🔥👉 How can a concept artist land a job on LinkedIn?

"✅👉 A concept artist can land a job on LinkedIn by connecting with professionals in the industry, joining relevant groups, and taking advantage of LinkedIn's job search feature."

Andreanne Bartoletti
Andreanne Bartoletti

What is the history behind contemporary Advocate's Gown/ robe, the wing collar and the band?

The academic dress known as an advocate's gown is worn by barristers in many Commonwealth countries. It is also worn by solicitors, judges, and QC's in England and Wales. The gown is black, but there are often different styles for different ranks. For example, QCs wear a full-bottomed wig with their gown, while solicitors do not.

The wing collar is a style of shirt collar with two pieces of cloth that stand up on the wearer's neck. The band is a strip of cloth that goes around the collar and fastens in the back.

How do I recover our band/businesses Instagram account when it has been disabled and Instagram is not responding to my appeals?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best course of action will vary depending on the individual situation. However, some tips that may be helpful in this situation include reaching out to Instagram directly (e.g. via their official support channels) and/or contacting a lawyer or law firm specializing in social media law.

What are some amazing facts about the Moon?

1. The moon is a natural satellite of the earth.

2. The moon orbits around the earth in an elliptical path.

3. The average distance between the moon and the earth is 384,400 kilometers.

4. The moon has no atmosphere.

5. The surface of the moon is covered with craters.

How is credit created? Are banks the ones that create credit? Is credit the same as money?

Credit is created when a lender agrees to loan money to a borrower. The loan is recorded as a debt on the borrower's credit report, and the borrower is responsible for repaying the debt.

Banks are not the only ones that can create credit; any institution that lends money can do so. Credit is different from money in that money is a medium of exchange that can be used to purchase goods and services, while credit is a promise to repay a debt.

In the past month, have you cried?


Why was Netflix issued a patent for their business model/process?

There are a few reasons Netflix may have been issued a patent for their business model. One reason could be that the company has developed a unique way of streaming movies and TV shows that other companies have not replicated. Another reason could be that Netflix has been successful in creating a subscription-based service that has been difficult for other companies to duplicate.

Why does the US support the Palestinians when Palestinian leadership has long supported interests that are anti-US, such as Iraq, Cuba, Russia and many more?

The United States does not have a monolithic policy towards the Palestinians, and there is significant disagreement within the American government about the best way to achieve a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Some officials in the US government believe that supporting the Palestinians is in America's best interest, as it will help to stabilize the region and create a partner for peace. Other officials believe that the Palestinians have not shown a commitment to peace and that American support for them only serves to embolden them in their conflict with Israel.

Before the beginning of time, did God come from random churning of chaos such that randomness became such that it randomly organized itself enough to form a God of order to the universe, such that God and the universe are completed with a beginning?


Does the ground do work on us to keep us from falling in general relativity? The linked video describes the Earth's surface pulling us away from our spacetime geodesic by "adding energy to us", but there's no force through distance by the Earth…

The gravity of the Earth does work on us. The work is done by the force of gravity, which is a force that acts through distance. The work done by the force of gravity is called gravitational potential energy.

Are there any Easter eggs buried in the latest Microsoft Office products?

There are no Easter eggs buried in the latest Microsoft Office products.

Does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have a theological position on Santa Claus?

There is no theological position on Santa Claus or Christmas in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, the Church does encourage members to focus on Jesus Christ during the holiday season.

How much hot water does a shower use?

The average shower uses approximately 15-20 gallons of water.

Can an understanding of auditory hallucinations be used to give hearing to the deaf?

There is no known cure for deafness, so unfortunately an understanding of auditory hallucinations cannot be used to give hearing to the deaf.

Are veterinarians obligated to inform the city that you own a dog when you get its first rabies shots?

There is no universal answer to this question, as ordinances vary from municipality to municipality. It is advisable, however, to check with your local animal control office to determine if there are any registration requirements in your area.

