🔥👉 A family friend recently stated that square pizza tastes significantly better than traditionally sliced pies. While utterly ridiculous in my eyes, is there any reasonable support to this claim?

"✅👉 No, there is no reasonable support to this claim."

Dr. Jacinto Hansen MD
Dr. Jacinto Hansen MD

Do financial advisors intentionally speak so you can’t understand what they are saying?

In some cases, financial advisors may deliberately use jargon or speak in a way that is difficult to understand in order to make themselves appear more knowledgeable. However, in most cases this is not intentional and financial advisors typically want to be able to explain things clearly so that their clients can make informed decisions.

Can I apply for other job after spending bench in TCS?

Yes, you can apply for other jobs after spending bench in TCS.

Is there an Android app to control VLC which lets you change chapter?

There is no official VLC app for Android that lets you change chapters, but there are plenty of third-party apps that claim to do this. Try searching for "VLC chapter changer" in the Google Play Store.

The capital of which state is also the French form of the name Peter?

Petersburg, Virginia

Should I show up to a Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment? I was mailed papers from a debt collector for a hearing Aug 1st which will be at my county district court. The debt is mine and the amount is correct. Should I show up and state this?

Are they going to try and...

Can a plaintiff’s lawyer answer questions like have you consulted an attorney? I contacted a plaintiff's lawyer to inquire if he'd take my car accident case. He never called back. But I talked to him briefly. He asked whether or not I spoke with an attorney. I looked at his...

How can I become a Plaintiff's Criminal Defense Attorney? ok for all the people that think plaintiffs attorneys don't handle criminal cases and all of the attorneys on here, so how i can i become a freelance lawyer? According to the Court, yeah the...

Plaintiff's deposition begins and sudden illness/death!? What happened?! Setup: I am being sued for defamation. Plaintiff arrives to my offices for his deposition and after answering only 3 questions suddenly becomes visibly ill (red-faced, stumbling, profuse sweating,...

How valuable is the provision of free samples in new product marketing?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the product, the market, and the company's goals. However, free samples can be a useful tool in new product marketing, as they can help to generate interest and awareness among potential customers. Additionally, free samples can help to build buzz and excitement around a new product launch, which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

Did urbanization during the Industrial Revolution bring out the best or worst in humanity?

total answer 184

The Industrial Revolution was a time of great progress, but it also brought forth many problems. The biggest problem was the enormous growth of cities, which brought with it all sorts of social ills. Poverty, crime, and disease ran rampant in these overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Child labor was common, as were working conditions that were often unsafe and unhealthy. So while the Industrial Revolution did bring about some positive changes, it also brought out the worst in humanity.

What can I do with $1m of illegal cash?

Assuming that the cash is in United States dollars, there are a few different options for what to do with it. One option would be to simply spend it on various goods and services. Another option would be to invest the money in assets such as stocks, bonds, or real estate. Finally, the money could also be used to launder it through a series of financial transactions in order to make it appear as though it came from a legitimate source.

Which phone should I present to my younger sister between Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and Samsung Galaxy Jean?

If your sister is looking for a smartphone with a sleek design, powerful performance, and great camera, then the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) would be the better choice. However, if your sister is looking for a more budget-friendly option, then the Samsung Galaxy Jean might be a better fit.

What is the relation of natural values to moral values?

Some people may believe that natural values are the same as moral values. However, moral values are typically based on an understanding of what is right and wrong, while natural values may be based on feelings or instinct.

What are some good ways to quickly test iPhone design mockups right on the device?

Some ways to quickly test iPhone design mockups right on the device include usingprototype software, using apps that allow for mocking up on the device, and using online tools that simulate the iPhone interface.

When was the first opposition formed in the Indian parliament and who was it's leader?

The first opposition in the Indian parliament was formed on November 27, 1967 under the leadership of Charan Singh.

In India, why is so much attention given to the Muslims by the media and the politicians? 86 percent of Indians are not Muslims. Why is there so much focus on this group?

Possible reasons for this focus could include:

- India has the second largest Muslim population in the world, after Indonesia.

- Muslims are often seen as a political and mathematical minority in India, which can make them a target for discrimination and exclusion.

- The media and politicians may be trying to appeal to Muslim voters.

