🔥👉 How can we avoid using our phones being a student although I know that it will harm my schedule still? I cant control myself.

"✅👉 There is no single answer to this question, as different people will have different techniques that work for them. However, some general tips that may help include keeping your phone out of sight and/or on silent when you are trying to focus on studying, setting timers to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone, and creating specific rules for yourself regarding when and how you will use your phone during the day."

Viva Keeling
Viva Keeling

Why did women wear shoulder pads in the 1980s?

Some say that women wore shoulder pads in the 1980s to make themselves look more manly, empowered, and bigger.

What's the appropriate treatment for acute eye nerve damage in a diabetic patient?

If the damage is severe, the patient may need surgery. Otherwise, the treatment depends on the cause of the nerve damage.

Why does a diabetic patient's leg and feet swell?

A diabetic patient's leg and feet swell because of fluid retention and the buildup of toxins in the blood. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, they cannot filter out these toxins, and they accumulate in the body. This can cause swelling in the extremities.

What is the difference between a MAGA activist and an Antifa activist?

There is a significant difference between a MAGA activist and an Antifa activist. MAGA activists are typically far-right conservatives who support Donald Trump and his policies, while Antifa activists are left-wing anarchists who often use violence and vandalism to protest against the far-right.

Where can I find information about the basis of competition on the online travel agent industry?

The U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division has information about the basis of competition on the online travel agent industry.

Have you ever moved because you couldn't stand living next to your neighbors anymore?

Yes, I moved out of my apartment because my neighbors were too loud.

Why can't my Android phone detect while attaching it on my CentOS system?

There are a few possible reasons for this:

- The Android phone might not be configured to connect to the system as a USB device.
- The Android phone might not be compatible with the system.
- The drivers for the Android phone might not be installed on the system.

Do people who start watching videos in faster speeds on YouTube face any difficulty or constant irritations watching normal movies at regular speed (unless maybe dealing with comedy as it eases out the tension)?

I cannot speak for everyone, but I personally do not have any difficulty or irritation watching normal movies at regular speed after watching videos in faster speeds on YouTube.

Do black holes become larger and more powerful as they take in matter? If they do will they continue to grow infinitely until all matter is eventually absorbed ending the universe?

There is no definitive answer to this question as current scientific understanding of black holes is incomplete. Some scientists believe that black holes grow larger and more powerful as they take in matter, while others believe that they reach a maximum size and then stay at that size. It is possible that black holes could continue to grow infinitely, but it is also possible that they reach a point where they can no longer grow any larger. If black holes do continue to grow indefinitely, it is possible that they could eventually absorb allmatter in the universe, effectively ending the universe. However, this is all speculation at present and further research is needed to better understand the nature of black holes.

Can the coronavirus stay around for years?

This is a new virus and scientists are still constantly discovering new information about it. However, based off of research that has been done with other similar viruses, such as the SARS virus, it is estimated that the coronavirus can stay around for years.

If the ISS is orbiting at around 17,000 mph, how do astronauts on board not get thrown onto the walls since there’s no gravity to hold them down?

Since the ISS is orbiting the Earth, it is constantly falling towards the Earth. However, it is moving so fast that by the time it falls far enough to hit the Earth, it has already moved past the Earth. This is why astronauts on board the ISS appear to be weightless.

Doesn’t the recent extreme weather around the Eastern United States prove climate change is real and happening?

The answer depends on whom you ask. Many climatologists and meteorologists say yes, but some skeptics disagree, saying that it is impossible to say whether any particular weather event is caused by climate change.

India is a very rich land in terms of the soil conditions and flora. We worship the trees. Why is it that there is no community action nation wide exploring the cause of growing more trees?

There are many community groups across India that are working to grow more trees. Some of the reasons that there is not more widespread action on tree planting could include a lack of awareness of the importance of trees, a lack of resources, or a lack of understanding of how to best care for trees.

Why do you have to repay for a car that was voluntarily given back and sold at auction and you will receive nothing in return?