Why do our tastes in what is sexy change so much?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but there are several possible explanations. Our tastes in what is sexy may change due to our own maturity and experiences, our exposure to different types of people and media, and our shifting cultural norms.

What minimum standards must be introduced and enforced for devices in network to prevent growing cyber security threats?

There are a number of minimum standards that should be introduced and enforced for devices in network to prevent growing cyber security threats, including:

1. Ensuring that all devices in the network are properly patched and up to date with the latest security fixes.

2. implementing proper access control measures to restrict access to sensitive data and systems only to authorized users.

3. deploying effective intrusion detection and prevention systems to monitor for and thwart suspicious activity.

4. encrypting all sensitive data stored on network devices.

5. regular backing up of data to reduce the impact of any successful attacks.

What country among these nine will you prefer living in with your family and why? Canada 🇨🇦, Nigeria 🇳🇬, USA 🇺🇸, China 🇨🇳, UK 🇬🇧, Argentina 🇦🇷, Australia 🇦🇺, UAE 🇦🇪, South Africa 🇿🇦.

I would prefer living in Nigeria because it is my home country and I am familiar with the culture and language. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other countries on the list.

Which websites/web apps have good design examples of filling complicated forms?

1. Google Sheets
2. Airtable
3. Typeform

Would you hire an otherwise competent person with leftist political views?

Yes, I would hire an otherwise competent person with leftist political views.

What are the benefits of meditation? What live force helps to cure pain or sickness?

There are many benefits of meditation, including reducing stress, anxiety, and depression; improving sleep; and reducing pain. Live force helps to cure pain or sickness by promoting healing and relaxation.

How do you create a Python list with elements tiger, lion, and deer? Add one element leopard after tiger and delete deer from the list and print both lists.

tiger = ['tiger', 'lion', 'deer']

leopard = ['tiger', 'lion', 'deer']

del leopard[-1]



Why do many people criticize places where they don’t live?

There could be many reasons why people might criticize places where they don't live. It could be because they are unhappy with their own lives and so they project that onto others. It could also be because they are jealous of people who live in those places and have what they want.

Can a spouse with no drivers licence be given one of the marriage cars in divorce in south African law. In SA matrimonial property law can a spouse with no driver's licence be given one of the matrimonial cars?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it will ultimately depend on the discretion of the court. However, it is generally accepted that a spouse with no driver's licence would not be favoured in receiving a matrimonial car over a spouse with a valid driver's licence.

What do you think of the theory that Hulk will become Professor Hulk in Avengers 4? Does it make sense for Hulk and Bruce Banner to merge in a 50/50 partnership?

I think it would make sense for Hulk and Bruce Banner to merge in a 50/50 partnership, because it would allow both of their personalities to be present in one body. This would also allow Hulk to be more in control of his transformation and potentially reduce the amount of damage he causes.

Out of the 75 questions in JEE Mains how many questions fall under easy and medium categories can one score 200+ by solving the easy and medium questions as only 50 days are left for JEE Mains July 2020?

If you are targeting 200+, then you should solve all the questions from easy and medium categories.

What was the best "I'm a boy" trap moments in anime?

The best "I'm a boy" trap moment in anime would have to be when Roronoa Zoro from One Piece found out that his shipmate, Nami, was actually a girl. It was a great moment because it completely caught Zoro off-guard and showed how clueless he can be sometimes.

What is the chemical name of tear gas?

The chemical name of tear gas is chloroacetophenone.

How do you play the Mikado Sticks game?

Mikado sticks is a game that is played with a set of thin dowels, each about 18 inches long. The object of the game is to remove all of the sticks from the center of the game board without tipping over any of the other sticks.

To play, first arrange all of the sticks in the center of the game board so that they are all touching each other. Then, take turns removing one stick at a time from the center. If you are successful in removing a stick without tipping over any others, your turn continues. However, if you tip over any sticks while trying to remove one, your turn ends and your opponent gets to go. The first player to successfully remove all of their sticks from the center wins the game!