- There may be a perception that Muslims are more likely to engage in terrorist activity, which can make them a target for law enforcement and security measures.

Are you tired of "what's your salary or net worth" type questions on Quora?

I am. Too many people ask about other people's salaries and net worths on Quora. It's annoying.

How do you know if something is direct variation?

You can tell if something is direct variation if y varies directly with x. This means that the ratio y/x is always the same.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, what is the questionnaire for real estate?

There is not currently a specific questionnaire for real estate in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many real estate companies are requiring potential buyers and renters to answer questions about their travel history, health status, and exposure to the virus.

How do you accept something you cannot change?

You can accept something you cannot change by accepting that it is out of your control. This can be done by acknowledging that the situation is not ideal, but it is what it is. You can also reframe the situation in a more positive light. For example, instead of thinking about how a bad situation cannot be changed, think about how it has made you stronger or more resilient.

How many women are buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

There is no official count of the number of women buried in Arlington National Cemetery, as the cemetery does not keep records based on gender.

What does streaming light content mean?

Watching content (usually video) in real time over the internet, rather than downloading it first.

For those people who sometimes get an upset stomach after eating onions, are there certain types of onion that are the least likely to cause them problems?

The type of onion that is least likely to cause an upset stomach is the sweet onion.

What it is like to work as a quality assurance (Kindle) engineer at Amazon? Will there be enough opportunity for a QA person to grow/move to work as an SDE/T? Should I wait for six months and try again for SDE/T, with more preparation?

There is a lot of opportunity for a QA person to grow and move to work as an SDE/T at Amazon. There will be plenty of opportunity for a QA person to learn new things and develop their skills.

Was Dhoni's move to go on the field to argue with the umpires about the no ball (RR vs CSK) a wise move?

It is difficult to say if Dhoni's move was wise or not. On one hand, he was clearly upset with the umpire's decision and felt that it was incorrect. On the other hand, by going on the field and arguing with the umpires, he may have disrupted the game and caused confusion for the other players. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide if they believe Dhoni's actions were wise or not.

Is it normal that my boyfriend who is in jail for traffic tickets never calls?

It is not uncommon for people in jail to not have regular contact with the outside world.

How is a photographic film turned into real photos?

A photographic film is placed in a darkroom and exposed to light. The film is then developed in a chemical solution and the resulting negative is placed in an enlarger. The negative is projected onto a piece of photographic paper, which is then exposed to light. The final image is fixed in a chemical solution and washed in water.

What are the basic controls in Fortnite?

The basic controls in Fortnite are your standard WASD for movement, mouse to look, left click to fire, right click to scope, r to reload, t to swap weapons, 1-4 to select weapon, and spacebar to jump.

How was ammunition stored on holster in cowboy era weapons? Was the exposed cartridges on the belt or was that something that was only done in the movies?

Ammunition was typically stored in a holster on the belt, with the exposed cartridges pointing upwards. This was done to prevent the cartridges from falling out and to allow for easy access.

What makes your day from better to best?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone's days are different. Some things that could make someone's day better might include spending time with loved ones, doing something they enjoy, or having a good cup of coffee.

What are some good ways to create an S3 bucket from CloudFormation when using the stack name as part of the bucket name, when the stack name could have uppercase letters which are not allowed?

There are a few ways to create an S3 bucket from CloudFormation when using the stack name as part of the bucket name. One way is to use the Fn::Sub function to specify a string template that uses the stack name as a variable. Another way is to use the Fn::Join function to join the stack name with another string, such as the word "bucket".

My friend is really shy and is sort of a 90-year-old at heart. She wants to be more sociable but never agrees to go to parties or other social events with me. How can I help her?

There are a few things you can do to help your friend become more sociable. First, try to find social events that would interest her. For example, if she enjoys reading, look for book clubs or literary events. If she enjoys nature, look for hiking groups or outings. Secondly, offer to go with her to these events. This way she will have a friend with her and will feel more comfortable. Finally, encourage her to speak to others at the event. Praise her for taking the step to attend and point out how well she is doing in social situations.

Did you follow your grandchild to their college?

No, my grandchild did not go to college.

Are there public lists of limited partners investing in venture funds?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different venture funds have different policies in regards to disclosing their limited partners. Some venture funds may choose to make their limited partners public, while others may keep this information private. It is advisable to contact the specific venture fund in question to inquire about their disclosure policy.

