive in the gut for up to 7 days.

Which is better, either to make butter from curd or just blend the milk cream (mallai) with some water? Which method has more health benefits?

There is no definitive answer to this question as both methods have health benefits. If you are looking to get the most health benefits, then blending the milk cream with water is the better option. This is because it will reduce the fat content in the butter and make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients.

How can we be better people in this crazy world?

This is a question with many answers, as there are many ways to be a better person. However, some ways to be a better person include being more compassionate, honest, and loving. Additionally, try to be more accepting of others and yourself, and be mindful of your words and actions.

Is no article used before a pronoun?

No article is used before a pronoun.

Which Eurovision Song Contest entrants (Turkey) deserved to be a winner?

Some of the more notable Turkish Eurovision entrants include Sertab Erener (2003), Hadise (2009), maNga (2010), and Can Bonomo (2012). While there are many deserving winners, these four artists in particular stand out as having exceptional vocal and musical talent, delivering captivating performances that deservedly won them the contest.

Why would I want to wash my gas tank with water when I change the in tank fuel pump especially if the inside appears to be clean?

If there is any dirt, rust, or other contaminants in the tank, they could clog the fuel pump or damage other parts of the fuel system.

Can you use skincare products on the body even if not specified for the body? Like for example, if I were to use the salicylic acid serum by the ordinary on my back, would it be okay?

Skincare products can be used on other areas of the body, but it is always best to follow the directions on the product.

When do you think JYP will debut their next Korean based gg (probably going to be a 5th gen gg)? What concept do you think they will have?

There is no set date for when JYP will debut their next Korean based girl group. However, if they follow the pattern of their previous girl groups, it is likely that they will debut sometime in the next few years. The concept of the group has not been revealed, but it is speculated that they will have a more mature and sexy concept than their previous girl groups.

My 2 indoor cats are a little over one year and this is first time I’m going away for more than 16 hours. Will be a bit over a week. Anything I should do?

Get someone to come and check on the cats while you're away.

A cyclist rides 8.0 km east for 20 minutes, then he turns and heads west for 8 minutes and 3.2 km. Finally, he rides east for 16 km, which takes 40 minutes. (a) What is the final displacement of the cyclist? (b) What is his average velocity?

(a)The final displacement of the cyclist is 0 m.
(b) The average velocity of the cyclist is 16 km/h.

Am I the only one who notices how many Quora answers are pretentious and tend to turn the answer around onto the asker?

I am unsure what you mean. Can you provide an example?

Which music discovery service has been able to suggest music that you like the most?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each person's musical taste is unique. However, some music discovery services that may be able to suggest music that you like include Pandora, Spotify, and Last.fm.

What happened to Africans during slavery?

Some Africans were captured and sold as slaves. Others were born into slavery.

Is it grammatically correct to say “several factors playing in”?

No, it is not grammatically correct to say “several factors playing in.”

Why do Evangelical Christians seem to dismiss their teachings in order to support Trump?

There is no single answer to this question. Some Evangelical Christians may believe that Trump is the best candidate to advance their political agenda. Others may think that Trump is the best-equipped to deal with the challenges facing the country. Still others may feel that Trump is more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton.

How much of your net worth should be in savings?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it depends on each individual's unique circumstances. However, as a general rule of thumb, most financial experts recommend that you keep anywhere from three to six months' worth of living expenses in savings. This will help ensure that you have enough money to cover your basic needs in the event of an emergency, such as job loss or unexpected medical bills.

What’s the difference between the early 20th century middle class and the middle class nowadays?

The early 20th century middle class generally had more money and better jobs than the middle class does now.

Could prayers be heard by the multiverse on a quantum level?

There is no evidence that prayers are heard by the multiverse on any level.

Can I swap the engine from a 2015 VW Jetta 1.8L into a 2016 VW Jeta 1.4L? Would I need to swap the transmission too?

This would not be advisable.