How do I get people to hire me for freelance work when I’m just starting and don't have any documentable experience compared to others?

There are a few things you can do to get hired for freelance work:

1. Focus on quality over quantity. When you're just starting out, it's more important to show that you're a high-quality freelancer than to have a lot of experience.

2. Get involved in the community. There are often freelance job postings on sites like Craigslist or Upwork. Getting involved in these communities can help you get your name out there and show potential clients that you're serious about freelancing.

3. Start your own blog or website. Having your own platform where you can showcase your work can help you stand out from the crowd and attract potential clients.

4. Offer free work. When you're first starting out, you may need to offer some free work to potential clients in order to get your foot in the door. Once you've built up a portfolio of work, you can start charging for your services.

Are there any human-like senses in animals?

There are many human-like senses in animals. Some examples include the ability to see in color, taste sweet and sour flavors, and have a sense of smell.

What is an energy transfer company?

An energy transfer company is a business that provides energy products and services to consumers. Energy transfer companies typically own and operate electricity and natural gas pipelines, as well as other infrastructure used to transport energy.

A falcon can fly at the speed of 200 km/h. How would this speed show in m/s?

200 km/h is equal to 55.56 m/s.

Is it true that if you run a gas burning car for 5 minutes with you in a closed garage you may die, but you can run an electric vehicle in a closed garage for an hour before you die?

Running any kind of vehicle in a closed garage can be dangerous due to the build-up of carbon monoxide. However, electric vehicles do not produce carbon monoxide, so you would be able to run one in a garage for longer without risk of exposure.

How does Bangalore compare with Mumbai in terms of the market for sustainable environmental products and services?

In terms of the market for sustainable environmental products and services, Bangalore is smaller than Mumbai but growing quickly. While many companies in Mumbai are still primarily focused on traditional environmental products and services, such as water and air pollution control, there is a growing market for sustainable environmental products and services in Bangalore. In addition, because Bangalore is home to many high-tech industries, there is a growing market for environmentally friendly technology products and services.

What is a devil's book? Is it a normal book to read?

There is no such thing as a devil's book.

For which struggles / need of advice do you go to your parents for?

If you have a good relationship with your parents, you can go to them for advice on anything.

What is a more sophisticated name for a 'plumber'?

A plumbing technician.

Can Wanda Tap into the Soul World?

No, she cannot.

If you could travel back to any moment in history, but you're invisible, where do you go?

If I could travel back to any moment in history, but I was invisible, I would go back to the assassination of Julius Caesar. I would want to see what really happened and who was behind it.

Is it good to watch movies all the time?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the person. Some people may enjoy watching movies all the time, while others may find it detrimental to their health or social life.

What is the going rate to board a horse in a pasture with shed, and also to pay horse barn help in Oregon, from stall scooping to barn and fence repair?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost can vary significantly depending on the specific location and barn. However, in general, the cost to board a horse in a pasture with shed can range from $100 to $250 per month. The cost to pay horse barn help can also vary widely, but is typically around $15 per hour.

Why don’t Byakugan users use other types of ninjutsu? Are they not allowed to learn them along side gentle fist?

The Byakugan is a special trait exclusive to the Hyuga clan. While other clans and shinobi are able to learn and use ninjutsu, the Hyuga clan's signature technique is the Gentle Fist style. This Gentle Fist style specifically targets an opponent's chakra points, which can be difficult to do without the Byakugan's ability to see them.

Why do I need positive vibes?

Positive vibes can improve your mood, overall health, and help you attract more of what you want in life.

Can we dissolve karma by serving people even though we do not like them?

You can, but it may be difficult if you do not like the person.

Was Gimme a Break, starring Nell Carter, a funny show?

The show was a comedy, but whether or not it is funny is subjective.

I have six months and $50,000 of disposable income to invest in a startup idea. What are some startup ideas that can generate modest cash for that amount of investment, that does NOT reinvent the wheel?