You have to repay for a car because you agreed to a loan when you signed the contract.

What are some healthy ways for teenagers and young adults to rebel?

Some healthy ways for teenagers and young adults to rebel are to eat healthy foods, get regular exercise, and get enough sleep.

What do I do if my parents don't give me any privacy?

It depends on what you mean by privacy. If you need privacy to do things like shower, dress, and use the bathroom, then you should talk to your parents about respecting your privacy. If you need privacy to do things like text your friends or be on social media, you can try talking to your parents about why you need privacy and see if they're willing to give you some space. You can also try using your phone or computer in a different room or when your parents are not home.

For the doctors: according to your interpretation of the Hippocratic oath, would you amputate a limb from someone who is suffering from Body Identity Integrity Disorder? Why or why not?

No, I would not amputate a limb from someone who is suffering from Body Identity Integrity Disorder.

What does Horace's phrase "art that hides art" truly mean?

Horace’s phrase “art that hides art” means that the best artwork is the kind that makes it look like the artist didn’t have to put in a lot of effort.

What happens after I report a drunk driver?

Once a drunk driver is reported, the police will be alerted and will attempt to pull the driver over. If the driver does not pull over, the police may attempt to stop the driver by use of a roadblock.

How did you understand that you were living as a victim? Let' say that you don't complain to people. However, you feel that life is against you. You let yourself be a victim as well like you want something, but you do nothing to get it.

You may feel like a victim if you feel like you are constantly being put upon or treated unfairly. You may feel like you lack control over your life and that life is happening TO you, instead of FOR you. You may feel hopeless and helpless, as if there is nothing you can do to improve your situation.

What are the five events in the ancient Olympic pentathlon?

The events in the ancient Olympic pentathlon were the stadion race, long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, and wrestling.

Have you ever thought of the impact of your actions first towards you close family and friends, second toward the society as a whole. Are you proud of you?

In the meantime, don't concentrate on your appearance so far as possible. Be contented, be happy and proud of what you have accomplished in life. "$Life is short live it" (LittleBritain Show), life is too short to wait for the perfect day or a perfect partner or house…etc. Enjoy right away, let them come to you one by one.

If there was only one person that I could love till he left forever it would be you without a doubt! the current worlds image of beauty is trash! I mean looking at all these naked women in magazines wearing nothing but underwear and people assume who they are real when they are not. If they are considered beautiful than people must be doingNo i do not think my action would effect anyone other than me.I would never do anything to embarrass myself or anyone else,i would disapoint someone,but i cant forsee anything like that happening,because i dont like,trust or care about many people. most all of the Every woman wishes to look beautiful. Today my write-up is about top beauty tips for all those women desiring to enhance your beauty. Most of us wish to retain our youthfulness for as long as possible. But here time has its own pace and we have to become mature People like handsome face rather than ugly faces nowadays because handsome face can attract peoples towards him/ herautomatically now i am very confused today wich i should select?

Is disc golf considered outdoors like fishing and hunting?

Yes, disc golf is considered to be an outdoor activity like fishing and hunting.

How does money laundering work as seen in the Ozarks TV Series? I cannot see how spending in failing businesses enables him to launder the cash, all I see is money lost.

In the Ozarks TV series, money laundering is shown as a way to cleanse illegal or dirty money so that it can be used without raising suspicion. It is often done by investing in legitimate businesses, such as casinos, that may have a lot of cash flowing in and out. The goal is to get the money back out of the business without arousing suspicion. In the show, this is often done by overpaying for goods and services, or by making investments that are not likely to earn a return.

Is it possible for my engine to lose compression due to an improper replacement of my timing belt/water pump and coolant? I have a 2001 Honda Accord that is regularly maintained, and is just at 103,000 miles.

A bad water pump generally doesn't lose coolant in itself, it leaks oil into the cooling system. A stuck thermostat would lose coolant too, but a bad thermostat wouldn't cause overheating unless something else was broken as well. Any leak of coolant in your engine is bad though and can cause overheating and permanently damage the engine by causing it to "hydro-lock"...