How do I tell my fiance that I don't love her and hence can't marry her, without breaking her heart?

This is a difficult question. One option would be to try to explain your feelings and why you believe marriage is not right for you at this time. Another option would be to end the engagement and relationship in a way that is respectful and considerate of your fiance's feelings.

What are homeopathic medicine results for hair regrowth?

There is limited scientific evidence to support the use of homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth. There are some small studies that suggest homeopathic treatment may be effective, but more research is needed.

My roommate in my divided double brings in a girlfriend in every single day and leaves the door unlocked for her. What do I do?

If your roommate is leaving the door unlocked for their girlfriend to come in every day, you should talk to your roommate about your concerns. It is possible that your roommate is not aware that they are leaving the door unlocked, or they may not realize that it is a problem. If your roommate is aware of the situation and is not willing to change it, you may want to consider finding a new place to live.

How many watts would the Death Star's laser require to destroy Earth?

The Death Star would require about 125,000,000,000,000,000 watts to destroy Earth.

What can failure teach you?

Failure can teach you a number of things. It can teach you to be more careful in your work, to double check your work, and to be more persistent when things don't go as planned. It can also teach you to accept responsibility for your actions, and to learn from your mistakes.

My wife is getting fat, not pregnant, fat. I told her to eat 1 meal a day so she can lose weight. Her doctor told her she’s underweight at 4’10” and 85 lbs. How can I help her lose weight?

There is not really a clear answer, as everyone is different. Some general tips that might help include:

-Encouraging her to eat more nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains

-Helping her to become more physically active

-Limiting processed and sugary foods

How much does RCC 6 inch thick cost per square feet?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of RCC 6 inch thick will vary depending on a number of factors, including the specific project it is being used for, the location of the project, and the contractor performing the work. Generally speaking, however, RCC 6 inch thick is likely to cost between $1.50 and $2.00 per square foot.

What are some screenshots which deserve 132k views?

1. A screenshot of an impressive video game feat, such as a "speed run" of a popular game
2. A screenshot of an amazing natural phenomenon
3. A screenshot of an incredible human accomplishment
4. A screenshot of an amusing or bizarre animal behavior

How can I start trading with zero capital?

There are a few ways to start trading with zero capital. One way is to use a demo account with a broker that offers virtual money to practice trading. Another way is to find a broker that offers micro accounts which allow you to trade with very small amounts of money.

As someone who completed a degree last year, will I get a job in any call center in Mumbai, Pune?

There is no guarantee that you will get a job in a call center in Mumbai or Pune just because you have completed a degree. However, having a degree may give you an advantage over other candidates who do not have one. To increase your chances of being hired, you should consider applying to multiple call centers and targeting those that are in need of customer service representatives.

Can au pairs stay longer than 2 years in Germany?

Yes, au pairs can stay in Germany for up to 2 years.

What are the diplomatic accomplishments by the Obama administration?

Some diplomatic accomplishments by the Obama administration include:

- The US-led international coalition that applied pressure on Libya in 2011, leading to the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi

- The re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2015

- The successful negotiation of the Iran nuclear deal in 2015

- The Paris climate agreement in 2015

In your opinion, what is wrong with the Tesla company that is so offputting to some consumers? Is it the image, reputation, cost, etc.?

There is no one answer to this question as different people have different opinions. Some might say that Tesla's image or reputation is offputting, as the company is often seen as being arrogant or overconfident. Others might say that the cost of Tesla's products is too high, making them inaccessible to most consumers.

My CT scan report says few tiny low-density liver lesions are not definitively characterized though very likely reflect cysts? Should I push for more testing?

yes, you should get more testing

Can a child lose his inheritance because he was adopted after the biological parent died?

If a child is adopted after the biological parent dies, the child may lose his inheritance if the adoption is not recognized by the court.

How is depression in the elderly different from dementia?