When the price of a toy was increased by 20%, the number of toys sold was decreased by 15%. What is the effect on the sale proceeds of the toy?





Can you crop a doberman's ears after 1 year?

Yes. You can crop a doberman's ears at any age, although it is recommended to do so before they are 6 months old.

Which are denser: SSDs or conventional hard drives?

contact You will note that it is really not possible to make a general statement about the relative densities of SSDs and conventional hard drives, as there is tremendous variation in both. In general, however, SSDs tend to be more dense than their hard drive counterparts.

This one time when I was a kid, I freaked out and had a meltdown because "hugs stopped feeling good". What does this even mean?

There isn't a clear answer to what this means, but it could possibly mean that the person felt overloaded with sensations and emotions and needed a break from physical touch. It could also mean that the person was feeling misunderstood and needed some space to process their feelings.

What is the sure way to meet director Rajamouli?

The sure way to meet Rajamouli is to attend one of his film's premiers or to meet him in person at an event.

Why is wearing an obscene captioned shirt bad?

Some say that wearing an obscene captioned shirt is bad because it shows a lack of respect for others. Additionally, it may be seen as a form of provocation or as an attempt to draw attention to oneself.

Why do Nigerians love to travel abroad?

There are many reasons Nigerians love to travel abroad. One reason is that Nigerians can earn more money by working in another country. Another reason is that Nigerians can learn new skills and knowledge by travelling. Additionally, Nigerians can also enjoy new experiences and cultures by travelling to another country.

How do I publish an e-book, freely downloadable and without cost?

The best way to publish an e-book, freely downloadable and without cost, is to use a service like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords. These platforms will allow you to upload your book in digital format and make it available for free to readers.

Was Jesus only a great preacher and theologian trying to reform Judaism. I heard he was not worshipped as son of god until after he died and this was a Roman myth?

There is no consensus among scholars about whether Jesus was worshipped as the Son of God during his lifetime. Some scholars believe that he was worshipped as the Son of God by some disciples, but not by others. Some scholars believe that he was not worshipped as the Son of God at all during his lifetime.

What is the meaning behind “& Company” in some company names (ex. NY&Co.). Can I name my company Amjad&Company?

The phrase "& Company" is often used in business names to signify that the company is a partnership. While you can name your company Amjad&Company, it is important to note that this may give the impression that your company is a partnership.

How come that at the very first episode of "Stargate SG-1" Jaffa's armor was shown nearly impervious to bullets yet later they are shown going down easily with just a few shots?

It's possible that the Jaffa's armor became more vulnerable to weapons fire as the show progressed, or that the Goa'uld became less willing to risk their hosts in direct combat. It's also possible that the writers simply forgot how durable the armor was supposed to be.

Are programmers new factory workers? It appears that glamour and prestige is gone from programming profession

No, programmers are not new factory workers. The glamour and prestige may be gone from the profession, but that does not make it a factory job.

Whose eyes remain open even after death?

A glass eye

Would there be the possibility of a stimulus bill that can be created to solely help college students that are in large amounts of debt?

It is possible for a stimulus bill to be created that helps college students with large amounts of debt, but it is not guaranteed. The bill would need to be created by lawmakers and signed into law by the President.

How do you write and pronounce "happy" in Spanish?

"Happy" is "feliz" in Spanish. It is pronounced "feh-LEES."

How do I do billings on GST?

To do billings on GST, you will need to create an account with the GST online portal.

How would you react if someone told you they had a personality disorder or mental health illness?

It would depend on who the person is and what their disorder or illness is. If it's somebody close to me, like a family member or friend, I would be supportive and try to help them in any way I can. If it's someone I don't know well, I would be polite and understanding, but keep my distance.

How do I play Eye of the Tiger on a guitar?

Playing Eye of the Tiger on a guitar is relatively easy. The main riff consists of only a few notes, and the chord progression is simple. Start by practice the riff slowly, then build up speed as you get comfortable with it. For the chorus, simply strum the chords in time with the rhythm.

What is the best selling dog product?

The best selling dog product may vary depending on what is considered a dog product. However, some of the most popular items bought for dogs include food, beds, toys, and treats.