Wireless LED Door Courtesy Shadow Laser Light For Mitsubishi

Wireless LED Door Courtesy Shadow Laser...

What are the best examples of instances where technology has taken a step backwards?

The best examples of where technology has taken a step backwards would be when companies or individuals have released products or services that are not up to the standards of the previous version. This could be due to poor quality control, lack of innovation, or simply because the new product is not as good as the older version.

Was Ghost Rider cut from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

There is no confirmation that Ghost Rider was cut from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but it is possible that the character was removed from the film during the editing process.

We have a product based startup in scenting and air treatment industry. We have been struggling with the pricing of our product as there are no clear competitors in the market. What is the best way to decide upon pricing?

There is no surefire answer when it comes to pricing a product, but knowing your target market and your costs of production can help you narrow down a price range that makes sense for your business. You may also want to consider surveying potential customers to get an idea of how much they would be willing to pay for your product. Ultimately, you'll need to strike a balance between what you think your product is worth and what the market will bear.

I heard that Robert De Niro did a lot of research for his role in Raging Bull. Is that true?

According to an interview with De Niro in American Film magazine, he did indeed do a lot of research for his role as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. He shadowed LaMotta for several months, attending his fights and even sparring with him in the gym. De Niro also gained nearly 60 pounds to play LaMotta in the later stages of his career.

Why are land mines set in specific places?

Most land mines are set in specific places because they were placed there during a war.

What do you mean by guiding light?

A "guiding light" is usually a metaphor for something that helps you stay on track, or helps you find your way when you're lost. It can also be a physical object, like a lamp, that helps you see in the dark.

Is it possible to conduct a Google search with a picture, instead of text?

Yes. Google's "Search by Image" feature allows users to search the web using an image instead of text.

Why do we have missions?

There are many reasons why people have missions. Some people feel called by God to do missionary work, while others want to help people in need or spread their religious or political beliefs. Some people go on missions because they want to adventure and explore new places.

Why does the US Congress need a Senate?

The US Congress needs a Senate because the Constitution divided the power of Congress between the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate was designed to be a more deliberative, slower-moving body than the House.

Is social media really eliminating life and knowledge?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some people would say that social media is definitely eliminating life and knowledge, while others would say that it is simply making life easier and more convenient. It is hard to say definitively which side is correct. However, it seems reasonable to say that social media, while it has its benefits, also has some definite drawbacks.

Is 'Green Investing' already a viable option?

Green investing is an investment strategy that focuses on companies that have a positive environmental impact. The goal of green investing is to generate both financial returns and positive environmental outcomes. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to green investing, many investors use environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria to identify companies that align with their values.

What should be the weight transferred after braking?

The weight transfer after braking should be Results may vary depending on factors such as the weight and distribution of the vehicle, road conditions, and driver experience.

Oftentimes while trying to fall asleep, images in my head get more vivid and vibrations start to spread through my whole body until I feel weightless and to open my eyes, I have to yank myself up, what is that feeling?

The feeling is called hypnagogia, and it is a state between wakefulness and sleep. It is characterized by vivid images and sounds in the mind, as well as body vibrations.

Why does my wireless adapter lose clients in airodump.ng?

A number of factors can cause a wireless adapter to lose clients in airodump.ng, including interference from other devices, poor signal strength, or incorrect adapter configuration.

How did Genghis Khan spread his DNA across the world?

It is believed that Genghis Khan spread his DNA across the world through his conquests. It is estimated that he had between 4,000 and 6,000 children, and many of them would have gone on to have children of their own. His DNA has been found in people all over Asia and Europe, indicating that his offspring were very successful in spreading his genetics far and wide.

Why is it said that its always wise never to start a business on partnership?

When two or more people start a business together, it's called a partnership. Partnerships can be complex and delicate, and they often require legal assistance to create. Many businesses start as sole proprietorships and then convert to partnerships as the business grows.