Some ideas for startups that can generate modest cash for that amount of investment, that does NOT reinvent the wheel:

1. A home cleaning service that specializes in deep cleaning and organization.

2. A pet sitting service that offers overnight stays and dog walking.

3. A personal shopping service that helps busy people find and buy the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

4. A concierge service that helps busy professionals with errands, appointments, and scheduling.

5. A home staging service that helps people prepare their homes for sale.

6. A "green" landscaping company that specializes in organic lawn care and sustainable gardening practices.

What song first comes to mind when hearing the word "kingdom"?

The first song that comes to mind when hearing the word "kingdom" is "The Lion King" by Elton John.

Why is Bollywood only setup in Mumbai, when in today's world, shooting takes place all over the world and can be broadcasted even from a small village?

Bollywood is only setup in Mumbai because that is where the Hindi film industry is based. There are other regional film industries in India, but Mumbai is the largest and most well-known.

Did Airbnb control the payment between the two parties right away?

No, Airbnb allows hosts and guests to communicate directly in order to work out payment details.

Why is the belly button called a button, when it's a hole?

The area around the navel has been called a button since the 1590s. The term might come from the fact that it resembles a small, round piece of clothing fastener.

If I change my Instagram name can blocked friends see it?

Yes, blocked friends can see your new Instagram name.

What is wrong if a car battery becomes hot and leaks?

If a car battery leaks, it is most likely due to a build-up of corrosion on the terminals. This can happen if the battery is not maintained properly or if it is not compatible with the car.

Is Trump wiser than Solomon?

This is impossible to answer, as there is no agreed upon definition for "wisdom." Furthermore, comparisons like this are often subjective and personal.

Which is better to select, writing an essay of 250 words or a letter of 150 words?

It depends on the purpose of the writing. If you need to communicate information or tell a story, an essay of 250 words would be better. If you need to deliver a message or convey your feelings, a letter of 150 words would be better.

What will be the fate of the indigenous ATGM Nags since India decided to buy the Israeli Spike ATGM?

As of now, it seems that the indigenous ATGM Nags will be shelved and will not be inducted into the Indian Army.

Can you start a small record label?

Yes, it is possible to run a small record label. There are a number of ways to go about this, and the best approach will vary depending on your goals and resources. One option is to release music independently, through online platforms like Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Another option is to partner with a larger label on distribution or marketing deals. Finally, you could choose to start your own physical label, though this requires more investment in terms of time and money.

Does ground cinnamon contribute to skin lightening? I have been drinking this weight loss detox water that has cinnamon and lemon, but a week goes by and I see that my skin got lighter. Before I drank only lemon water & nothing happened.

There is no scientific evidence that cinnamon contributes to skin lightening.

Why, according to some, would “job crafting” be the solution to live happily?

Some believe that job crafting is the solution to live happily because it allows individuals to tailor their jobs to fit their personal strengths and interests. This, in turn, can lead to increased job satisfaction and a greater sense of meaning and purpose in one's work.

Where can I find the book Friends 'til the End: The Official Celebration of All Ten Years?

The book Friends 'til the End: The Official Celebration of All Ten Years is available for purchase on the Amazon website.

Is it racist that a CBC announcer commented a Chinese swimmer “died like a pig”?

There is no definitive answer, but it is possible that the announcer's comment was racist.

What are the costs, packing, and the best time to go to the Everest three passes trek?

The Everest three passes trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. It takes you through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, including Everest Base Camp, and gives you the opportunity to see some of the world's highest mountains. The trek is not for the faint-hearted though, and it is important to be prepared for the challenge.

The costs of the Everest three passes trek will vary depending on your itinerary and how long you want to trek for. However, as a general guide, you can expect to pay around $2000 USD for a standard 12-day trek. This includes all meals, accommodation, and permit fees.

Packing for the Everest three passes trek is relatively simple. You will need a good pair of walking boots, warm clothing, a sleeping bag, and plenty of water and snacks. It is also a good idea to pack a first-aid kit and some cash in case of emergencies.