Why do nuclear and other power plants exhaust so much heat in generating steam clouds released into the sky instead of heating up more water that needs to be boiled anyway with that heat?

The answer to this question has two parts. First, water vapor is much less dense than air, so it rises quickly and doesn't mix well with the surrounding air. This means that the heat from the steam doesn't stay near the ground where it could be used to heat more water. Second, power plants are usually located near large bodies of water (such as rivers or lakes) so that they can use the water for cooling. If the power plant tried to use the exhaust steam to heat more water, the water would quickly become too hot and would have to be cooled down, which would require even more water.

Will physical greeting cards likely become obsolete within the next 20 years?

It is unlikely that physical greeting cards will become obsolete within the next 20 years.

What can you do to left-over liquid (more than a litre) of cream (about 400gm) used for churning out butter?

Use it in baking or cooking.

What should I do? My ex-boyfriend always brings me down. He even says his friends will laugh while seeing me. I am a competitor student and even he made a bad mark on my drop. He never feels bad for his word.

Do your best to avoid your ex-boyfriend. If you can't avoid him, try your best to ignore him. If he says something mean to you, just walk away. Don't let him bring you down.

What data structures can represent human memory?

There is no one answer to this question as there is no one way that human memory works. However, some possible data structures that could represent human memory include linked lists, trees, and stacks.

Is it a major red flag if everyone hates your fiance?

It is not necessarily a major red flag if everyone hates your fiance, but it is something to consider. If you are getting negative feedback from everyone who knows your fiance, it is important to take that into account when making your decision about whether or not to marry him or her. You should also consider why everyone seems to hate your fiance. It could be for legitimate reasons, such as your fiance being rude or difficult to get along with. Or, it could be because your friends and family are jealous of your relationship and are trying to sabotage it. If you are getting mixed signals, it is important to try to talk to your fiance about the concerns that others have expressed. Ultimately, you need to make the decision about whether or not to marrying based on your own feelings and what you know about your fiance, not on what others think.

How can I understand black hole, space- time distortion and singularity concept in simplest way?

Black holes are formed when extremely massive stars collapse under their own gravity. The resulting collapse is so extreme that the star's physical size becomes infinite while its density becomes zero. This produces a "singularity" in space-time, a point where the laws of physics break down. Near the singularity, space and time become so distorted that they effectively reverse direction. This means that anything that enters a black hole can never escape, because it would have to travel faster than the speed of light to do so.

What is the best kind of CBD oil for chronic fatigue and does it work well?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best kind of CBD oil for chronic fatigue will vary depending on the individual's specific situation and health condition. However, many people who suffer from chronic fatigue find that CBD oil is helpful in managing their symptoms. Some studies have shown that CBD oil can help to improve sleep quality, reduce pain, and increase energy levels in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Before I arranged marriage, I always saw my wife wearing a makeup. However, during my honeymoon trip for the first time I saw my wife without makeup, she appeared very unattractive. What should I do now?

You might simply be experiencing the "bride illusion" which is a phenomenon where we see our partners through rose-tinted glasses during the early stages of a relationship. This is perfectly normal and generally fades over time. If you are finding it difficult to adjust to your wife's appearance without makeup, you could try speaking to her about your concerns. Perhaps she is unaware of how you feel and would be willing to make some changes in her appearance. Alternatively, you could try looking at her through different lenses - admire her for her natural beauty and think about the qualities that drew you to her in the first place.

How would wine made from a recipe from 1000 years ago compare to modern wines?

Different grapes are used in wine making now than were used a thousand years ago, so it is hard to say how the wines would compare.

What are the problems people who wear glasses face that others don't?

Some problems people who wear glasses face are that they can be easily broken and require a lot of upkeep. They also can fog up in certain weather conditions and make it difficult to see.

How can we encode the digital data into DNA?

We can encode the digital data into DNA by using a DNA code.

How long does it take to get use to high prescription glasses, -16 and -13.25 after wearing gas perm contacts for over 30 years? It feels like I am looking through a fishbowl and the floor and doors look very odd.

There is no one definitive answer to this question because it can vary greatly from individual to individual. Some people may find that they adjust relatively quickly and others may take a bit longer. In general, however, it is typically recommended that people give themselves at least a few weeks to get used to new glasses before making any decisions about whether or not they are working for them.