There are several reasons why it's generally not a good idea to start a business as a partnership. First, partnerships can be complicated. Each partner has specific roles and responsibilities, and if those roles are not clearly defined, it can lead to conflict. Second, partnerships can be unstable. If one partner decides to leave the business, the entire business may crumble. Finally, partnerships can be risky. If the business is not successful, the partners may be liable for any debts the business incurs.

Is the story of the Fourth Cookie true?

The story of the Fourth Cookie is mostly true. George Washington did eat four cookies in one sitting, although the exact number is unknown.

What would happen if Saitama entered the world of Attack on Titan?

This is a difficult question to answer as it is unsure what Saitama's powers are exactly. It is possible that he would be able to defeat the Titans easily, as he has been shown to be incredibly powerful. However, it is also possible that the Titans would pose a challenge to him as they are much larger and stronger than him.

What are some critiques of Yanis Varoufakis' TED talk "Why Capitalism Will Eat Democracy"?

Some people believe that Yanis Varoufakis' TED talk is too idealistic and does not present a realistic view of capitalism. Others believe that his ideas are valid but question whether democracy can truly survive in a capitalist system.

How should serial killers be treated by the legal system?

Serial killers should be treated with the same severity as any other murderer, and be given the same punishment.

Which temple in India is dedicated to three deities (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) by one image? Which is the only temple in the whole world whose pillars havethe musical powers to create music of different musical instruments?

Palani, Hill Temple in India is dedicated to three deities (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) by one image.

Are expression lines on the forehead normal at 18?

While some people may experience expression lines on the forehead at 18, it is not considered to be a normal part of aging.

Where will the meeting with Trump and Kim Jong-un occur?

The meeting is scheduled to occur in Singapore on June 12th.

Looking at the airframe of the Stratolaunch one wonders about wing flex at the section between the two fuselages. Does computer operation of the control surfaces keep everything in sync so that flex is avoided. Why didn't they join the tail together?

I would think the hit on range and speed could be reasonably seen as desirable to allow the airplane to be lighter and have a shorter take off distance. rickair7777 Prime

Understand the R-4360 “Wasp Major”


The Convair B-36 "Peacemaker" was in a class of its own. It was designed by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation (later Convair CEO Robert Gross was an aircraft designer for Consolidated Aircraft), and made its maiden flight in 1946. The monster bomber was designed during WWII to bomb Japan, because umpires called time out so there’d be no strategic or tactical nukes used, aircraft had to do the job instead. The same technology that allowed it to be built also led to the giant Convair twins after the war: the Jetstream air liners and massive freight aircraft.

Inexpensive ground support equipment caused the B-36 landing gear problems throughout it service life. Below, note that they had to use a tall ladder to inspect that gear because it was so huge. Three massive fuel tanks with huge suction filters filled the engine area, one on each side and one at back. Since these were not pressurized, nearby oxygen bottles were needed for crew safety when checking filterliness of tank contents (filters had an tendency to get clogged) or tank pressure testing during airframe maintenance checks. The B-36 was almost ninety percent aluminum alloys—too much for magnaflux inspection for internal defects, but radiation inspection for this material became fully operational about this time—which prompted the development and flight testing of X-rays installed aboard B-36s. But flight test deadlines were tight and aircraft went into operational service anyway. During service years most major fatigue cracks were originating from access hatches in fuselages behind wings; if these hatches had been kept tight during course of flying after assembly they would probably never have developed and luckily they caused no serious accidents or casualties.,q

The Wright R-4360 "Wasp Major" engine (the pattern remains as it came off an original print shop). Its supposed reliability is controversial; many broke their engine mounts during take offs after assembly, not something hard to do despite all political spin processed through U.S. Air Force heavy bomber crews, who

Why do models feel the need to pretend they eat so much, when everyone knows they don't (e.g., Gigi Hadid pretends she eats cheeseburgers and Emily Ratajkowski claims she eats an enormous amount of food)?