Depression in the elderly is different from dementia in that depression is treatable and reversible, while dementia is a progressive, degenerative disease. Depression in the elderly may be cause by many different factors, including life changes, medical conditions, medications, or grief. Dementia, on the other hand, is caused by damage to the brain that leads to changes in thinking, behavior, and abilities.

Does “Welcome to the new Wild West, every man for himself” apply in 2019?

The phrase "Welcome to the new Wild West, every man for himself" is often used to describe a situation in which there are no rules or guidelines and people are free to do whatever they want. While this may be true in some cases, it is not necessarily true in all cases.

How do I teach a 4-year-old kid to write? He is not interested at all.

The 4-year-old kid is not interested in writing, so the best way to teach him is to use a method called "modeling." With modeling, you show the child how to write by writing something yourself. For example, write a sentence on a piece of paper, and then have the child trace the letters with his finger. As he traces the letters, say the names of the letters out loud. After he has traced the sentence, help him write the sentence on his own paper.

Isn't intense smoking of cigarettes an addiction? If yes, why isn't it outlawed?

While intense smoking of cigarettes is not outlawed, it is heavily regulated. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and thus there are many laws and regulations in place in order to discourage people from smoking.

Does every (read: mostly every) teenager in America drink alcohol?

No, not every teenager in America drinks alcohol. However, many teenagers do drink alcohol.

What are the possible reasons for delay in Canadian visitor visa, how can I contact Immigration Canada on this matter? I applied and did my biometrics from Dubai on 28 June 2022, more than a month now.

Possible reasons for delay in Canadian visitor visa can include incorrect or incomplete information on the application, missing required documentation, or a need for further processing. If you have applied and done your biometrics from Dubai, you can contact Immigration Canada on this matter by calling 1-888-242-2100.

Why did the Germans not want to fight on Soviet tanks?

The German military did not want to fight on Soviet tanks because they were unfamiliar with the controls and felt that the vehicles were not as reliable as their own.

What criteria is used when deciding whether a specific behavior and/or tendency is abnormal or a disorder?

The decision of whether a specific behavior and/or tendency is abnormal or a disorder is typically based on criteria such as how common the behavior is, how much it deviates from what is considered "normal," and whether it causes distress or impairments in functioning.

What would an alien civilization see if they looked at our solar system?

An alien civilization looking at our solar system would see a central star (the sun) with a number of planets orbiting around it.

What would happen if North Korea were to start selling Nukes to governments and, or terrorist organizations across the globe?

If North Korea were to start selling Nukes to governments and, or terrorist organizations across the globe, it is possible that there would be a global nuclear arms race. Additionally, it is possible that North Korea could become a major target for international terrorism.

How do you incorporate D&D into your lifestyle (D&D 5e, out of character, player style, GM style, social considerations, RPG)?

I VM other DMs about game design, mechanics, and player/GM styles. I also read D&D related news and watch D&D related shows and movies. I try to keep up with the latest Unearthed Arcana and look over new monsters and campaign settings. When I can, I play in other people's games or run my own.

What is the standard form for the following argument: "Socrates is mortal. After all, he’s a man; and all men are mortal"?

The argument can be expressed in standard form as follows:

All men are mortal.

Socrates is a man.

Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

As an INTJ, is there a way to calm down my overthinking? The thoughts never cease, even when I’m trying to sleep. My brain is always trying to connect random things together. It’s almost anxiety-inducing.

There are a few things that may help you to calm down your overthinking. First, try to focus on one thing at a time and avoid multitasking. Second, take breaks often and give yourself time to relax. Third, practice meditation or deep breathing exercises. Lastly, make sure to get enough sleep so that your mind can rest.

Why did the invention of the Cotton Gin doom the South to lose the Civil War?

The invention of the Cotton Gin allowed the production of cotton to become much more efficient, which led to a increase in the demand for slaves to work in cotton fields. This increased the number of slaves in the South, which made it more difficult for them to win their independence from the North.

Can the echo call 911?

Echo can not call 911.

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