Is there still market for monthly subscription website builder?

Yes, there is a market for monthly subscription website builders. Many people and businesses find them to be a convenient, cost-effective way to create and maintain a website.

What would Alton Brown's weekly diet look like?

Alton Brown's diet might look like oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, a salad with grilled chicken or fish for lunch, and roasted vegetables or a grain and bean bowl for dinner. Brown might also snacks on nuts, seeds, or yogurt throughout the day.

Hypothetically, if all members of a European royal family were republicans and all decided to abdicate their titles, would the Parliament have to accept the abolition of the monarchy?

Yes, the parliament would have to accept the abolition of the monarchy if all members of a European royal family were republicans and all decided to abdicate their titles.

How is it that tree fossils are found upright through presumably millions of years of layers?

It is common for trees to be preserved in an upright position through the process of petrification. In petrification, water-logged wood is replaced by mineral deposits, which can preserve the wood's original shape.

How are .onion sites created?

The Tor network creates .onion sites through a process called Onion Routing. This process involves creating a virtual server that is only accessible through the Tor network. The server is then assigned a unique .onion address, which can be used to access the site.

Professional fighters, what do you think during a fight?

There is not one specific thing that all fighters think about during a fight. Each fighter has their own unique strategy and game plan that they focus on during a fight. Some fighters may think about taking their opponent down to the ground, while others may be focused on landing more punches or kicks.

Is there any relation between commands used in cmd (Windows) and terminal (Linux or maybe Unix)?

The commands used in cmd are not directly related to those used in the terminal, but there are some similarities. For example, the "dir" command in cmd is similar to the "ls" command in the terminal.

What can you say about a human social system that evolved "person of color communities"?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it would depend on the specific context and history of the social system in question. However, some potential impacts of such a system could include greater levels of diversity and cultural enrichment, as well as increased opportunities for social mobility and upward economic mobility for members of the "person of color" communities within the system. Additionally, depending on the particulars of the system, it is possible that the increased visibility and interaction between different racial groups could help to break down barriers of misunderstanding and mistrust, promoting greater levels of harmony and cooperation among all members of society.

Is GRE mandatory for doing an MS in German TU9 universities in an electronics based field? Which are the universities which don't require a GRE score?

I cannot speak for all universities, but most likely a GRE score is not required. You should check with the specific universities you are interested in.

Do you think there is a possibility that a rock band can bring the genre back into the mainstream?

I think it's possible that a rock band could bring the genre back into the mainstream, but I don't know if it's likely.

How long does an Amazon Fire Stick last?

Amazon has not provided an official answer, but most experts believe that the Fire Stick will last for around three to five years.

Ayushmann Khurrana drank breast milk, blended it with protein shake, reveals his wife. Did this news shock you?

The actor adds, “I had a great first meeting with Akshay but was already busy with already another film. He called me one more time but I said no again and politely. But after the second "no", I was surprised that he was calling me again to offer me the role for the third time! Clearly, he wanted no one else for this role; that showed in his persistence."

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Interestingly, this happened a couple of days after fans started trending 'Akshay Kumar do Dhak-Dhak,' #AkshayKumarDoIt on Twitter asking him to play Prakashi Tomar. A source close to the development told Times Now Digital, “Ayushmann Khurrana has liked the script so much, if liked the director Nitish and the writer Rajesh Devraj just as well. We wanted someone who could bring a sense of honesty and integrity to the character and there's no better actor than Ayushmann out there. So it was either me or him for the film."

“And honestly there was never anyone from my team ready to take on that weight," Akshay exclaimed. The source added "When we got confirmation today, we have shot off emails immediately nailing down Akki for another 14 days after period drama India vs Australia."

What Swedish word or words best convey the meanings of the words "blunder" and "bore" or the two together as explained in the definition below?

A blunder is a stupid mistake. A bore is a person or thing that is dull and not interesting.

A mistake that is both stupid and dull would be a "stupid, dull mistake."

Is shunning by Jehovah’s Witnesses a last ditch effort to maintain members because so many are leaving?

I am not sure if that is the motivation behind shunning. I guess it could be seen as a way to try and keep people from leaving, but I think it is more about maintaining control over members and ensuring that they follow the rules and regulations of the organization.

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