There are multiple reasons why models might feel the need to pretend they eat so much. For one, they might want to appeal to a wider range of people and prove that they're just like everyone else. Additionally, they might want to seem more relatable and down-to-earth. Finally, it could be that they're trying to combat the stereotype that all models are excessively thin and have unhealthy eating habits. By pretending to eat a lot, they're hoping to dispel that myth.

Can the provincial Legislative Board (Sangguniang Panlalawigan) create a city or municipality? Why?

The answer is no. The provincial Legislative Board (Sangguniang Panlalawigan) cannot create a city or municipality. Only the Philippine Legislature cancreate a city or municipality.

How can you make a profitable stand alone coffee business?

There are a few things you can do to make a profitable stand alone coffee business:

1. Find a niche market and focus on selling to that market
2. Keep your overhead costs low
3. Offer a unique selling proposition that differentiates you from your competitors
4. Make sure your coffee is of high quality
5. Promote your business through effective marketing

Why does a sick person behave differently? My father has been sick these past months due to cardiomegaly. My father is usually cheerful, now he quickly snaps and doesn't answer if I talk to him.

Prolonged illness can lead to changes in mood and behavior. It is not unusual for someone who is sick to become more withdrawn, irritable, or even depressed. This can be due to the physical symptoms of the illness, the effects of treatment, or the stress of dealing with a chronic condition. If you are concerned about your father's behavior, you may want to talk to his doctor or another member of his health care team.

Is "not wanting to live" and "wanting to die" different? If yes, please elaborate…

Yes, "not wanting to live" and "wanting to die" are different. "Not wanting to live" means that a person does not want to continue living, but does not necessarily mean that they want to die. "Wanting to die" means that a person wants to die and may or may not also want to stop living.

Why does Biden's victory seem to be only getting lukewarm reactions?

Biden's victory seems to be only getting lukewarm reactions because he has been in office for a short time and has not yet accomplished much.

Why does Turkey call Germany "Almanya"?

There are a few possible explanations:

1. It could be a corruption of the word "Germany" in Turkish.
2. It could be a reference to the Germanic-speaking Alamanni tribes who settled in parts of present-day Switzerland, Austria, and southern Germany in the 5th century.
3. It could be a way of distinguishing between the German state and the German people, in the same way that "Deutschland" refers to the country and "die Deutschen" refer to the people.

How can a person unscramble the scrambled channels in a digital TV?

There is not really a way to unscramble the scrambled channels.

Is there a way to continuously add routes you've been on to a map? Basically, if I am driving all over the US on different routes, it would be neat to see this map with lines all over the place seeing all the places I've been.

How would a police officer erase their childhood?

If a police officer wants to erase their childhood, they may need to see a therapist to help them deal with traumas they experienced growing up.

Which NFL playoff game result shocked you the most, and why?

The most shocking NFL playoff game result for me was when the Seattle Seahawks beat the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 Wild Card round. It was a close game that came down to the final seconds, and the Seahawks ended up winning it on a controversial call.

Is the Red Cross still active?

Yes, the American Red Cross is still active.

Droupadi Murmu elected India’s 15th president and she is the first tribal to hold the post. What are your views on it?

• Since president’s job is just ceremonial, no significant views can be given. Though not significant,' this becomes morale booster to other tribal women because it shows that no caste, creed and background can limit one’s growth.

Ms. Sacchebeni Mahato after becoming Jharkhand’s first woman IPS officer became the victim of hate crime. What do you think caused this?

• It is because people want their way of doing things and like their order to be followed. Nowhere in the world a woman can become assertive in an undesirable way without having competence. And I would love more women IPS officers. In her case, social media can an abyss for haters, but she should not simply let it destroy her career.

Want to become an IAS officer? Check out this course created by Fulcrum for students preparing forIAS Prelims 2019: Click here

How did whites manage to dominate in South Africa during the apartheid era despite being a minority?