The best time to go on the Everest three passes trek is during the spring or autumn months. These months offer the best weather conditions for trekking, with mild temperatures and little chance of rain or snow.

Why is most pop music kind of faceless?

Most pop music is kind of faceless because it is produced by large corporations and is intended to be mainstream and appeal to as many people as possible. This often results in music that is safe and predictable, without much personality or individuality.

There is a religion in the world that burns cities for speaking something against them. Everyone knows which religion it is. Why is no one speaking about it?

Is atheism a problem for the twenty-first century?

There is no problem with atheism per se. However, some atheists can be dogmatic and proselytizing in their attempt to spread their worldview, and this can lead to conflict.

Do FTM trans people get the blood part of periods or just the cramps?

Both. FTM trans people can experience both the blood and the cramps associated with periods.

If you observe a mother cat hitting and hissing at her kittens, what is an appropriate response?

The appropriate response would be to ask a veterinarian for advice.

How can I structure some raw data that I crawled with the help of a web crawler and organize that data using ontology in my database?

There is no single answer to this question as it depends on the specific data that you have crawled and the ontology that you are using. However, one approach could be to first break down the data into smaller manageable chunks, and then to use a tool such as Loom to help you organize and structure the data using your chosen ontology.

Why doesn't another manufacturer, beside Tesla, make a pure EV with such a large battery and range?

There are a number of reasons. First, Tesla has been working on electric cars for much longer than other manufacturers, and so they have had more time to perfect the technology. Second, Tesla has made a significant investment in developing the infrastructure needed to support electric cars, including a nationwide network of charging stations. Third, Tesla's cars are priced at the high end of the market, which means that they can afford to invest more in research and development. Finally, Tesla has a strong brand identity that is associated with luxury and innovation, which makes it easier for them to sell cars.

What caused the drought in California, considering in recent days it’s been pouring rain?

The drought in California was likely caused by a combination of factors, including low precipitation levels, high temperatures, and strong winds.

In Cricket countries like WI,ENG, AUS, PAK even the tailenders can bat and hit big shots and boundaries but Indian tailenders are not able to do that, Is this the reason behind India loosing big matches like IND-NZ world cup semifinal?

The reason behind India losing the World Cup semifinal against New Zealand is not because the tailenders could not bat well. The real reason is that the top-order batsmen failed to score runs.

"Mrunal Sir's economy Course for Prelims and Mains 2021". Can it be utilised for Prelims and Mains 2022?

Yes, the course can be used for Prelims and Mains 2022.

In which Indian state mango crop is harvested three times in one year?

Mangoes are harvested three times in one year in Kerala.

Why do people blame bankers, more than the government for problems after the financial crisis?

There are a number of reasons for this. First, bankers were seen as the people who created the problem in the first place. Second, the government was seen as baili

How can I make a title page for my research paper if I'm not using Microsoft Word's built-in tools (table of contents)?

If you are not using Microsoft Word's built-in tools, you can create a title page by hand or using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. To create a title page by hand, you will need to create a separate page for your title page. On this page, you will want to include the title of your paper, your name, and the name of your school or institution. You may also want to include the course number and section, if applicable. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can create a title page by selecting the Insert tab, and then selecting Page Break.

Was Moses’ rod and Aaron's rod the same?

No. Moses' rod was used to perform various miracles, including turning into a serpent and parting the Red Sea. Aaron's rod was used to perform miracles as well, including bringing forth buds and blossoms, and turning into a snake.

What is the hindi word for the Banana variety "Rasthaali"? (Rasthaali is the tamil word)

The Hindi word for the Banana variety "Rasthaali" is "Kela Rasthaali".

Which are the best nickel and Chrome plating companies in the UAE?

There are many nickel and chrome plating companies in the UAE, but some of the best include Royal Emirates, Al Tawi, and Cimpol.

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