The white minority in South Africa was able to maintain its domination during the apartheid era through a number of means. One was its control of the country's security forces, which it used to brutally repress any opposition from the black majority. Another was its control of the economy, which allowed it to keep the vast majority of the population in poverty and dependent on the government for their livelihoods. Finally, the white minority also benefited from international support, particularly from Western countries that were reluctant to see an end to apartheid.

Which Mexican city has the best public transportation?

The Mexican city with the best public transportation is Mexico City.

Is learning comptia a+ easy?

No, it is not easy. A+ is a difficult examination and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Was the early '90s the last time that MTV was genuinely "cool"?

MTV was at its peak of coolness in the early 1990s. The network aired shows that were popular with young people, such as "Beavis and Butt-head" and "Daria." It also became known for its music videos, which were often creative and innovative. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, MTV began to lose its cool factor as it began to air more reality television programs and music videos became less important.

What is the importance of studying environmental marketing?

Some of the key reasons for studying environmental marketing include understanding consumer behavior, segmenting markets, targeting consumers, designing sustainable products, and creating effective marketing campaigns. Additionally, environmental marketing can help businesses to build a green brand identity, establish social and environmental responsibility, and develop a competitive advantage.

Will the U.S. replace international supply chains with domestic manufacturing?

The U.S. is unlikely to completely replace its international supply chains with domestic manufacturing due to the high cost of labor and land in the country. Additionally, the U.S. has a large trade deficit, which would make it difficult to finance a transition to fully domestic manufacturing. However, the U.S. may continue to increase its domestic manufacturing in certain sectors, such as medical supplies and personal protective equipment, in order to reduce its dependence on other countries.

Is it safe to travel to Bangkok right now?

It is generally safe to travel to Bangkok, although there have been reports of violence in some areas. It is advisable to check the latest travel advisories before planning any trips.

Why is a cat suddenly sitting on our lap?

There could be many reasons why a cat is sitting on your lap. Some cats enjoy being held and petted, while others may just want to be close to you. If your cat suddenly starts sitting on your lap more often, it could be a sign that they are feeling insecure or anxious.

Can you describe your last successful day?

I spent the day with my family at the park. We had a picnic lunch and played games. It was a really fun day.

Do you believe rewards and punishment are a good way to discipline children?

It depends on the child. Some children may respond well to rewards, while others may respond better to punishment.

Why do we keep on numbing ourselves even if we know it to be destructive?

There can be many reasons why someone might keep numbing themselves even if they know it is destructive. Some possible reasons include wanting to avoid pain or difficult emotions, feeling like they cannot cope with their problems, or becoming addicted to the numbing agent. Additionally, some people may not be aware of the negative consequences of their numbing behavior and thus continue doing it.

Does milk thistle work for the liver?

There is no scientific evidence to support the use of milk thistle for liver conditions.

What land animal impresses you in the wild?

There are many land animals that impress me in the wild, but one in particular is the elephant. Elephants are incredibly intelligent creatures with a deep social structure. They are also very strong, and can use their trunk for a variety of tasks including eating, drinking, and communication.

What nutrients will I likely be deficient in since the removal of my gall bladder and how can I ensure that I get enough of these nutrients moving forward?

There are a few key nutrients that are important for gallbladder health, including:

Vitamin B6: This vitamin is important for proper bile production and is found in foods like chicken, fish, whole grains, and bananas.

Vitamin C: This vitamin helps to keep the gallbladder healthy and is found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and leafy greens.

Magnesium: This mineral is involved in bile production and is found in dark chocolate, nuts, and seeds.

Ensure that you are getting enough of these key nutrients by incorporating them into your diet or taking a daily multivitamin.

How does VR apply to tourism marketing?

There are a few ways that virtual reality can be used in tourism marketing. One way is to create VR experiences that give potential tourists a taste of what it would be like to visit a certain destination. This can help to increase interest and excitement about a particular location. Another way VR can be used is to create virtual tours of tourist attractions. This can help potential visitors to get a better idea of what to expect when they visit a certain destination.